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Chapter Five!

It's done! It's done! 

That one took a while. Had to get it right you know? 

Well, I hope everyone enjoys. And sorry I haven't uploaded anything for a while. This took some effort. But I think it came out fine. 

Thanks for looking!

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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
King Kong vs Amazons
Chapter Five
Part Two


Ms. Shinozaki stared out into the jungle. The crew had nearly completed loading the landing craft, and were preparing to set out. Paul and the others still hadn't returned. Her normally stoic face was twisted with worry. Paul was taking far longer than he promised. Internally, she regretted allowing him to leave. So much depended on their swift departure. This was foolish.

"Damn that idiot!" She muttered. Capt. Miller approached from behind her.

"We're almost ready to go. Still no sign of them?" Capt. Miller asked.

Shinozaki kept her gaze fixed forward while she answered him. "No. It was a mistake to send them out. I see that now. I'm worried, captain. We've already lost too much here."

"I'm not sure what that fool was wanting to accomplish out there. But he has Mr. Willis with him. I don't trust anyone here more than him. He'll get them back." Capt. Miller said. "We'll wait for them here. I'll take watch if you want to go ahead and get onboard."

Shinozaki shook her head and turned slightly. "Thank you, but I'll stay here a while longer. Just make sure everything is ready." Capt. Miller nodded and turned to head back towards the working men.

Suddenly, there came a sound from the jungle ahead. It sounded like the rustling of leaves from an approaching troop. Shinozaki and Capt. Miller both turned towards the sound, assuming it was the returning scouting party. Dr. Bergman came out carrying his last remaining pack of medical equipment and stopped by the Captain and Shinozaki. He squinted and adjusted his glasses as he looked out to where the they were gazing.

"What is it? Are our brave lookouts finally returning? Ha! I suppose the lot couldn't resist one last romp through the woods." Dr. Bergman looked back at Shinozaki and the Captain, who both remained focused on the rustling in the foliage. "Ah, well, I suppose in all seriousness, they may need medical assistance. I'll go see to them."

Dr. Bergman took a few steps out on the sand towards the jungle perimeter. Before he could get too far Shinozaki called out. "Wait! Something's wrong." The sounds were stirring along the tree line, but they didn't sound right.

Dr. Bergman stopped and turned around, satchel still in hand. A second later, he had fallen to his knees. He landed face first in the sand with all his weight. As he fell, both Capt. Miller and Shinozaki could see the giant arrow protruding from his back. The initial shock took a few seconds to register. But after a few moments the two took a step back and noticed arrows falling around their feet, some barely missing their heads by inches.

Shinozaki and Capt. Miller turned and shouted at the men near the landing vessel. "Dammit! We're under attack! Take cover and return fire!!!" the Captain shouted.

Men dropped crates and took up their machine guns. Groups began ducking behind large bits of driftwood and stacked crates. They began firing blindly towards the jungle. Arrows began to rain down on the men. The arrows the natives used were heavy and hit with incredible force. A few men fell down, pierced halfway through with the enormous missiles.

Shinozaki jumped onboard the landing vessel and peered over the chaotic scene. She saw Dr. Bergman laying face down, out of help's reach. The sand beneath him began to run red. Shinozaki cursed as arrows penetrated the bow of the landing craft around her head.

On the beach, amazon soldiers began to spill out of the jungle and advance across the beachhead. The men put up as much fight as they could with their machine guns, but more of them were falling by the second. Capt. Miller continued shouting at his men to concentrate fire on the attackers, but the warrior giantesses were relentless. Jack was among those piled into the boat. He was helping move crates when the attack occurred. He was stranded inside without weapon and looked out helplessly as the amazon soldiers advanced. Someone in the tumult shouted 'I guess those bimbos we rescued weren't kidding about an army! Shit!' The amazons drew closer, seemingly invincible, not losing a single warrior as more and more men fell to their arrows. The battle was completely lopsided.

An amazon warrior advanced towards Capt. Miller who pointed his machine gun right at his attacker. He opened fire and was shocked to see his rounds bouncing harmlessly off her bronze colored armor. The amazon raised a spear and was about to hurl it at the captain. He squeezed his trigger again and poured more bullets into her. A bullet passed through the unprotected neck of the attacking warrior. She staggered and held her neck as it bled out, dropping her spear in the sand. More of the crew saw this and took advantage, firing at the wounded adversary. She fell back to the ground as sparks flew off her armor. The opportunistic crew focused an unnecessary amount of firepower on the dying amazon, at the cost of defensive cover fire. More amazons poured forward, downing two more men in a hail of arrows. The crew was gradually dwindling as the enemy closed in.

The men continued to fight back until the amazons pounced on them one by one and disarmed them. They only managed to slay one additional amazon by the time the crew was subdued. The crew were carried off one by one and tied with strong rope. Even Shinozaki was lifted up and carried away like a small child. The fighting was over. The crew had been defeated easily in a matter of minutes.

The men who were seriously wounded were finished off. They kept only the able bodied prisoners. The survivors were gathered on the beach next to the landing craft. Several amazons entered the boat and rooted through the cargo. The defeated men cursed and groaned as they watched the amazons eye them with disgust.

Other amazons looked over the camp for stragglers. A group examined the dead tyrannosaur spread out across the sand. A few pointed out the spear lodged in its chest. They spoke in their native language and nodded to each other, apparently coming to an agreement on something.

An amazon with a yellow cape and green gemstone broach stepped towards the captured group. She was clearly their commanding officer. Only ten men along with Shinozaki and Capt. Miller remained after the fighting was finished. The two fallen amazons were laid out to one side, a few of their comrades trying to check their vitals. They eventually gave up on them and stood at attention as their commander passed by.

The commander looked down her nose at the collected prisoners. She had curly dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. On top of her head was a disc shaped golden helmet. One of her soldiers approached her from the side and pointed towards the fallen dinosaur. She nodded curtly and returned her gaze towards the captives. Another amazon searching the boat made a short cry and hopped off onto the beach. In her hands was one of the crates from Dr. Anderson's collection. Jack cried out and tried to rise to his feet. He screamed for the amazon to leave Dr. Anderson's belongings alone. Another amazon reached across and threw him back down harshly into the sand below. The surrounding men jeered at him to shut his mouth and keep quiet.

The amazon soldier reached into the crate like it was a box of candies and pulled out the laminated maps and charts they had used to explore the island. She handed them to her commander, who looked them over with a raised eyebrow. She looked at the soldier and they exchanged words again. She dismissed her and walked towards the group. She turned and asked another question to an underling, and then cleared her throat before addressing the prisoners.

