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Hey there, Lt. Rayer! So what do you know, we're finally on our way! 

At long last, I feel confident enough to start releasing my magnum operandi, King Kong vs Amazons! One chapter at a time mind you. This is going to be a long one! The story has taken many forms over the course of a few years, but it's finally in a form I think I can stomach. Before I had to keep focusing on the explorers and bikini babes as the central characters. A lone 'good' amazon would be sort of a sidekick character. This went nowhere. I just couldn't develop a bunch of airheaded supermodels exploring a weird jungle. I needed to shift the focus on an amazon as a central character. We could then see the explorers as the nuisances they are. Yeah, and guess what, it's a couple! 

Some people might think this is a tale about feminism or some such. Well maybe! But if the truth be presented under oath, the thing is I'm an idiot and I wanted to write a story about ten foot tall lesbians fucking in the jungle. Take that, world! Oh, and a giant gorilla shows up later (that's important). He doesn't show up yet, but trust me he's a major plot point down the line (boy, I hope he doesn't snatch up Tessa and carry her off or something. I mean, that'd be, like, a huge motivator for Gilly to go on an adventure to save her! She might even team up with disgusting slimy dumb shitty men to achieve this! Dang, I'm excited!) 

Special shout out to HeavenSide for encouraging me to start releasing these! There's more. A lot more. This is like, a novel or something! 

Can't wait to keep doing this stuff. See you around. 

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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Chapter One, Continued...


The boar's body hung up just below the entrance to the amazon's hidden abode. The two had found a small cavern in a rock face several hundred feet above the ground. To the east of them lay the ocean. To the west lay the open jungle. At the entrance of the cavern, no predator could confront them. At least none big enough to be any worry. The rock formation inside the lair even had an opening going up and out to the sky above them.  This allowed them to cook and smoke their meat for later use. For now though, it was the most they could do to haul the carcass up to the entrance of the lair. They used their pulley system they had invented to move the great mass up to the desired height. Even with their equipment, both had almost given out before the task was finished.

They collapsed inside and fell asleep almost immediately. Over the years, they had acquired furs, wood for building furniture, and other items to add comfort to their home. In most respects, it was quite hospitable, given their surroundings. They had both fallen on the fur covered bed they had built together. The two slept a whole day and a half before coming around. Gilly was the first up, of course.

She started prepping the meat, treating the fur, stoking the fire, all while Tessa slumbered. She decided to have a meal ready for when she awoke. And she eventually did awake to the smell of the cooking meat. The two shared a huge meal, a celebratory feast for not only a successful hunt but for their mutual survival. They laughed and engorged themselves. And after that, they smoked the remaining meat and stored it for later.

Night fell the following day and the two were locked in a routine wrestling match. Wrestling for an amazon is like kissing for a typical human. Not that amazons didn't kiss - they certainly did. It's simply that there was a deeper connection that came about in the act of struggling, wrapping around each other, trying their bodies against each other than occurs with most humans. Wrestling was sacred. The two would give their all in the expression of physical effort. Gilly got two pins early. She punished Tessa each time with a sharp bite on the shoulder or chest. The third match ended with Tessa the victor. Though, it was a particularly strenuous effort on Tessa's part. When Gilly presented her shoulder for a bite, Tessa bit a little too softly. It was almost an insult. After all, Tessa won fair and square. She should have taken her victory with hunger and pride. But Gilly overlooked it. She was far too grateful for simply having her there than to start a dispute.

They wrestled a few more times, lasting for a good three hours. Gilly won her other rounds, though she had to put her full strength into it from time to time. Usually though, she'd have to hold back slightly. She tasted Tessa's blood enough to call it a night. Tessa's shoulders and chest were starting to turn raw. The single light mark on her own shoulder was barely noticeable. They embraced at the end of it to signal the end of their games. They then moved to the opening of the cavern and looked out over the stars and the jungle canopy. Gilly pretended not to notice Tessa rubbing her bites (it was particularly shameful for an amazon to rub her wrestling bites after a match).

They ate another meal together while admiring the view. From a distance, the jungle was quite beautiful. It seemed cruel, considering how brutal the reality was up close. The two hadn't talked much about what happened during their most recent hunt. Despite their relief in returning, there was still tension in the air. Some burning words had to be exchanged. And yet, neither wanted to make the first move.

It wasn't until they retreated towards the bed for the night that Gilly spoke first.

"We can't go on like this. Something has to change." Gilly's voice echoed in the chamber.

Tessa turned around. What did she mean by that?

"One of these days, probably very soon, something out there is going to win. It's a miracle we've lasted this long." Gilly said in the cold moonlight.

Tessa stayed quiet. For some reason, she couldn't find any words.

Gilly continued. "It won't work. Not in the long run. This lair was just a dodge. A play for time. Even it isn't impregnable. Eventually, something will find us."

Tessa stared at her lover reflected in the blue glow of night. In this light, she seemed different. Her eyes less bright. Her powerful body less imposing.

"When that happens, we're finished. There won't even be a grave to mark our passing." Gilly said. "I need to ask you something."

Tessa blinked as she stared at Gilly.

"Do you want to keep doing it? Will you commit to me; to keep going?" Tessa didn't fully understand the request. "I want to know you'll put the same amount of effort into surviving as I am. Otherwise, this is useless, we're just postponing the inevitable."

Gilly reached out her hand. "Take my hand. If you want to go on, take my hand and we'll go together. If you don't, just say the word. I'll understand."

Without a moment hesitation, Tessa grabbed Gilly's hand.

"I'm with you all the way. Wherever you go." Tessa said.

Gilly pulled Tessa into tight embrace. She turned her head into her partner's ear. "Then I have to make you stronger. You're too slow. You're too unsteady." She pulled back to look her in the eyes. "You'll have to learn to do what I say when I say it. Do you understand?"

Tessa simply nodded.

Gilly pulled her back in for another hug. "The other day was close. Too close. Another breath and we'd be gone. We won't survive another one of those."

Gilly let her go and started towards the bed. Tessa felt shaken to her core. She had failed her beloved. That failure brought them within an inch of their lives. But her renewed commitment meant a new chance to prove her strength.

Gilly called back behind her. "Are you coming or what?"

Tessa turned and ran over to the bed. It was an invitation. She had neglected in trying anything the day before. It was still too uneasy in the home. But a call to bed was an offer. Gilly was ready to give up her body in the bedroom. It was the one arena Tessa truly excelled in. And she always relished the chance to exert this power.

Her skill wasn't in cooking. It wasn't in making weapons. It wasn't in fighting and it certainly wasn't in scouting and hunting. Her one great skill that even Gilly had to bow her head to was sex.

In her mind, Tessa remembered the jealous murmurs from the other sisters. They had claimed in resentful tones that Tessa found the way to Gilly's heart through her bed. In a way, they weren't wrong. It was in the bed that Gilly finally relaxed her stern facade. It was in the bed that she grew pliant enough to listen to Tessa's point of view. It was in the bed that Tessa became her equal. Even her superior.

