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Hello all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or not, if you value native culture or whatevs). And with Christmas right around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to make a big announcement concerning my gallery. 

On Dec 24, Christmas Eve, I will be consolidating my gallery down to a select few pieces. To put it put bluntly, I will be deleting a large percentage of my gallery. Hence, it will essentially be a reverse Christmas this year. 

A few important points to keep in mind: 

1.) I will NOT be deleting the entire account. 
2.) I WILL continue to upload artwork. 
3.) Some select items will be spared the purge (most notably the Vorearaphile's Wife and King Kong story) 

My reasons for doing this are personal. Basically, I'm at a new point in my life and want to make some changes to the direction of the gallery (and my art in general). Also, I want to be fair and give fans enough time to save their favorite pieces before I take them down. I hope everyone can respect my decision, as I have been putting this off for some time now. But ultimately, this is my gallery, and I am responsible for my online presence and what it represents about myself. 

I will continue to upload new artwork and writing. But after Escape From Giantess Island and King Kong are completed, I will likely put the gallery on permanent hiatus. The rest of the gallery will be reduced down to a select few "essential" pieces. Perhaps as few as a dozen or so.

I would like to also say that this decision is my own. I have not been coerced or encouraged to do so by any other party. This is not a cry for attention either. It's a sincere personal desire of mine to get this done. 

Again, to summarize, everyone has until Christmas Eve to save their favorite pieces on my gallery. After that they will be taken down.

That is all. 

Thank you everyone for your understanding and cooperation. 
And Happy Holidays!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!
New Art Coming Soon. 

Sorry for the delay in posts. I've been busy lately with a new job and I have been having trouble finishing images as quickly as I used to. But just be patient. More stuff is coming soon. Keep an eye out!
To everyone waiting for more of the Vorarephile's Wife, don't worry. I intend to buckle down on DInner Date and Super Mina in the next few weeks. Some of it has been re-written, but now that I got it ironed out, they'll be coming out more regularly. 

Thanks for watching!


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