She raised the charts up in front of her between her thumb and forefinger. "How do you have these? Hm!?" Somehow, her english and pronunciation was better than either of the amazons they met before. The group remained silent as the commanding amazon looked down at them like a scolding school teacher. She grew impatient and raised her voice again. "And that one over there. I suppose you did this?" She pointed at the dead dinosaur. Again, the crew said nothing. She shook her head and turned away from them. She ordered her soldiers in amazon and looked over the camp. A few soldiers were examining the machine guns, trying to understand their mechanisms and operation. They looked like comical little toys in their hands.

Eventually, an amazon came running from the jungle. She came up to the commander and the two spoke. The commander looked shocked and annoyed then turned back to the captured crew.

"You are very lucky it seems. You will get to meet with Grand General Marjoe." the commander said.


Paul peered over the brush and looked out at the scene unfolding on the beach. He saw the amazons gathering up the surviving crew and start carrying them off into the jungle.

"Damn! We're too late!"  Paul scanned the troop looking for Shinozaki. He saw her tucked under the arm of an armored amazon warrior. "Shit! They have her too!"

Mr. Willis eyed the scene himself. There was no practical way for the five of them to save the crew. "We can't do anything for them now. There's far too many of them. We're going to have to follow them and bide our time. Their lives depend on it."

"Man, screw that!" Mancel said under his breath. "I saw we get on that boat and get the hell out of here! Those big bitches are going away, so now's our chance!"

"We're not going anywhere." Paul said sternly. If we don't get ourselves caught, we might get a chance to free them. We're not leaving them behind."

"I agree. But we need to be careful. Looks like they took the whole crew easily." Mr. Willis warned.

The small group retreated into the dense jungle and followed the path of the amazon troop, not knowing how far they would have to go to rescue their surviving friends.


The amazon troop journeyed slowly and confidently through the jungle terrain. They bore the weight of their captives easily, without hindering their stride in the slightest. They journeyed over hills, down through rock formations that descended hundreds of feet, and along cliff sides that overlooked vast jungle expanses.

Finally, they reached the hidden campsite where a group of amazons already stood by waiting. The camp was situated perfectly in the jungle surroundings. There was a massive tent-like structure built into an overhanging ledge, blending in to the landscape. There were smaller, minor tents surrounding it, similarly disguised. Amazons stood guard along the perimeter. As they came to the center of the camp, the crew could see a group of amazons to the side receiving medical treatment. They had bandaged limbs and faces, obviously caused by a horrific battle. The men wondered to themselves what could have caused such injuries to so powerful an enemy.

The group was dumped in the center of the camp. Shinozaki's glasses sat crooked on her face as she turned her head up to look at her captors. The amazons of the camp greeted their commander as she approached the central tent. The terrified men sat looking helplessly as the amazons worked around them. A high ranking amazon stepped forward. She had shoulder length blonde hair and shining grey eyes, wearing the same golden cap and yellow cape, but with a blue rank gemstone of Captain. She looked coldly at the lieutenant she had sent to capture the men's invasion force. She saluted her in the amazon fashion and continued staring at her, waiting for her report.

Lieutenant Mira returned her Captain's salute and began. "Sir! We've returned from the man-camp. Here are the captives, sir."

The captain raised her eyebrow and replied, "Very good. Have your troops bring the traitor out as well. Prepare to present a full account for our General." the captain said.

Shock took hold of Lt. Mira. "Ah! S-sir! The Grand General is already here!?"

The captain scowled. "Contain your emotions, lieutenant. The General expects to hear a full report on the mission." She then turned to the main tent.

Lt. Mira, almost gasping for breath shouted, "Sir, yes sir!" She spun back to her troop, sweating heavily. "Bring the traitor to the circle and shape up! The Grand General is here!"

The camp burst into activity. The men sat puzzled in the circle, not understanding the exchange that just took place. Clearly something was about to happen. Some of the men whispered to each other nervously. Shinozaki tried to put on a stoic face but couldn't quite erase the expression of anxiety on her brow.

Capt. Miller leaned over her and whispered, "I don't know what's going on here, but if anything happens, just let me take care of it." The captain meant to comfort her, but in truth, he was more concerned than she was. Shinozaki only nodded and kept her eyes fixed on the large tent in front of them.

From one side, two amazons dragged another large body towards the circle where the men sat helplessly. The men finally recognized the form of Tessa, who the amazons had tied up and gagged. They threw her heavily into the dirt in front of the men. Crewmen gasped and jostled each other trying to get a better look at their battered ally. Bruises and small cuts covered her body.

Tessa didn't react to the men's anxious rubbernecking. Her body still trembled with anger and grief. Her face was dirty and wet from the tears still flowing from her eyes.

Capt. Miller cursed loudly. "Damn! Those bitches got her too!"

Jack looked frantically at Tessa and wondered out loud "Where's Gilly!?"

Before any response could be given, the amazons of the encampment gathered in two straight lines, forming a path between them and the main tent. Lt. Mira stood in front of the men and waited at attention. Her cape hung limp in the windless heat of the jungle. She ignored the sweat that poured from her forehead. Looking at her from behind, the captive crew could see her hands shake with anxiety.

The flap of the tent flew back. The blonde captain stood at the portal and then stepped to the left. Another high ranking officer from the Golden City Guard stepped out and stood to the right. Both stood rigid in front of the entryway, their massive bodies like ancient statuary, full of simultaneous discipline and delicate poise. The men tensed up, waiting to see what was coming. Tessa rolled lazily to her side and looked towards the tent with her good eye. In her pained state, she felt the hatred begin to creep up inside of her again. In the still heat and anticipation, Lt. Mira audibly gulped past a lump in her throat, and Tessa could see the slight tremble in her knees.

Movement could be seen within the tent. The captains by the tent entrance bellowed loudly, "Attention! The Grand General, mistress of the High Queen and defender of the Golden City presiding!" The amazons clicked their ankle armor together and stuck out their chests. Even the injured amazons in the infirmary stood, and those who couldn't stand were supported by fellow soldier. All saluted as the General emerged from the tent.

From within the tent came a woman with a thick red mane of hair stretching down to her ankles. Like the captains, she wore a gold helm and cape, though her cape was deep red on the inside, white on the outside, with a purple broach pinned at each shoulder. Her golden armor was polished to an absurd degree, causing her to glow against her surroundings, almost as though it produced light from itself. Like the other military amazons, she wore a skin tight body sleeve under the armor. Unlike the others, hers was bright purple under her golden armor instead of the standard green. Her bare feet and hands stuck out from the brilliant shining gem inlayed platinum of the shin and wrist guards. Despite the eye straining glow of her armor, her eyes still shot out dazzling electric green. Every detail of the woman sang of pomp and regalia. She was almost too bright for the men to look at. The biggest shock to the men however was the General's size. Standing next to her two captains, the General was positively dwarfed. She stood between them at a mere six feet, seven inches.