She remembered their first time together, entangled after a bitter wrestling match of honor. They had both insulted each other and insisted on a match to settle the dispute. Gilly ultimately won, naturally, but the ensuing act of love left Gilly defeated spiritually. It seemed all of Tessa's strength was in her tongue and finger tips. After that Gilly saw her enemy in a new light. It wouldn't be for another few encounters that she understood her feelings to be love. The way she spoke her mind despite the opposition. The way she pushed against a superior force. This led way for her to also appreciate her softness. Her willingness to forgive enemies. Her curious way of going against the norm to speak of a greater peace. While she never fully relented in her warrior's way, she fell in love with the peaceful revolutionary's charm.

Gilly laid down on the fur bed, her nude body outstretched. In the back of her mind, she knew what about Tessa's love drove her to madness, though she'd shudder to confront it herself. In the time they spent in the outer jungle, she had faced many predators. Each saw her body as a piece of meat, a bit of food to swallow down to hold back the screaming hunger for but a moment. She imagined what each of those creatures saw in her body. Legs of fleshy satisfaction. A delectable ass to chew and swallow. Breasts to consume, arms and feet to devour. Each time she escaped it by but a few inches. Snapping jaws, clicking tongues, and frothing lips were perpetually at her back. Ready to take her flesh and destroy it in an instant of fury and greed.

Love with Tessa offered a release, she found. Unconsciously, Tessa represented an opportunity to relent. To surrender. To her, she could offer flesh and body. Already, Tessa's powerful tongue explored every inch of her skin. She imagined Tessa as one of Them. One of those out there in the darkness ready to consume her. Ready to take her fully in to itself. But it could only be Tessa. To her, she could give herself. No other creature was allowed this pleasure. This honor. Only Tessa could taste her. Only Tessa could have her. Only Tessa.

Gilly relaxed her muscles as Tessa licked at her body. Her head roamed around the exposed dips and curves of her body. She then began running her teeth and sharp fangs over her skin. Lightly, she nibbled at her breasts, belly, inner thigh, neck, and ears. Gilly offered no resistance. In her mind, Tessa was engorging herself on her body. Wherever she bit and sucked at her skin, she imagined her flesh being taken away and swallowed. Here, Tessa was greater. Tessa could eat her whole. Tessa...

Tessa ran her sure fingers along Gilly's tight body. She pushed and massaged muscles as she moved. She buried her head strongly against Gilly's belly. A powerful hand closed around Gilly's left breast. Another hand wrapped around and strong fingers worked their way into Gilly's front door. She slurped loudly and hungrily. Her teeth scrapped against Gilly's skin. In the height of passion, she drew blood here and there with the slashing of her long fangs. This she drank greedily. This only added to the illusion for Gilly. She wanted Tessa to devour her, to grow stronger from her. The thought of being fully taken by Tessa excited her into quivering.

Gilly moaned passionately as Tessa worked on her. Even at night, the air was thick and hot. The two perspired in the center of the bed. Their sweat gleaming in the moonlight. Tessa 'ate' Gilly until she began to scream. Little beads of blood shown up from the small cuts made by her fangs. Tessa pulled herself up to admire these droplets of blood. Gilly pleaded in her mind for Tessa to finish her. She let her arms hang limply above her, unresisting as Tessa satisfied her hunger. Come on, eat, baby. Keep eating. Become big and strong, sweetie. Just make sure you eat all of it. Just don't stop. Finish me off...

Tessa came back down and slurped up the blood while working her fingers. She sucked against her partner's belly, drinking the blood that oozed out slowly. The heat and sensation finally won over Gilly's mind and body. She climaxed loudly in the hight of physical surrender. Tessa lorded over her victory by continuing to suck and chew on her while Gilly simply panted. Eventually, Gilly passed out from the emotional expenditure. Tessa moved up to her neck and chewed silently in the dark. She rubbed herself against Gilly's limp body until she herself climaxed and relented. The two then lay together in their shared bed, finally in peaceful sleep.

In the distance, the haunting call of a lone predator pierced the night.


Gilly stood in a room of golden light. She looked down and saw a small amazon woman sucking at her breast. She recognized this amazon woman, though she was far smaller than she remembered. The amazon had wild red hair like a lion's mane that shot in all directions and continued downwards in sharp points to the ground. The red haired amazon slurped at her breast like a greedy baby. Gilly felt strangely serene in this moment. She then noticed a strange sensation.

As the amazon suckled, she began to grow. Gilly felt a tingling in her breast as this happened. The amazon grew and grew, while sucking ever hungrier. She felt that as the other amazon was growing, she was shrinking. Now they were of equal size but the proportion began to shift the other way. Gilly became smaller and smaller as the red haired creature continued to feed on her. She tried to cry out, but had no voice. Gradually, she was no taller than the amazon's arm. Still she shrank.

Then, she was small enough that the puffy pink lips almost engulfed the whole front of her chest. She could hear the amazon moan softly and felt the lips part slightly. In one motion, Gilly was sucked inside the amazon's mouth. She felt teeth clench above and below her midsection, holding her in place. A hot tongue pressed and slid against her swollen breasts. Her legs kicked and struggled in the open air behind her. The amazon giggled sweetly as she tilted her head back and sucked Gilly's body down. The last thing Gilly sensed was her body being swallowed, the moist walls of the throat pushing her down. Down into hot, wet dark oblivion.  

She awoke with a start. A shaft of sunlight came down from the part in the cavern above. She stared up for a moment to regain her sense of time and place. As she began to piece herself back together she felt Tessa's body pressed against her. She lay were she had the previous night, breathing softly. She looked back up to the ceiling. As she recalled the dream, she was able to put a name to the red haired amazon.

It had been Marjoe. The Red Knight of Afalla, they called her. She belonged to a distant past life for Gilly. A life lived before the exile. Even before her life with Tessa. She hadn't thought of her in years it seemed. Which was a strange thing, when she thought about it. Once, many had naturally assumed that the two of them would be brides together. As she pondered this, she decided to disengage such memories right there. She felt the gentle breathing of her actual wife at her side. Whatever occurred with Marjoe was history, she told herself. She wasn't that same person anymore. Still the thought circled in her head; why only just now did she have a dream of being consumed by her? Her night with the love-hungry Tessa may have stirred up those ancient memories and feelings within her. If so, leave it at that, she thought. No need to even let Tessa know about it.

As she thought this, Tessa began to stir next to her. She blinked and looked into Gilly's eyes. Without words, Tessa smiled and kissed Gilly's cheek. She exhaled and then began softly kissing Gilly's neck, working her way down. As before, Gilly let her hungry bride get her fill. She tongued her way down to her favorite spot. Below Gilly's left collar bone, just above her breast, there was an up turned crescent (or a frown, if you saw things that way) shaped scar. It stood out light pink against her rich brown skin. She had gotten it from the claw swipe of a blood crazed 'shredder' (a type of amazonian velociraptor). Really, she had been quite fortunate. The thing had nearly ripped out her heart.