The men ogled and knocked into each other for a better look. Tessa only sneered hatefully at the little ball of gaudiness.

"Presenting, Grand General Marjoe! Champion of the Golden Goddess!" The two captains shouted in unison. The camp loudly repeated the title together.

Acknowledging this with only a slight smile, General Marjoe started forward. She walked at an unnecessarily slow pace. letting the full effect of her authority envelope the troop around her. Lt. Mira's muscles continued twitching and shaking as the General advanced.  She stopped a short distance from the trembling lieutenant and stared up at her, her self satisfied smirk melting into a flat line.

"Lieutenant Mira." She said in a calm voice.

Lt. Mira nearly jumped. "Y- Sir, yes sir!" she responded at a near scream.

The General stifled a slight chuckle. "Lieutenant, give me your report on the operation this morning."

Lt. Mira gulped and tried not to look down at her General. She gave her report about the attack and capture of the expedition, which was referred to as an 'invasion.' The men sat clueless as she elaborated in the amazon language how the expedition was spied upon and tracked through the weeks since their arrival. Tessa listened as she heard her and Gilly referenced continually as 'traitors,' gritting her teeth against the gag in her mouth. The lieutenant went on, describing how a pair of kittens in their Hunting Trial unknowingly tracked a large chomper near the men's encampment. Contact with the men followed, resulting in the death of one of the kittens. At that point, action was taken immediately against the invasion force.

General Marjoe listened intently and nodded. "And the surviving kitten? Where is she?"

The troop presented the purple haired kitten who was tracking the dinosaur that attacked the camp and killed Dr. Anderson. She had changed out of her hunting camouflage and donned the traditional light blue and white robe of a kitten in training. She came before General Marjoe and bowed on her knees in front of her. The kitten's mentor was present as well and stood several paces back.  

The kitten raised her head and greeted her. "Sir, Grand General Marjoe. It honors me greatly to speak before you! My name is Yomi, a kitten of North Warren. My mentor is Noree, member of the City Guard." She spoke with reverence and intimidation, in spite of the fact that she was already taller than her mighty general.

General Marjoe lifted her hand gently in front of the young amazon. "Tell me, child. What happened during your Trial?"

The young amazon began recounting the tale. "Sir. My companion, Opal, also of North Warren, and myself began the hunt in the open jungle south of the shield wall. We survived several attacks from jungle creatures during the first night and eventually found ourselves lost. I-I have no excuse, sir."

"Hmm. Do continue, dear Yomi." General Marjoe said.

"Sir. The second day, we picked up the trail of chomper, our totem quarry. We followed him though the jungle terrain and eventually caught up with him in a wide clearing. Opal sent her spear into his chest, injuring him and sending him into a rage. If it had not been for Opal's bravery, I myself would have been devoured. In the end, chomper evaded us. We managed to pick up his trail again, but had difficulty following him. We slept for the night in a tall tree. The next day we continued following his trail and that's when we ran into the...ah." Yomi averted her gaze, recounting the details of this part of the tale. "Sir. Must I stay here where they can gaze at me so?" She turned her head towards the group of men who still strained and gawked at everything happening in front of them.

"They cannot harm you now, child. You are under my protection. Please, continue your account." General Marjoe insisted.

The little amazon cleared her throat nervously. "Sir. We followed the path left by the quarry. Opal heard something slinking around in the underbrush. She went out ahead and started calling out. I came down and saw her confronting two, ah, the two men."

Tessa's curiosity was piqued. She wasn't aware of such an encounter. She was curious to know what had transpired.

"I tried to convince her that we should return and tell someone about them. Opal wouldn't hear it. She wanted to make the kill herself. I didn't know how many were out there. I asked her to retreat and reassess. That's when she drew her sword and attacked the man in front. He killed her with, I suppose, ah some kind of snap-tube. But it hit her many times in a few seconds. I retreated and came back to base camp. That's all I can account for, sir. I'm deeply sorry for Opal's death. I take all responsibility, sir."

Tessa's stomach turned. She had been one to say 'live and let live,' to allow others a fair chance. She had been the one who attacked first, but even so, the thought of killing an un-armored kitten in training was sickening. She then became deeply angry with the men sitting behind her. What were they doing venturing into the jungle again? Why didn't they just leave? She grew ill, feeling vaguely guilty for the death of the young amazon.

General Marjoe gently touched Yomi's shoulder. "It is a hard thing to lose your companion in battle. May it be an important lesson for you. You may join your mentor now." She dismissed the kitten who bowed again and retreated back to where her mentor stood.

The General turned back to Lt. Mira. "So, the men attacked and killed the kitten during her sacred hunt. And you then decided to attack the camp in retaliation?"

"Sir, yes, sir." Lt. Mira said. "We had orders to take them down and bring some back alive for the Queen's Court. Of course, the traitors were also dealt with." Lt. Mira indicated Tessa with a backwards nod.

General Marjoe and Tessa locked eyes for the first time. Initially, Marjoe hadn't thought much of the traitors mentioned in the regular reports. It never once occurred to her that it could have been Gilly and Tessa. She had given them both up for dead years ago. Though, looking at her now, she saw it was indeed the wife of the mighty, beautiful, wonderful Gilly laying broken and defeated before her.

"Tessa?! Tessa...Is that really you?!" Marjoe said, forgetting her protocol for a brief moment.

Tessa sat up, her legs and arms still bound. She could only manage to stare up with fiery hatred blazing in her eyes. Marjoe's astonishment transitioned to curiosity. She turned back to Lt. Mira. "The other traitor...Gilly. What became of Gilly?"

Lt. Mira tensed up. "Sir. My instructions were to bring them back by any means necessary. That is, dead or alive. Gilly remained a great warrior. We were required to put her down, General, ah sir."

A shiver ran down Marjoe's spine. She looked hard at the lieutenant, who grew more and more uncomfortable. The lieutenant spoke of the fighting spirit of her adversary, but she could tell from her eyes that the deed had been done shamefully.

"Un-gag her." Marjoe instructed.

"Sir?" Lt. Mira asked.

"Un-gag her. I wish to speak with her." Marjoe persisted.

Lt. Mira became very frightened by the General's demeanor. She nodded to an amazon soldier who approached Tessa from behind and took the gag away. Immediately, Tessa flew into a rage fueled string of insults.

"Heartless bitch! Cowardly viper curse your name you sickly short excuse for a-" Tessa was cut off by a slap administered by Lt. Mira.

"SILENCE!" Lt. Mira cried. But she herself was admonished by her General.

"No, lieutenant. I want her words. I need to hear from her what occurred." Marjoe said. "Go on, Tessa. What were you two even doing there in the first place?"

Tessa spat on the ground. "We lived where we could. The two of us made our home in the jungle. We lived that way for years. Finally, we come across soldiers of our beloved city and they treat us with a surprise attack. Then I'm dragged back and find out they've made a mouthy little shrimp their supreme commander while Gilly was away! It's enough to make me puke!"

Marjoe leaned forward. "And Gilly? What happened to Gilly?"

Tessa gritted her fanged teeth and tears flowed down her face as she answered. "You killed her, you bitch. Your soldiers stuck her in the back like cowards. She's dead. And it's her blood on your hands, you brute."

Genuine sorrow swept over Marjoe's face. "I didn't know. No one told me it was you two. How could I have even guessed? If I had known I would never..."

Tessa burst out laughing. It had a dark, frightening sound to it. "You didn't now. You didn't know! You sent warriors out to kill someone you didn't know. How easy that makes things! How easily you avoid responsibility when you don't know. Ignorance is innocence, is it?! But you wield violence carelessly, great general. That's the weakness you all share! And now. And now, Gilly is dead."

Lt. Mira shrank back when she saw Marjoe's scowling face turn to her. Internally, Marjoe regretted the orders she had issued after hearing the reports of men landing on the beachhead. 'Any means necessary,' she had said. If only she had considered the possibility that Gilly was still alive somewhere out there in the wilderness. She turned back towards Tessa. Her own distain and hatred for the exiled amazon boiled up again. Why had Gilly chosen one such as her? She felt a pain in her chest as the two stared into each other's eyes. If only Gilly had stayed with her, Marjoe thought. If only she never met the bitch called Tessa, none of this ever would have happened.

But she did not openly say this. Not in front of her soldiers. She had allowed too much her emotion to reveal itself already. She had to regain her cold composure, her confidence to lead and embolden her warriors. She turned back to Lt. Mira.

"We're returning to the city. Bring the captives to the central prison. There they shall stand trial for their crimes. That includes the traitor, Tessa. She stands accused with the rest." Marjoe said flatly. She looked into Tessa's rage filled eyes one last time and then turned back to her tent. She disappeared inside and closed the flap behind her.

The men squirmed as amazon warriors picked them up and began to prepare for the journey to the city. Two amazons lifted Tessa, who ceased her struggle against her captors. She simply closed her eyes in angry resignation as they carried her off.

Once safely inside her tent, Marjoe walked towards the fabulously decorated table in the tent's center. Even in this remote jungle outpost, the amazon troop had spared nothing when they learned of her coming. Various fruit and fine wine was laid out for her to partake. Exquisite marble statuary lined the perimeter of her quarters. A finely decorated glowing globe provided her with soft golden light. She sat upon the chair custom made for her height and stared at the opulence in front of her. She slowly removed the golden helmet from her head and let it sit at the table. She then put her face in her hands and cried bitterly.


Just outside the amazon encampment, Paul and the others watched helplessly as they saw the amazons gather up the men and begin taking them away. Paul saw Shinozaki still alive amid all the activity.

"Shit! He said a bit too loud. "They're taking her. Goddamn!" He lifted his gun as if to charge.

Willis grabbed him by the arm. "Not now, idiot! You'll be ripped apart in a matter of seconds!"

"Yeah, yeah, listen. We've got to get out of here! There's no way we're rescuing her now. Just forget it." Mancel said timidly.

Mike pulled him back and threw him aside. "So, what's the plan? Do we follow them?"

Paul winced and grimaced at the scene. It was all but hopeless. They brought only their five guns and some light ammo. The odds were so vast as to be comical. Paul considered his options as he watched Shinozaki being carried away.

Suddenly, they heard something large approaching behind them. Carlo almost cried out in shock as he turned around and saw a tall figure behind him. Paul and Willis spun around to see an amazon warrior standing before them. They almost opened fire on the figure before realizing who its was.

A bloodied and enraged Gilly stood in front of them, her eyes spoke of tumultuous rage and fury. Blood trickled from her forehead and mouth, and the small broken shaft of an arrow protruded from her left side. She looked past the terrified men and out towards the camp of amazons and watched Tessa being dragged away.

With bared fangs she spoke with a terrible rumble in her native tongue.

"I will kill them all!"
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and violence/gore)
King Kong vs Amazons
Chapter Five
Part One


The sun began creeping up over the tattered and broken remains of the campsite. The rain slowed down to a slight drizzle. The crew walked in dazed silence, half of them still piled into the landing boat like wet rats. Most of them were still shaking and cursing, unwilling to even look over the edge of the boat. On the beach, splintered tent poles stood at jagged angles, the canvas tent covers torn and scattered on the ground. Deep trenches and gullies had built up where the beast trudged its way through the sand.

The beast itself lay stretched out ion the ground, unmoving and silent, near the center of the encampment. In the growing morning light the skin of the monster came into greater focus. It was like an enormous beached ship, its length from nose to tail covering most of the campsite. Throughout its scaly body, the massive dinosaur suffered hundreds of small bullet holes. The holes were dark against the green skin of the monster, revealing the extent of the punishment its body endured.

More crewmen gradually began to gather around the fallen beast. Cautiously, they approached and seemed to grow satisfied that the creature was indeed dead. Gilly and Tessa continued to look down in silence. Capt. Miller walked up and examined the creature, his head tilted up, fearful of getting too close.

"Looks dead to me! Dammit. Ah, dammit!" He looked away from the bits of Dr. Anderson's blue shirt caught in its teeth with disgust. He turned to face the men. "Ok! It's down. Lets take a look at our damage. Is anyone else hurt?"

Capt. Miller joined Mr. Willis and assessed their losses. Back on the opposite side of the camp, Shinozaki sat near the entrance of her tent, a blanket thrown over her shoulders. Paul stood over her, his hands rubbing her back. Despite her ever sharp gaze, she was shaking like a leaf. The ferocity of the attack and the fate of Dr. Anderson weighed heavily on her.

Paul tried to calm and reassure her. "This wasn't your fault." He continually said in a low voice.