In the hours following that incident, Tessa had licked the wound clean to remove any dirt and debris. At the cavern, she sucked the blood from the gash and helped to dress and bandage the wound ('shredders' had developed a reasonably harmful venom in their claws). Since then, Tessa had an affinity for this spot, especially in tonguing and chewing at the pink scar tissue. The oddly specific nature of the shape added to its allure. To Tessa, it resembled an honorary crest, like the type worn by those proud soldiers of home. In her mind, it signified the passing of hardship and the triumph of her strength. It was an honorable mark.

What's more, as she chewed and licked this spot, she could feel Gilly's heartbeat under her lips.

Eventually, Gilly looked down at Tessa's head as she lapped and slurped at her special spot. At this moment, in the early morning, she felt a pang of contentment. She was deeply grateful for the life she was enjoying now in this moment. It was times like this when Gilly was at her softest. Her kindest. Warmest.

She lightly touched the top of Tessa's head. "Hey. Sweetie, I need to talk to you."

Tessa stopped her nibbling and rose up on her hands to look her love in the face. She licked her lips as she stared down at her smiling.

Gilly reached up and cupped the side of Tessa's face and looked directly into her eyes for effect. "You know that I love you, don't you Tessa?" She asked her bride, who gently nodded her head in response. "You are the most precious thing to me. I promise you, nothing in this world is ever going to harm you. Because I'll protect you." GIlly had made this promise before, but always felt the need to renew it.

"I would fight off the entire world for you, Tessa. Nothing could stand in my way." Gilly added.

Tears welled up in Tessa's eyes, and she shook her head. "But, Gilly, if it weren't for me-"

"If it weren't for you I would have died long, long ago." Gilly interrupted.

They both kissed passionately at this. Their life together had been arduous. But struggling as they were together, they were complete. The hopelessness of their shared life caused them to cling to each other all the stronger.

They stayed like this for most of the morning. Imbibing the warmth of each other's bodies.

As they lay together, Tessa came up with a question. "Did you mean it when you said we could have this week off?"

Gilly turned the question in her head. Logically, she would have to say no. They had ruined their two primary weapons and needed to replace them. Then there was the training. Gilly wanted to focus on ambush and scouting. She still couldn't believe Tessa ran right for the cliff. It was something they covered routinely. Never corner yourself, she repeatedly explained. Always know your escape route by heart. If she had been a second too late, Tessa would have been ripped apart. Or dashed on the ground below. The fact that Tessa had actually considered suicide troubled her greatly.

While all of these things were important in her mind, she saw Tessa's well being as equally important. And she had been more or less correct before. Not too many prey animals would be active in this heat. The hunting would require further penetration into the deep jungle than she was comfortable contemplating. That, and she could tell just how much it would mean for Tessa to live a semi-normal, worry-free life for even a short while.

She gazed into Tessa's face and smiled. "OK. You win. We take the week off. You do realize it means we ration this food to last, right, Tess?"

Tessa giggled as she nodded. She sometimes had the habit of eating too much of their supply when in careless moods.

They kissed again in agreement as the sun rose higher in the sky.


Days passed lazily for the two. In this time Gilly relaxed in a nearby hot spring and soaked her ever aching body. Tessa scribbled notes in a book made of scraps of tanned animal hide. Later, Tessa had Gilly pose for one of her cave painting. In her old life, Tessa had been an accomplished visual artist, along with having some noteworthy philosophy writings to her name. Art and beauty were the other side of the coin opposite to warfare and honor in amazonian civilization. Both had their special place in the culture, and would often overlap each other in an individual's life. Some of the loveliest amazonian poetry was written by battle hardened amazon soldiers.

Tessa had to make due with improvised tools in her current home, but nonetheless, she adorned the walls of their cave with strikingly wonderful portraits. Sometimes, Gilly would protest when Tessa removed an old painting to make room for a new masterpiece. Tessa always insisted that the new one would be much better.

This time Tessa painted Gilly who posed for her, reclining against the backdrop of the outer jungle. She had painted the sunlight directly behind her head, creating a halo effect. Tessa's tongue stuck out cutely as she concentrated on her work. Watching Tessa paint and engross herself in something comforting brought her great pleasure. It made both of them forget for a moment that they lived in constant struggle with the jungle.

At night, when the temperature cooled, they wrestled. After that they would bathe and crawl into bed together. Gilly could no longer regret her decision to take a break. Even so, her mind worked ahead. She thought about what her first move should be once they ran out of boar jerky. They needed to make new weapons for one thing. To do it properly took considerable time. Then they'd have to make a few scouting runs to find prey and lay out basic attack and escape plans.

Gilly decided to take on the weapon making herself. She worked at night while Tessa slept. She hoped to have the bow done in a few days so she could present it to Tessa as a surprise. Her own spear was a simpler undertaking. Still, working on two weapons at once in secret was something of a challenge. Not that she terribly minded. It gave her time to think.

She finished Tessa's bow as the sun rose on the fifth day of their vacation. She only had enough stone stored away to make four new arrows, but that was adequate for now considering their reserve of ten arrows. Internally, she regretted the loss of the arrow stuck in the giant cat's eye socket. She should have pulled it out before throwing him over the cliff. Oh well.

She held it up and examined it. For a weapon made in a cave with scraps, it wasn't half bad. She decided to go try it out. Tessa was still sleeping soundly in the bed behind her. She quietly slipped out with the bow and two arrows.

As she strode down the side of their jungle lair she smelled something out of place. Something in the distance. Faint, but acrid. She scanned the horizon and spotted a clue. To the east, beyond the beach, she saw a column of faint smoke. Her back stiffened, eyes widened. Gilly had seen an approaching ship give off smoke like that only once in her life. Exhaust was the result of primitive technology. Brutish technology. Men built things that gave out exhaust. She swallowed the lump in her throat. Had the Capital not noticed this? The ship must have been close. Men could have their feet upon the island already!

Of all the contemptible things on earth, none were more hated by amazonian culture than the human male. As far as the Golden Goddess and her daughter, the High Queen were concerned men were a disease. None were allowed to even touch the island. If men were here, it would invite the full force of the amazonian legions. There was no such thing as overkill in this situation.

She shook her head and realized the implications. If the men drew the attention of the Queen's armies, they would swarm this entire area. It would mean soldiers could search their cavern hideout. They could even be accused of hiding the men inside. Ethically speaking, the soldiers could not punish them outright, since they were living compliantly in exile. However, an overzealous commander could invent reasons for harassment if men were the subject of inquiry. In any case, things would be tense.

Gilly let out a sharp sigh. She had to at least get an accurate idea of what they were dealing with. She straddled rock and boulder on her way towards the shore. She leapt easily over ridges and slopes until the beach was in view. Already her heart sank. She saw several men, noisy and clumsy, moving boxes and materials onto the beach from a small landing craft. She ducked her head behind an outcropping. Her body shuddered in revulsion. In the distance, she could hear faint voices barking out orders. Damn! What were they doing here!? How did they even find us? Gilly furrowed her brow while she readied herself for another look.

She raised her head and watched more men (more!) step off of the landing vessel and onto sacred beach. She counted ten so far, but suspected others were on the boat. And if there were a larger ship out there that meant potentially more landing craft. Whether she liked it or not she had to get closer.  

She stealthily approached the landing site. She settled herself behind a rock on a hill looking down at the men gathering below. For a minute she just listened, hidden behind the boulder. She could hear the men speaking more loudly. It took her a while, but she eventually recognized their language as a human dialect known as english. This sounded to her like a form of english known to amazons as "Degenerate Standard." Amazons had largely avoided the outside world, but by way of spirit seekers and study of the occasional 'intruder' (usually a washed up sailor) they had a decent idea of the formation and organization of current man culture and practices. This was done as a matter of clinical academia, as no amazon regarded man culture as legitimate.

She peeked from behind the rock and examined the little brutes go about their business. They were unpacking tents and other supplies, implying they intended a prolonged stay. She scanned for weapons. These types often carried snap-tubes, uncivilized little weapons using bits of metal and gun powder. Sure she carried a bow made of improvised jungle material, but that was out of necessity. What excuse did a creature possessing even a modest degree of technology and ingenuity have for producing and using such a brutish mechanism? She sneered sourly at the crew as they unloaded. She couldn't see any of their snap-tubes, but they could always be stored in those crates they carried.

She spied a bit longer, trying to make out their organization. The one with the wide hat appeared to be the leader. Several of the lesser men looked at him to seek direction. She couldn't make out much besides his white maritime uniform. As she watched, an interesting thing occurred. She saw what looked like a woman exit the craft. Human women were a bit of a curiosity for amazons. While certainly not as apprehensible as men, human women nonetheless were regarded with contempt. They carried with them the 'stink' of man culture as it were. They were often possessive, low minded, and had little regard for the poisons their way of life inflicted on the world.  Human women weren't hunted down like men were, but hardly any tears were ever shed for those killed in the crossfire.

This woman had long black hair that skirted down past her hips. The hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her eyes were behind a black frame that hung on her face. Gilly snorted. Humans were so weak that some of them needed to wear pieces of glass in front of their eyes in order to even see properly. The woman looked around and pointed directions to some of the men unloading. She wasn't a leader it seemed to her, but the men were working on her behalf. She heard her mention something about books. Notes or something. A researcher perhaps? The thought of a human scientist seemed fatuous to Gilly, but what could she say? At least they were trying.

She watched some more and studied the man in charge. At least that was her impression before she saw the next person step off the craft. This one was another woman. However, her manner was completely different from the first woman. She walked slowly but confidently. She turned her head and watched the men working. She moved over to the man in white and spoke in a demanding posture. Her body language implied that the man owed her answers to whatever questions she may have had. The man turned and answered her each time she spoke to him. His expression was blank, but it betrayed compliance. This woman was the leader. Perhaps the man thought of his own authority as higher, but this was not his voyage. This woman ultimately controlled what was happening.

The woman wore a sturdy dark grey suit top and work pants, in spite of the heat. Her light brown hair was pulled up in a bun. Like the first woman, she wore pieces of glass for her eyes. However, Gilly liked the way she wore them more. They were almost appealing in a way. Gilly saw the black haired woman walk up to the second woman and seemed to ask her a question. This second, more dominant woman dismissed her with a raised hand and a terse word. The black haired woman nodded and retreated back to her pile of boxes that was gathering on the sand. She felt a surprising amount of admiration for how this lead woman carried herself. She was in complete control of herself and her surroundings. And she clearly possessed a strong will. It was a shame she would likely have to be killed in the forthcoming extermination. Too bad.

Then a thought occurred to her. She could potentially end this show now. With the bow, she could hit them with surprise. She only carried the two arrows, but these could be sent right into the two 'leaders.' The men would panic and scatter, heading into the jungle (and thus, certain death). If they didn't scatter, they would see their two fallen superiors and chose to retreat to their boat. They would at least give her time to go down and press the attack. She could even get them to leave with only the two casualties if she worked efficiently enough. Leaderless, these miniscule rats wouldn't be any real threat to her. The only thing she'd have to be conscious of is their little gun powder tubes. And she would be watching for that.

Destroying the men's landing party would give the encroaching amazon divisions reason to leave the two of them in peace. It could work. It may even ingratiate her and her wife to the Capital and the Sisterhood. Turning back an invasion of men into the mainland was nothing to dismiss. Maybe they would reconsider the couple's loyalty. Maybe they could even...

She took aim. The first shot would impact the chief woman right above the pieces of glass on her face. A blow meant to shock the others. It would also spare the woman any undue agony. She felt she owed her that for some reason. She would then restring and nail the lead man in the chest, a more demoralizing blow for his underlings who would get to hear his death howls. She could do it all in the space of a few seconds. In a few seconds she could send the invaders back. In a few seconds she and Tessa may get to go home.

She stood just high enough to get a good shot lined up. Tessa had become a master with the bow, but Gilly knew she was better still. She licked her lips as she aimed right for the woman in grey suit's forehead....
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King Kong vs Amazons
Chapter One


The bright sunlight pierced the jungle foliage, casting stark white spots on the verdant floor below. Shapes and patterns moved with their own life, their own vitality. Insects, deep jungle flowers, swaying vines, great fanning leaves, and of course the many creatures hid below. It was high summer, the heat radiating from every surface. The cry and hum of a thousand species rang out in unison, creating a jungle chorus echoing through he haze. Amidst the oppressive green on green world of the jungle, a shape moved upon a high branch.

Moving slowly, with careful precision, the outline arched forward over the thick bark covered branch. The sun threw its broken pattern over rich brown skin, revealing the frame of a proud jungle hunter. The skin of this hunter covered powerful muscles that tensed in the thick summer heat. Beads of perspiration shone and sparkled in the harsh sunlight. Powerful legs tucked up underneath, catlike, it's right hand held steady a makeshift spear with a stone tip. Under closer inspection, one could see the outline was that of a human woman. Her auburn hair was cut short in wild tufts that came to sharp points. Her wild golden eyes peered down along the jungle floor for movement. Massive breasts hung below, supported by a muscular back. The perfection of her skin was marked here and there with scrapes and scars from past conflicts and chases. The great heat of summer had led the creature to abandon all clothing and covering. She hung onto the limb fully nude, displaying the body of a goddess, a feral princess of deadly power.

Her beguiling beauty stood in defiance to her awesome power. Had she stood in a ten foot tall room, the top of her head would scrape the ceiling. In one mighty hand she could crush a man's skull, and with both arms she could lift a two ton boulder. Her skin, though temptingly smooth to sight and touch, was thick and resilient. She had survived falls that would dash and dismember the average person. Leaning down over the limb she suddenly heard her own belly growl deeply. She licked her puffy lips, pink and full, looking for what she had waited to see.