Still standing by the fallen chomper, Gilly and Tessa paid their respects to the young anthropologist. Gilly stood silently while Tessa said a short prayer. Gilly then reached down and took a shred of Dr. Anderson's blue shirt from the beast's teeth and tore it off. A keepsake from the brave young woman.

Jack stumbled around the camp in a numbed daze. He came finally to the tumbled stack of boxes Dr. Anderson desperately tried to recover at the cost of her life. His fists clenched tightly as he looked down at the unworthy bundles. 'You idiot! What were you thinking!?' Jack thought to himself. He trembled and closed his eyes in sorrow. Suddenly, he felt a large, strong hand close around his shoulder.

He turned and saw Gilly looking down on him. For the first time, her expression was warm and caring. Of the two giantesses, Jack was more afraid of Gilly than the other. She always seemed to show such contempt for the crew. But as she looked at him he could see genuine compassion in her face.

"I y'am sorry." Gilly said in an even tone. Jack lowered his head but Gilly turned him with her hand to face him towards her. "Yoo fought bravely. Beest was mighty. Yoo are warrior."

Gilly held Jack's shoulder as he stood there. The compliment did little to lift his spirits, but he was gracious for Gilly's sudden empathy. Gilly looked down on him until she heard Tessa approach from behind.

"Gilly....That spear." Tessa said in native amazon. Gilly simply nodded and squeezed Jack's shoulder once before releasing him. She turned back towards the other end of the camp, to Ms. Shinozaki's tent.

Capt. Miller had already come to confront Ms. Shinozaki herself. Dr. Bergman and Mr. Willis were slightly behind. Capt. Miller's expression was hard as he looked at Shinozaki and Paul.

"The camp is torn apart. About half our ammo is wasted. There are a couple injuries." Capt. Miller paused, still breathing heavily through the fatigue. "And Dr. Anderson is gone."

Silence again fell over the group. Shinozaki's face sank. Out of all of them, Dr. Anderson most understood the risks of this voyage. Even so, her loss was a shock to everyone. Dr. Bergman was the first to break the silence.

"Terrible. It's just terrible. For her to meet such a fate..." Dr. Bergman said.

For a moment, nobody said anything. Shinozaki felt Paul's strong hand at her shoulders and was relieved to have him there. Finally, Capt. Miller began again.

"Ma'am! We're leaving! There's no point staying any longer. We'll gather up the materials we have left and get off this rock." He turned to go back towards his men but stopped sharply and looked back at Shinozaki. "If you had just listened to me before, she wouldn't have-"

"Captain!" Paul cut him off. "This wasn't her doing! Shinozaki herself begged for us to stay here. She believed in what she was doing. I wont have you placing the blame on-"

Paul suddenly stopped as Gilly and Tessa came upon the tent. Everyone turned to see what the two mighty giantesses had to say.

Gilly looked down at Shinozaki, who stared back up at them, defeated and forlorn. "We go now. Too long we stay." Shinozaki's cold stare remained unchanged as she listened. "Shu-rah was injured. Was hunted. Him hunters be not far away. Yoo must go also."

The group stood tense. It was true. There had been an ornate spear shaft lodged in the dinosaur's chest. That had been what drove the beast to such madness. It attacked the camp not out of hunger but out of rage. With the beast fallen in the camp, the hunters would be closing in quickly.

"Yoo go now. No safe for eenyone." Gilly, having given her final warning and farewell, then turned and walked out towards the jungle. Tessa stood a moment longer with tearful eyes and finally turned to follow her mate.

The group of men then turned back to face Shinozaki. Her pale face looked back out at them blankly. "Begin the evacuation. Bring only essential materials, but make Dr. Anderson's notes and findings the first priority. Have us ready to rendezvous with the ship as soon as possible." She lowered her head again solemnly. "Go. Now."

Capt. Miller nodded quickly and turned to prepare the loading teams. Mr. Willis and Dr. Bergman followed. Paul stood where he was for a moment and turned to Shinozaki.

"Miko." he said. "I need to ask you a favor." She looked up at him with sorrowful but resilient eyes. "They were right. That thing was injured already. We may already be too late." Shinozaki simply looked at him for a moment, waiting for him to continue. "Someone was hunting that beast. And I have a feeling they're not too far. I want to scout out ahead and see if the ones who hunted that thing are out there." He looked directly into Shinozaki's eyes. "I want to lead a team to investigate."

It sounded like a bad idea to her, and her expression betrayed her unease. Paul saw this and continued. "It may only be a few individuals. Or it could be something more. Either way, I can't stand not knowing. Besides, it'll take a few hours for the men to prepare our departure. We can't risk us being attacked on the beach in the open. The men are shaken up pretty badly. I'm afraid an ambush would wipe us all out." He placed his hand on top of hers. "Only for a short distance. If I find anything suspicious, I'll come right back."

Paul found himself staring into Shinozaki's gorgeous eyes. Her wounded expression still carried that faint touch of regal attitude. What he was asking for was most troublesome. Putting men at risk to search for attackers was a tall order. However, the fact that he showed such concern for the safety of the crew surprised and touched her. Still, she had her doubts.

"So what if you do find the hunters out there? What would you do about it?" Shinozaki asked.

"If I spot anything, I'll just get back to camp. We'll then plan for the situation, whatever it may be. I only want to know who's out there, how many there are, and if they're hostile. We'll have to come up with a strategy if we find trouble." Paul answered.

"And what about the two guests of ours? Do you think they'll give us away?" Shinozaki said.

"I have no idea. That's why we need more info. I'll try to be discreet and take only a few men with me. I'll be back within an hour. Then we'll concentrate on evacuating." Paul said.

Shinozaki sighed loudly. Paul squeezed her hand with his in an attempt to calm her worries. Finally, Shinozaki relented. "Ok, go then. But what do we tell our brave captain?"

"Just leave that to me." Paul said.

She still wasn't totally convinced. It was too risky. Plus, she didn't want to be alone without him right now. The shock of the previous night had left her in a shaky state of mind. But ultimately, she could see the look in his eye. The boyishly irresponsible slob had given way to a dashing adventurer. The lines of his face and the resolute look in his eyes made their mark on her.

Paul reached down and cupped the back of her head, pulling her up into a kiss. With that, Paul walked out into the morning light and strutted across the sand. Shinozaki continued to sit amidst her half collapsed tent. Her feelings of loss and failure began to tear at her heart as she watched her lover walk away. She wanted to remain strong, to forge ahead and do what was necessary. But the realities of the voyage were drowning her sense of pride and accomplishment. In the end, she wasn't strong enough to complete the mission. She turned and looked at the comparative opulence of her tent's interior. The bath tub, the dressers, the table...she found herself feeling unworthy of it all. She would leave all of these gaudy things behind. She didn't deserve it any longer.

As she looked at the table, she saw parts of the map she had been studying. She suddenly found herself remembering Dr. Anderson excitedly going over every minute detail, planning her hikes and trips through the unknown. She was like a little girl planning for a far off imaginary wedding day, smiling and blushing through it all. So genuine. Tears began to well up behind her glasses.

"I'm sorry, Sidney. I'm sorry..."

Shinozaki sat alone amid her broken tent.


Paul gathered a few men to join him for his quick scan through the jungle. Capt. Miller nearly threw a tantrum. After a heated argument, the good captain finally gave way. Paul got together a team of four along with himself. There was the dependable Mr. Sellers, another crewman named Carlo, and the surly Mancel. Mr. Willis also insisted on going, as he had a better working knowledge of the local terrain. Mike was immediately dour at the inclusion of Mancel, but went along begrudgingly.

They set out quietly, intending only to go so far before returning to camp. The giant beast made a rather clear and obvious path through the jungle. Surely, whoever was hunting the creature would be able to follow it. They kept low under the cover of the dense foliage by the path's edge. It wasn't long before misgivings crept up even in Paul himself. It seemed a fool's errand. He had put on a good act for Shinozaki, Paul thought to himself. Sure, a little scouting wouldn't hurt, but that wasn't the reason he insisted on going out in search for the possible hunters.

He saw first hand what had become of Dr. Anderson. The image had burned itself into him, driving him half-mad with anger. The thought that someone had caused the thing to charge into the camp, that someone out there was to blame for her death, filled him with a desire for revenge. The troop came armed with their machine guns, intent on self defense, though Paul was himself out for blood. Someone out here in the jungle was responsible for Dr. Anderson's death and Paul was willing to make them pay for it.

The men trudged along, silently watching every branch for movement, not knowing from which direction danger would befall them.


Gilly and Tessa left the camp without much fanfare. The crew were too focused on gathering the gear and equipment to give much notice to their passing. Tessa recovered a few of the arrows, though some were irredeemably lost  or damaged. In all, she only had four left.  At the edge of the camp, Gilly leapt up into the tree line and disappeared into the canopy. Tessa lagged slightly behind her. Gilly paused and waited for Tessa to catch up. Tessa landed on the branch next to her and the two of them looked at each other.

"What's the matter Tessa? We have to cover a lot of ground if we want to make it to the caverns." Gilly said.

Tessa looked down. She seemed pensive, distant. "I'm sorry."

"What do you have to be sorry about?" GIlly asked.

"I wasn't strong enough. I couldn't save her. I just feel so weak, Gilly!" Tessa said with a quivering voice. "Every time something terrible happens, I'm too weak and slow to do anything about it!"

"Enough of that! I don't want to hear you shaming yourself any more." Gilly said sternly. "You fought bravely. You faced down an enraged chomper with a half dozen arrows and a handful of rocks. Most warriors would have cowered and retreated to the trees. I've trained and fought alongside thousands of our sisters in my time and I tell you that none are stronger or braver than you." Gilly touched the side of her wife's face. "I am very proud of you, Tessa."

A tear ran down Tessa's cheek and she smiled. She touched Gilly's hand with her own and the two stood together on the tree branch, illuminated by the penetrating sunlight.

Finally, the two continued their journey northward. In time, Tessa hoped that the two of them would eventually forget what occurred with the men and the campsite. She would forget he jealousy, the apprehension, the uncertainty, as well as the final tragedy of the explorers' visit to their jungle. Gilly however, kept hold of Dr. Anderson's final garment, the shred of blue fabric tied around her wrist like a bracelet. A silent reminder of the woman from the men's world who charmed her so.

The two leapt from branch to branch in silence, headed towards their new abode to the north. Whatever lay ahead, they would face together.

Or so they had hoped.


Paul's group reached a small creek bed. The path dipped down, and there was no cover for about sixty feet. The men hesitated behind the massive ferns and tree trunks along the perimeter of the creek. Eventually Paul decided to move on ahead, along the creek's path. He had Mike and Mancel stay put by the tree line, while Mr. Willis and Carlo followed him. Mike snorted in distain for being left alone with the wretch next to him. Already, the greasy bastard was starting up again.

"Can you believe that shit last night? Fuck! I knew something like that would happen!" Mancel stamped his feet in the mossy ground as he yammered. Mike kept quiet, though he recalled with contempt how he saw Mancel immediately running to the landing vessel in fear, leaving the sterner men to fight the beast themselves. "I about shat myself, man. I mean, what kind of shit is that? Dinosaurs? Screw that!" He lowered his gun and scratched the back of his neck. "Psh- It's just too bad he got that science chick though. She was hot. The things I would have done to her....mmm! Mmm! Damn! Guess he got to her first though, eh? Oh well. Better her than m-"

Mike grabbed Mancel by the collar and pulled him up to his face with one strong motion. "I've had about as much as I can stand from of you, white-boy! One more word out of you and I'll tear you limb from limb and feed you to the dinosaurs myself!"

He then threw Mancel hard against the ground. The man steadied himself and prepared to throw himself back up at Mike in retaliation. Before he could get up, however, he found himself knocked down again. This time he rolled down the slope leading to the creek bed. He threw up leaves and small twigs as he tumbled through the vegetation. He finally managed to stand up and stare madly at Mike standing up the slope above him. He started walking angrily towards him, intent on getting even with his attacker. Mike braced himself for a fight, hoping Mancel wouldn't resort to drawing his machine gun in his rage. He instinctively felt his own weapon as a last resort.

Before Mancel could reach the top of the slope, he heard a loud thump behind him. Both men looked below and saw a large wooden shaft, about three feet long and an inch thick, sticking out of the ground. They stared at the shaft for a few moments before realizing it was a massive arrow.

Confusion and realization transitioned into panic when a tall figure landed heavily in front of them, tossing debris into the air. It wore a deep green skin-tight fabric that covered its skin completely. The green skin had a blotted pattern of darker green and brown that seemed to undulate and shift with the figure's movement. The strange camouflage blurred the outline of the creature, making it difficult to gauge its exact shape. The figure stood above the two men and drew closer.

Mancel stumbled backwards and nearly toppled over again. Mike brandished his rifle and tried to steady himself as he gazed at the apparition. Finally, the figure towered above them and they saw an arm raise up to its head. The figure pulled off what seemed like a fabric hood, which once removed seemed to deactivate the undulating camouflage effect, changing it to a flat green against its body. Short golden hair shined in the sun as the figure shook off its head covering.