Her hand tightened around the shaft of her homemade spear. Not long ago, she once held a fine spear of silver and steel, it's inlayed gems conferring her authority in the warren. She had once been a great warrior and leader in her clan. The shame of her exile had since been forgotten in the necessities of survival, but the feel of inadequacy in her arsenal would from time to time be a reminder of what she had lost. The armor had been heavy, and the silk cape a cumbersome and foolish bauble. But she was a warrior then. Respected and loved by her sisters. There had even been talk of her ascending as far as Grand General one day. All in another life now it seemed...

She raised her head to briefly sniff the air. A heavy drop of sweat fell from her forehead and splashed on the bark of the tree beneath her. Her quarry could not have gone far. The jungle boar had given them quite a chase. Already it had been stuck by an arrow, an arrow four feet long and thick as a roll of quarters. She scanned carefully along the covered jungle floor, searching for any movement that would give it away. The other thought in her mind was on the presence of other predators. The cacophonous sounds of struggle and the smell of blood may very well have brought another creature near. There was always so little room for error. So many times death had narrowly missed her. Such terrible risks were took simply in order to eat. Her body had been trained in this way to remain rigid, taught, ready to spring at full power at the slightest notice. Her senses were acute, honed in at all times for whatever may come her way.

Suddenly, she sensed movement to her lower right. a few leaves parted as a figure leaped and grabbed onto the side of an adjacent tree. The figure remained dead still, as rigid and disciplined as her. Instantly she recognized this as her partner in the hunt. The other huntress was likewise nude from head to toe, and similarly toned and lean. Her hair was a brighter blonde and significantly longer. Her skin, somewhat lighter brown, with eyes of electric green. Her long hair partially obscured the wooden bow slung onto her back, the quiver at her side. Her claw-like nails dug into the bark as she hung on the side of the tree, silently watching.

The first huntress sneered slightly. She was still far too slow. Every second hunting in the open jungle was a danger, a costly risk. She noticed her partner slowly start climbing up higher, scanning the foliage in front of her. Finally, the leaves and ferns below shifted. The two huntresses stiffened and ducked low to hide their profiles. The first huntress felt the course bark grate against her exposed nipples as she pressed herself into the wood. Her rear raised into the air like a predatory cat waiting to pounce. The undergrowth bowed and swayed as the creature below moved out carefully.

At long last the boar came onto full view. By amazon standards, this was a medium sized prey, though by any regular human's count it was as large as an SUV. It trampled out into the clearing below. It's rear right leg limped behind, pierced deep by her partner's arrow. From this distance the boar could be struck again, but to act too brashly in the jungle often met with disaster. They both had learned this the hard way. The boar snorted and shambled forward. The first huntress readied herself to move into better position. Injured as it was, it wouldn't take long to attract other beasts, so it was now or never. Even so, the attack had to be precise. Perfect.

Without a sound, she slung down below the branch and shimmied down the trunk of the tree. She leapt to the tree next to her, making her way to the left in order to encircle the beast. Her partner would come from the other side and cut off its escape. They had tried this many times, and it was the best way to end the struggle quickly. She lamented that this would be so much easier in a group of ten. But as it was, a two person attack was the best they could muster. She looked out behind the tree to see her partner, but was shocked to see the other tree abandoned. Frantically, she looked about her. She spotted her partner at the tree behind her. The one she had originally climbed. "Too far. That's too damn far!" she cursed silently.

This wasn't good. If her partner missed, she would have to intercept the beast quickly. So much open space to cover. So many unknowns. She had once watched  a predatory animal rush headlong into overgrowth and straight into the jaws of a giant venus flytrap. Its howls of agony and surprise were cut off inside a slimy green maw. Its prey had escaped by mere inches while it was devoured by a thoughtless plant. She could still remember the sound of acids already flowing inside the plant, turning the unfortunate beast into pulp. The lesson she learned; all concealed areas are hazards. All of the jungle was her enemy. She had but one ally in all the island. An ally she would have to scold latter...

In the space of two seconds she saw her partner stand up on a high branch and draw her bow. Oh least hit it, she thought.

The thick, hot air stood still during the killing moment. Time seemed to stop as she waited for the arrow to fly. Then she heard the familiar twang of the bow. A fraction of a second later came the 'WHUMP!' of the arrow sinking into the beast's flesh. She had hit it!

However the next second sent chills down the huntress's spine. The beast reared up and gave a massive squeal before tearing off into the foliage. The hit wasn't lethal. They would both have to finish it off, quickly! The first huntress leapt down, her powerful legs braced the fall, her feet clinching the roots and dirt below. She sprinted in the direction of the thrashing animal. She raised her spear and forced speed into her muscles. The beast had covered fifty meters in the short time between her jump down and the start of her sprint. Sweat flew off her slick body as she ran, blood pumping madly. Suddenly, she saw the beast ahead stumble and fall over an exposed root. It flung dirt and debris high into the air with it's kicking. It spun in tight circles while it tried to right itself. The din filled the hot jungle air with chaos. Birds flew out in all directions. The beast was in panic and agony. This was the moment.

She raised her spear and came in fast as the beast twisted and struggled. Even injured as it was, one gouge with it's massive tusks could disembowel a pursuing amazon. She timed her strike with the creature's thrashing. With a powerful thrust she sank her spear deep into the front of the boar's chest. It swung its head back and forth as she pushed it in further. The heart was behind thick hide and muscle. It took significant effort to penetrate. As she did so, the boar's hooves came dangerously close to clobbering her head. It thrashed out in desperation, but a dying boar could still cripple or kill her. It all depended on these last few harrowing moments.

Blood and foam spilled from mouth and nostril of the beast as it writhed. The amazon pressed harder into the spear shaft, digging into the ground with her toes as she advanced. "Just die already!" she shouted aloud. Her muscles bulged and strained under the effort. Her clenched teeth bore her amazonian fangs, enlarged canines over three inches long. A small stream of blood lined from her lip to her chin. How much longer would it take?

Then out of the distance, she heard another twang followed by a shattering sound to her right. She felt the beast's body shudder violently, then stiffen, and finally go limp. She looked to her right and saw another arrow stuck halfway to the nock, protruding from the boar's head. A moment later she saw her partner come to her side.

In the sudden release of tension, she let go of the spear shaft. She left it inside the boar's chest and fell to the jungle floor on her shapely ass. She exhaled loudly and threw her head back, casting shining sweat from her reddish brown locks. For a short while, she simply caught her breath and allowed her heartbeat to come back to normal. Her body ached. She looked over her body for injuries and only found one bleeding cut above her ankle, probably from when she jumped down from the tree. She glanced over her partner and saw her doing the same. Only a scrape here and there and some small cuts for her too. All in all, not a bad cost for a hunt. Still, there was the trip home.