A giant angry girl looked down at the two. It was obviously another amazon. One they hadn't met before. Both men tried to remain composed as the giantess stared them down. The skin-suit hugged tightly to every curve and contour of her body, appearing as though it were painted on her bare skin. Her individual toes were separate under the green material, like a full body glove. They could even see her toenails outlined underneath. Physically, she was similar to the amazons they knew from the camp. She had those same beautiful bright eyes and strong posture the others had displayed. However, this new one seemed a little more slight in terms of musculature and build. More...girlish. Perhaps a younger individual? At her hip was a scabbard with a sheathed sword on her left side. In her hand was a large bow, and at her back was a full quiver of arrows.

The two men stood frozen while looking at the young amazon huntress. She frowned angrily at the two as she examined them. Her manner seemed to be one of disgust, with no trace of fear whatsoever, like someone studying a grotesque but harmless insect.

Before either man could speak, a second figure landed behind the first amazon. Like the first, this one removed the hood covering her face, deactivating the active camouflage and letting her dark purple hair spill out as she pulled it away. She was similarly armed, only substituting a spear in place of a bow. She approached the other amazon and they began conversing in their native tongue.

Mike and Mancel could only stand and watch as the two giantesses talked to each other, apparently trying to figure out what to make of the trembling men. Mike noticed Mancel grab hold of his machine gun, making him terribly nervous. "Now, wait. Don't do anything crazy. Just keep steady." he tried to tell him.

The first amazon, hearing Mike speak, shouldered her bow and in one swift motion drew her gold colored sword from its sheath and pointed it at him.

"Cloot-min ya rah!?" She screamed at Mike while shaking her sword in front of him. She turned to Mancel and did the same, apparently demanding something in her strange language.

The purple haired amazon behind her spoke again while scanning her eyes through the jungle. She was obviously nervous being out in the open for too long. The first amazon answered her companion sharply, never drawing her eyes away from the two men below them.

"Shit...shit...SHIT!" Mancel said as the amazon-ette brandished her sword over him menacingly.

The second amazon seemed to want to leave. She kept darting her eyes along the trees and nervously shifting her weight back and forth. She made one final plea to her companion. The first amazon, unpersuaded, stepped forward and cried out a terrible amazonian curse while raising her blade high.

The young amazon was about to bring her shining sword down upon the terrified Mancel. In his panic, he stumbled and fell back onto the jungle floor. As he landed he squeezed the trigger of his machine gun, letting a heavy stream of bullets spill out towards the attacking amazon. The thin skin-tight material may have been useful as an advanced form of camouflage, but it did little good for her as armor. The bullets tore through her midsection, ripping holes in her skin-suit, causing the tightly stretched material to split open, reveling her midriff. Her sword fell and stuck in the ground in front of her. She made only a short exhale before falling back to the ground. The amazon was dead by the time her body fell against the leafy green of the jungle floor.

The second amazon appeared stunned for a moment. She looked at the two men in disbelief and then at their weapons. Mike instinctively pointed his gun at her, anticipating a counter attack. However, the second amazon instead retreated from the two of them, bounding up into the trees with that giantess agility. In a few moments, she had reactivated her camouflage and disappeared into the dense vegetation.

The two men remained still, trying to get a grip on themselves. Slowly, they looked over the fallen amazon. She lay on her back as she fell, her body shrouded in leaves along the green of the jungle floor. Though she was nearly about to kill them both, it still seemed a shame to put down someone so beautiful.

As they collected their wits, Paul and the others returned from around the bend in the creek.

"What happened?!" Paul demanded as he came upon the scene.

"We just had a close encounter." Mike said as he pointed the tip of his rifle towards the dead amazon. Paul and Willis looked over the body stretched out along the ground. Mancel was still on the ground, shaking in fear.

"S-she almost killed me. Was going to cut me in half." He nodded towards the sword stuck in the ground. "Didn't have no choice. I mean. Shit!"

Paul looked around the scene. He turned to Mike. "Was she the only one?"

"No, She had a friend. But she ran off when Mancel blew this one away. That green suit is some kind of cloak. It makes them almost invisible when it's on." Mike answered.

"Damn!" Paul said.

"It would have been better if you got them both. She might go warn more of them that we're here." Willis said as he looked out into the jungle expanse. "And I doubt they'll be too friendly now that they've lost one of their own."

Paul continued to look over the fallen amazon. The green skin-suit was pulled up over her belly, giving a clear view of the bullet wounds tightly grouped around her midsection. So this is who probably caused all this, Paul thought. Somehow, it didn't seem so satisfying seeing his vengeance carried out now that he looked at her.

"I'm sorry. Shit. I'm sorry. I didn't have a choice!" Mancel stammered.

"You were just defending yourself. I don't blame you. But we'd better get going. I have a feeling we're about to have more visitors..." Paul said as he looked through the tree line.

As they hustled back to camp, Paul silently cursed himself. 'You're the dumbest asshole on the planet, Paul.'


Some distance away from the incident with Paul's scouting run, Tessa and Gilly heard the distinctive sound of gunfire. They both stopped and listened. Tessa looked back towards the sound. Gilly could tell she was worried. They both waited to hear more of the conflict.

"Hm. Just one burst. Maybe just ran into a scary looking parrot." Gilly jokingly said after a pause. She then looked at Tessa's pained expression as she gazed back in the direction of the campsite. "Tessa, they're on their own now. We did more than our part. We can't fight the entire jungle for them."

"I guess you're right." Tessa replied. She turned and saw Gilly perched on the branch above her. The sunlight split through the canopy and lit her body in a brilliant glow. The heavy rainfall from the night before was still dripping from the leaves and branches, causing her skin to sparkle in the radiant spotlight. She could tell Gilly had recovered now. Her incredible body was back to its full glory. Tessa decided then to put everything else out of her mind. Gilly would be her guiding star. She didn't want to be anywhere except near her beloved. Tessa smiled and braced herself against the lower branch and prepared to start again. "Alright. let's go."

The two made good progress through the vines and limbs of the upper canopy. Tessa's stomach growled loudly. She suddenly wished she had asked the men for some food before leaving. Oh well. Maybe they could grab a small lizard or snake on the way. After a while, Gilly decided to poke her head over the canopy top to get their bearings. Tessa joined her and the two looked over the jungle basin, scanning north over the coast. Gilly raised her powerful arm and pointed towards a rocky outcropping far off in the distance.