When she regained her composure, she finally stood and assessed their situation. The boar was quite dead, but for a few moments she just listened to the sounds of the jungle. Aside from the typical gibberish of birds and distant calls, she heard nothing. They were, for now, the only predators around. She looked over to her partner who was already busy pulling the arrow from the boar's massive skull. As she did, she admired for a moment the way her back and legs tensed in unison with the action. The arrow, though deep in bone and flesh, came out in one strong pull. She turned to her and she watched her partner looking down at the freed arrow and then at the fallen beast. The sun came down in bright columns, catching and lighting her hair and sweat. Her posture was captured perfectly in the pose of victory. Her body language was confident, proud, powerful. Her large breasts and hips combining lustful femininity with her powerful frame. Amazons have a naturally long lifespan, and they age slowly compared to humans. While it had been many years since their exile into the wild, she hadn't seemed to age a minute. In fact, with the added leanness and toned features made necessary by jungle life, she had become even more beautiful. She stared at her while she examined their prey. She was indeed becoming stronger. Stronger, but still foolish.

She shook her head from her momentary distraction. The hunt could have gone much worse. However, it always seemed to be blind luck that they survived their trials. At some point discipline would have to play its part. She narrowed her brow and stood firm. She began by hardening her voice.

"What was that, Tessa?! That was damn sloppy!" She scolded.

Tessa turned her head to her accuser. For a moment she squared off her shoulders to appear on more equal ground. "I had a clear shot from where I was standing. He walked right into my line of sight. I just decided to take the shot, Gilly." She shrugged.

"It was too far. These stone arrows can barely penetrate anything." Gilly lectured. "We have to work together. As a single unit! That's the only way we'll make it. From now on, follow the plan I lay out. Understand, Tessa!?"

Tessa turned away slightly. "You can't always plan for everything. Sometimes you have to improvise."

Gilly continued her stern demeanor. "That's not good enough. We're all alone out here. This entire jungle is against us. We've been lucky so far. But there's not a day that goes by that we aren't in danger. We have to stay vigilant. Disciplined! By the Goddess, I thought you'd see that by now!"

They stared at each other for a moment. The release of tension had brought out the nagging side of Gilly again, Tessa thought. Just wait until tonight. She's all steam and thunder now, but wait until she got into my bed.

Gilly sighed. "OK, let's just start getting this thing back. I'm guessing every pred in the jungle heard that business. We've got to get the ropes tied." Gilly said.

Gilly and Tessa had developed a process over the years for dealing with large prey. They used ropes and timber to create a sled and pulled it through the jungle. Once they got to their lair, they would use the pulley system they developed to raise it out of reach of predators. It was time consuming at first, but it presented the least amount of time for ambush in the long run. They could spend time gutting and cleaning the thing once it was out of range.

The spool of rope was left hanging on a tree branch a while back (to avoid carrying too much weight during the chase). Gilly jumped up into the branches above like a springing frog. She caught branches and leapt easily from tree to tree. She found the rope undisturbed and started back. While she did this, Tessa remained at the animal's side, removing the last of the arrows buried in its flesh. Dejectedly, she recounted the fact that each arrow she fired hit the target. None had been lost. Would it kill Gilly to offer even that recognition? Why did she have to treat her like a silly little kid? Then she remembered the incident that led to their mutual exile. A twinge of inner guilt resurfaced and swallowed any resentment she had towards Gilly. After all, it was Gilly who lost the most. And she had heard the mutterings of the other sisters at their trial. How they placed the blame on her head. While she had no personal regrets about her own actions, the thought that she had cost her wife so dearly stabbed at her heart.

These upsetting thoughts caused a momentary lapse in her attention. If she had been more aware, perhaps she would have heard the soft rustling behind her. Or heard the trembling guttural purr of the beast lying in wait. She may have even caught the musty smell of the giant predators breath.

She would have been able to warn Gilly to stay clear.

But such is the way of life in the jungle...


When Gilly returned with the rope, Tessa was still examining the fallen boar. With a graceful landing, GIlly came down right beside Tessa. She could tell her partner had become forlorn. She had planned to make it up to her when they got back home and out of danger. Then she could relent. Then she could let her know it was all for love of her. But softness outside in the open jungle was an invitation for death. Softness, even tenderness was a liability here in this place. Especially in a clearing. Especially after a noisy and, frankly, sloppy kill.

Even so, a bit of guilt rang in her heart as she looked at her. She came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, come on. We'll get this thing home and eat for a week. No more hunting for a while. We'll just have a little vacation. We can rest up and sleep around all day." Gilly said softly. She leaned in and kissed her wife's forehead. "We'll just eat, sleep, and wrestle each other all week. I might even let you win a few rounds! Just keep thinking of that, and we'll have this thing up and dressed in no time!"

The promise of a 'week off' brightened Tessa up immediately. An entire week? Even in between hunts, Gilly usually insisted on training and scouting. That or making more weapons. These handmade jobs always broke after a couple rough days of use. Gilly liked having a small arsenal in reserve in case they needed more during a particularly difficult pinch.

"Really?! A whole week? No scouting or anything?" Tessa asked excitedly.

"That's right. It's too hot lately. Nothing's out and moving around much this time of year. Besides, it will give us time to recover. We've been at this one too long." Gilly reassured.

It had indeed been a rough stretch. A few miserably failed hunts had the two wondering if they would be able to make do. Most of the local fruits and berries had proven too poisonous to eat. It would have to be bugs and grubs until they finally caught something. While grubs are good in a pinch, it could hardly sustain the heightened appetite of an amazon for long. Their great muscled bodies required a high protein diet. They could eat a regular cow's worth of meat in a single sitting.  

Hearing this, Tessa wrapped her mighty arms around Gilly. They stood embraced for a moment, enjoying the simple moment of happiness amid their shared hardship. The pooled sweat and heat from their nubile bodies intermingled between each other under the hot sun. They nuzzled one another and then disengaged.

"All right. Come on then. Let's get this meat monster back home." Gilly said as she picked up a portion of rope.

The two worked to get the legs tied off to lengths of fallen tree branch. Tessa continued smiling through her work. The two had worked this out enough times that they could do it blindfolded. However, in the midst of their conversation, both had failed to adequately listen for predators before starting. Later, Tessa would regret not paying enough attention while Gilly retrieved the rope. Gilly simply made the assumption that Tessa had listened and started working without double checking to make sure. Their little prattle about promises and vacations had taken their minds off the necessities for a moment. However, a moment was all that's required to bring calamity.

In the distance, the jungle predator watched the two with hungry eyes. It had followed the giant boar from a mile back. It even watched as the two amazons fired on it and finally killed it. It's primary concern was the fallen boar. But it understood in the recesses of its primitive mind that it had to stop these two sub-preds from carrying its meal away. That could yield even more meat. A pair of sides for its entree. It licked its lips past enormous fangs protruding up and down. It's spotted fur was illuminated by patches of sunlight as it carefully made its approach.

The beast was a massive amazonian jaguar. Evolved for millions of years into the giant standard of the island. Its claws were bigger and longer than most human swords. A single leap could clear half a football field. While an amazon warrior towers over the day to day average of conventional humanity, the basic truth of the island is that this size was still woefully inadequate compared to the other predators. It had been the higher civilization and enchanted technology of the amazon society that subdued their enemies. Here, in the open, with only their bodies and wits as arsenal, every creature was the deadliest of foe.  

It crept closer and closer. It could clearly smell the sweet fragrance of perspiration and amazonian flesh directly before it. It readied its long body in the foliage as it prepared to leap. From head to haunch, the beast was a minimal twenty feet. It watched as the two amazons tied up their catch. Its meal.

Tessa had begun to feel the strain on her muscles again as she worked. She wiped a bit of sweat from her brow. She tied off one end of the boar's leg and looked over to Gilly. She had remembered a hunt from a few years ago she liked to recall to lighten the mood.

"Hey Gilly. Remember that time we nailed that pterodactyl with the rock? That was wild, wasn't it?" Tessa smiled as she continued her work.

Gilly had heard this one too many times. Sweat poured off her head in the heat and effort. She grunted as she finished off a knot. "Yeah. And it kept rolling and smashed a bunch of the eggs. About a hundred of those crazy things came down at us then."

Tessa laughed sweetly. "Yeah. We had to eat smoked termites that night. They weren't that bad really. I remember eating them by the fist-full!"

Gilly smiled reluctantly. "That's just because you were hungry. Anything can taste good if you're hungr-"

Gilly stopped mid sentence. Something had betrayed the giant cat's presence. Either it was a snapped twig or a low growl, but something had caught Gilly's attention. Tessa glanced over at Gilly in just enough time to see her snatch up her spear and crouch down. Gilly turned to shout at Tessa, but in that split moment, the super jaguar exploded out of the jungle into the clearing. Tessa had only a hair's distance between her body and the pouncing cat when it passed over her.

The beast landed heavily in the clearing behind her. In a crack of lightning movement it turned and dug its claws into the jungle floor, flaring its nostrils and bellowing loudly. Tessa had her bow out and tried to draw an arrow, but in her sudden panic, she missed the nock and had to readjust. Gilly was the first to attack and threw the spear with every once of her might and nailed the monster below the neckline. The spear sank deep into the muscle right between the shoulder blade and chest. The beast let out a terrible moan but did not relent. It came forward, its movement impeded but not stopped. It had now acquired an unshakable bloodlust. It would not stop now until either it or its prey were silenced. And the odds for the prey were so pitifully slim...

Tessa had pulled the bow back, successfully this time, and aimed straight for the head. However, right at the moment of release, the bow snapped in half. The jaguar leapt forward and came right at Tessa. She curled up defensively. She had not expected the bow to fail, and had not set herself to dodge in time. She felt in that microsecond that she was dead. There was no escaping this.

Next she saw Gilly, leaping magnificently like a greek hero of old, directly into the path of the advancing maw. Gilly's body outstretched, the full beauty of her form bulging and twisting in the glorious sunlight. She caught the beast directly below the neck and wrapped her mighty arms around its throat. The jaguar shook its head violently. It raised on its back legs while trying to fling off its attacker. Gilly found just enough of a moment to call out to her beloved.

"GO! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!" Gilly cried out.

Before she could react, Tessa saw the beast take off towards the foliage from where it came. Gilly remained clung to the neck of the animal as it charged away. Tessa saw the creature tear into the thick jungle. Her heart was pounding in her ears, and it was all she could do to stay standing. The two figures had disappeared into the dense jungle outgrowth. Everything suddenly fell quiet. Then she heard the deep grumbling of the large predator. Something sounded like scraping. She heard the breaking of bones -no- branches. It was the branches. Some rustling and crashing of downed tree limbs followed. Then the wet sound of licking. Followed by silence once again...

Tessa tried to call out to her love. But she simply couldn't find her voice. Her mouth had gone dry and she stared out into the silent jungle. She had almost felt like her voice could muster a cry right before the jaguar reemerged into the clearing.

Only the jaguar.


Tessa stared in disbelief at the jungle monster. Blood trickled from it's knifelike fangs as it lumbered towards her. Tessa denied in her heart the meaning of this image. All she new was she had to kill this beast herself before she went to find Gilly. And by the Golden Goddess was Gilly was going to be upset with her once they got back! She'd have to give one hell of a good massage after this to be forgiven. How could she have forgotten to check for predators? Never mind. She just had to kill it.

In her reeling mind, she realized the reality of her own situation. The bow was shattered. The spear was still buried in the jaguars body. She could see that part of the shaft had broken off, allowing only a small bit to stick out of him. The jaguar licked its lips, letting a glob of partially congealed blood to fall to the jungle floor with a plop. What a greedy beast he was! Why did he need both of us? No! Just me! Gilly was still out there! She found herself having to hammer this thought into herself.

She backed up two steps, never taking her eyes off the beast's gaze. The jaguar paced sideways around the fallen boar. Its ten foot long tail swished from side to side. It's eyes blazed in angry fire. Suddenly it charged again. Tessa turned and ran at full force across the jungle floor.

Tessa remembered most of the terrain from many scouting trips. Gilly...Gilly had insisted on training her in the lay of the land. However, her sense of direction began to fail her. New outgrowth seemed to reclaim old areas of clearing. Every day in the jungle seemed to change its landscape. As Tessa ran, she forgot the cliff face directly in front of her. It had been a good distance away, but the speed of the pursuit closed that distance rapidly. Tessa's muscles burned. After a strenuous hunt and a half month without an adequate meal, her body was on the verge of failing her. Still she pushed herself. The last thing Gilly needed was to have to take care of her injured ass...

The cliff came up abruptly. The entire time, she could hear the jaguar directly behind her, snapping its jaws. It had narrowly missed her on a few pounces. She dove below a fallen trunk and heard the scraping and cracking of claws on the wood, shattering it into pieces. Still it had given her a few precious seconds reprieve. When she saw the cliff her feet skidded across the mossy ground as she came to a sudden stop. She turned and saw the jaguar, immense and blood drunk, launching itself forward.

Apparently, the jaguar had the same kind of sense Tessa had and slid to a stop in front of her. It knew about cliffs. The two enemies renewed their standoff. Tessa's chest heaved with each breath. She had broken another rule. In her panic she had foolishly cornered herself. Her body trembled as she moved slowly to the side. She had to somehow trick the beast into leaping. It would then fall off the cliff behind her to its doom. But the beast before her was experienced. It knew it could come in carefully and snatch her with claw and tooth. It could then kill her with a simple crunch of the skull.

As the monster stared her down, she grew conscious of the flesh on her own bones. She understood how the beast must see her. Her body as food. Her legs twitched. She imagined them being chewed and eaten. Her stomach ached. She imagined it ripped open and consumed. Her breasts heaved with her strained breathing. She thought of them as morsels for her enemy to devour. Her head went woozy. The thought of becoming food burned in her mind. She almost began to accept it. She had taken her share from the jungle. Perhaps it was her turn to nourish it.  Flesh for flesh. Blood for blood. Maybe it was only right for her to be eaten.