"That's where we're headed. We can make it there before nightfall. But we can't dawdle. We have to keep moving." Gilly said. The two looked into each other's eyes. After all the violence and tragedy they witnessed in the jungle, they took this small bit of time to appreciate the moment. They were on a journey together. It had been too long since they had an adventure together. They were both going to make sure to make the most of it. "Come on." Gilly said finally.


They both ducked back down under the cover of the branches. As they descended, Tessa thought she heard something. She figured at first that it must have been a twig snapping on their way down. But as she turned her head she saw Gilly tumbling down limply through the branches. Her body struck a heavy branch and spun her around, revealing an arrow sunk deep into her abdomen. In the span of a few seconds, Tessa watched Gilly plummet to the jungle floor below, beyond her sight.

Tessa crouched, frozen, on her branch, looking down in disbelief. It didn't seem real. It couldn't have been. She looked to her side where she had expected to see Gilly waiting for her. But the branch stood empty. She looked back down where she saw Gilly fall. She stood up and dove down.

"GILLY!" She shouted as she flung herself downward. She crashed through branches and thick vines on a mad dash to the lower jungle. The bow and arrow set on her back fell away without her noticing. On her way down she suddenly felt the air get knocked out of her.

Her back collided with a tree trunk and she felt a strong body pushed against her. She tried to grapple with her surprise attacker but she slipped off the side of the nearby branch and toppled below. She hit the ground hard and sprang to her feet in an instant. No sooner had she gained her balance that she felt an open fist strike her throat. Such a blow would have crushed the windpipe of a lesser opponent, but it merely staggered Tessa. Her attacker took this opportunity to get behind her and put her in a brutal headlock. A strong arm squeezed her neck, attempting to choke her out. In a powerful, fluid motion, Tessa threw the attacker over her shoulder. As the body landed on the jungle floor in front of her, she could see the yellow cape and bronze breastplate of regular amazon infantry. She knew then at that instant they had been ambushed.

The amazon soldier cursed and righted herself. This one was from the city patrol. The yellow cape signified her branch, and she also wore a green coiled serpent pendant signifying she was from South Warren. The soldier amazon threw her cape aside and drew her short sword. She charged Tessa with her weapon raised. Tessa didn't have time for this. She had to find and help Gilly.

She dodged the sword and threw her fist into the soldier's jaw. She felt her jawbone crack under the stress of the punch and the soldier crumpled to the jungle floor in pain. Although Tessa had the generally negative reputation as an anti-war pacifist, that should not lead one to assume she was ever weak. On the contrary, she could hold her own against most any opponent one on one. Gilly would regularly defeat Tessa in their sparing matches, but that was Gilly. Hardly anyone could stand up to that kind of strength and skill. In her own right, however, Tessa was magnificent, vexing her political opponents with her show of strength. That was the way things were when she lived in the city. Yet years of surviving in the hostile jungle wilderness had made her stronger still. The poor solider in front of her was simply no match. Tessa leapt over her curled amazon's body as she writhed in agony.

Two more amazons landed on the ground and closed in front of her. The two attacked in unison, but Tessa dodged and blocked their blows easily. She grabbed one by the arm and struck her ribs, denting the metal breastplate and snapping the ribs underneath. The other suffered a broken arm half a moment later. The two defeated amazons stumbled away as Tessa raced to where she saw Gilly fall. She came to the crest of a tall hill. She could tell from the broken and disheveled branches that Gilly must have tumbled down the steep slope. She shouted for Gilly again but heard nothing.

She then tried to run down the hill to find Gilly, but felt her arm jerk backwards, pulling her entire body. She looked and saw a thin rope lassoed around her wrist. At the other end of the rope, another amazon soldier pulled against her. Rage began to overcome Tessa. These brutes had ambushed them unprovoked. They had shot Gilly and were trying to stop her from saving her.

Fury boiled in her blood as she grabbed the other end of the rope and pulled with all her strength. The enemy soldier gasped slightly as she felt her balance shift forward. None of these idiots were expecting a fight with her. Already she could understand these soldiers' thought process. They feared Gilly too much to face her in a fair fight. So they attacked her from afar like cowards. Then they figured the winey pacifist wouldn't put up any fight for them. Pitiful. The lack of discipline and knowledge was disheartening to see. Very well. Let them find out.

The amazon soldier stumbled forward after Tessa pulled her off her feet with the rope. She caught the underside of her chin with a mighty kick. The soldier's head snapped back and she tumbled down. So this is what the Goddess' Army had been reduced to? A pack of thugs stumbling through the jungle? Tessa's anger and disgust overwhelmed any sense of pity she could muster for these former allies. She bared down on her stunned opponent and prepared to finish the job.

But before she could deliver the blow, another rope wrapped around her other wrist. This time, two soldiers pulled against her. She couldn't throw these ones off together. Her rage began to escalate to madness. The first rope drew tight again as more amazons arrived to secure the maddened Tessa. Within a few seconds, two amazons were pulling on each rope, spreading her arms wide. As she strained against the ropes, another amazon landed in front of her and charged at her. As she drew close, Tessa suddenly leapt up, yanking the four amazons holding the ropes forward. She kicked the charging soldier with both feet, knocking the wind out of her and sending her flying back.

When she fell after the two legged kick, two more amazons landed on top of her from above. The troop then worked in unison and spun the ropes around her body. Tessa bloodied a few more of them as they completed their task. But in the end, they succeeded in securing the ropes tightly around Tessa's twisting body. She cursed and screamed horrifically during the struggle. She cried out for Gilly, and flung every amazonian insult she could imagine at her attackers. Eventually, one of them succeeded in gagging her mouth.

The amazonian troop then sighed in unison, some of them even stumbling back from exhaustion. "I, hah, I-I didn't think, hah, that she'd put up that kind of fight." one of them could be heard saying. Others nursed broken limbs, or blood covered faces, or hyperextended muscles. They grumbled and complained for a while longer before eventually picking up the hogtied Tessa and marching back towards their own encampment. Their leader came across a scout as they made their way through the jungle.

"And, did you find Gilly?" She asked her scout.

"She fell down the gorge. We followed her trail, but there was a nest of plant-traps down there. She has most certainly been taken by them." The scout replied.  

The troop leader looked back in that direction for a moment before responding. "Very well. Good work."

As they marched onward, Tessa's mind continued to cry out in rage and agony. Somewhere out there in the brush, Gilly was alone and suffering. She continued to writhe and struggle against the ropes that bound her. If only she could get free. She could then come to Gilly's rescue. Hope slowly faded as they approached the soldiers' hidden encampment.
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