Her mind leapt back to life as she felt her balance starting to give way. She had backed up to the very edge of the cliff. A new option emerged in her mind. She could simply fall. It was hundreds of feet to the bottom of the cliff. Even her sturdy amazon body would be dashed. She would still be eaten by something one way or another. But at least she could be spared the experience. She closed her eyes solemnly. So much for the vacation, she thought. For a moment back there she was looking forward to a holiday with nothing to do but be with Gilly.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Goodbye, Gilly. I'm...I'm sorry."

She waited one more second and stretched her foot backwards off the cliff face. Only then a sudden burst of sound caused her to snap her eyes back open. The beast was screaming wildly. It took a few moments for Tessa to understand what she was seeing in front of her. After only just beginning to accept the reality of what happened, she saw Gilly, HER Gilly, straddled over the jaguars head, her legs locked tightly around its neck. Her left hand clenched around the beast's ear. Her right hand held one of Tessa's discarded arrows. The beast twisted and shook with all its might. Gilly grunted and shouted blistering obscenities at the creature.

"TESS, FOR GODDESS SAKE, GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Gilly shouted above the chaos.

Tessa moved away from the cliffside. In one powerful movement Guilly brought the arrow tip into the right eye of the jaguar. The beast cried out, but Gilly simply pushed the arrow deeper into its skull. Her muscles twisted and strained in desperation. The trashing threatened to toss her off, perhaps in the direction of the cliff if she were so unlucky. Finally, the beast raised up on its rear legs and then dramatically tumbled down. A few more deep breaths, and the creature expired.

Gilly collapsed in the grass below her. She panted and gasped in exhaustion. Tessa ran to her side.

"Gilly! Gilllllllly! Are you alright!?" Tessa shook Gilly who lay unconscious.

Finally, Gilly opened her eyes and saw Tessa above her. Without addressing her, she moved to the back of the great jaguar. She began pushing the body towards the cliff. Its lifeless body slid limply off the side and careened down to the jungle below. She waited until she heard the crashing of trees and the heavy thud of the creature's body impacting the jungle floor. Birds and debris filled the air above the lower canopy. Gilly managed a wad of spit and gave the beast its sendoff. She stood again and staggered. She began walking wearily back towards the clearing.

Tessa stood in front of her path. "Now hold on! You need to rest. Are you OK? Come on, let me check you!"

Gilly simply pressed on. "That boar's been sitting there this whole time. We have to get it home. Come on. Help me carry it."

As Gilly stumbled on, Tessa's tears suddenly began to pour out all at once. "Gilly! I thought you were dead! You- ou-ou were gone! I couldn't, I just couldn't.." She fell to her knees and began sobbing. "Gillyyyyy! I was so scared!" Gilly refused to turn around, and just kept walking.

"Enough of that! How many times do I have to tell you!? There's no weakness in the jungle. Stop that sniveling and get a move on! Tears don't matter. Tears don't kill monsters. And tears never saved anyone. If you're too weak to face death you won't be spared." Gilly stopped for a second to shake off fatigue, then after two sharp breaths she continued on. "If you don't want to go on, just jump off that cliff like you were about to! As for me, I'll fight them all. How many more jungle preds do you think we'll face out here? A hundred more? A thousand? This is not going to stop. This is life for us, Tessa. We can't stop either. I'm sure another creature out there is filling that one's place right now. We may already be too late. So come on! Get up and help me with the boar."

The whole time Tessa sat and watched Gilly walk away from her. After fighting a giant boar, fighting and chasing down a giant jaguar, and then killing it single handedly, she was prepared to carry the boar back to home base. Her words were harsh, but Tessa understood them to be true. After all, it was her fault the cat got too close. It was her fault she got cornered next to a cliff. Gilly was the survivor. She was the champion. If anything happened to Gilly, what would become of her?

A fresh wave of admiration filled her heart. In her time, Gilly commanded entire legions of amazon warriors. In her time, she conquered countries. She carried the silver spear and wore the purple cape of a Commander. Her armor was studded with fine jewels commemorating her myriad victories. She remembered how smitten she was when she first met her. She blushed to remember their initial arguments. Tessa had always held the pacifist view on life. The militarist Gilly had brushed her ideas aside in typical soldier brutishness. But Tessa remained passionate. She wouldn't back down from Gilly the Mighty. Gilly the Conqueror. The Gilly who turned back the demonic hoard at Cavil. The same Gilly who threw Mistress Moraine off the top of Mount Triese. These were the true stories. Many more had been conjured by her admirers. In some of these stories, she even killed dragons. Only this one pacifistic contrarian took her on word to word. It deeply irked Gilly in their first exchanges, and Tessa had thought of Gilly as a regrettable adversary.

In spite of this, they grew to love each other. With a love perhaps too powerful. For if it were not for their love for each other, perhaps Gilly could have been spared the indignity of their predicament. She had chosen her, above everything. For her she left behind a legacy, a healthy retirement, a life in glory. All of this was sacrificed. For her.

Tessa brushed aside her tears and stood up. She wavered for a moment, her own energy expended. She braced and found the strength to follow her bride. Even if she stumbled and caught her leg on snagging twigs and vines she would follow her. She felt a renewed passion. The jungle had teeth and claws and a million eyes. But she had a goddess on her side. With her she could fight any enemy. She could even walk into the hall of the Great Ape with her at her side.

As they walked, Tessa reprimanded herself. She had forgotten to say a prayer for the jaguar that had been slain. Even though it would have taken Gilly from her, the creature was only doing what the Great Mother told it to do at the beginning of time. She muttered the prayer silently to herself. She hoped Gilly couldn't hear her. She would have to say one for the boar too. But there was plenty of time for that.  

They finished tying off the boar's body in silence. The trip back was difficult. Many times one of them stumbled and fell to the jungle floor. Dusk was beginning to fall, causing a burst of energy in the two huntresses. Daylight was bad enough. Night was off limits. Night in the jungle was surest death. As they dragged the boar on, they heard the hunting calls echo through the thick air. Gilly had to keep telling Tessa to keep on. Tessa herself was at the limit of her endurance. She couldn't understand where Gilly got her energy from. But then, she was the warrior.

It made perfect  sense that she was the stronger.
Herby the Office Plant Part 1 by YuptonSinclair
Herby the Office Plant Part 1
Two office girls run afoul of Herby in the hallway. 

Part 1 of 2. 

This was one of the recovered artworks from the garage!
To everyone waiting for more of the Vorarephile's Wife, don't worry. I intend to buckle down on DInner Date and Super Mina in the next few weeks. Some of it has been re-written, but now that I got it ironed out, they'll be coming out more regularly. 

Thanks for watching!



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Happy Birthday Heart Airborne Heart 
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Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome day~! :squee:
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Thanks for favouriting! I really appreciate it. :)
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