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King Kong vs Amazons
Chapter Three Part Two


It was about mid morning when Tessa woke up in the medical tent. Her head was pounding and her arms and legs felt like they weighed a million pounds. She looked around herself. She saw the drab canvas of the tent and smelled odd aromas. The medical tent was large by typical standards, though Tessa found it positively claustrophobic. Her illness and long sleep left her in a deep state of disorientation.

She looked over to her side and saw Gilly laid out under a large tarp. She lifted herself up and tried to stand. She immediately fell to her knees in dizziness. The tarp covering her own body slid off, revealing the white bandages covering her thighs and forearms. She started to remember. They had been attacked by a pack of shredders. Frantically, she began crawling over to Gilly's side.

As she approached, tears began welling her eyes. She had been certain that the shredders' poison had killed her. But when she lowered her head next to her wife's face, she could sense that she was still breathing. She kissed Gilly's forehead and shook her by the arm.

"He-hey, Gilly. Wake up!" Her voice was wavering with grogginess.

Yet Gilly continued sleeping soundly. Tessa took hold of the tarp covering Gilly's body and pulled it free. She saw similar white bandages wrapped around Gilly's midriff. She shuddered at the memory of seeing the chief shredder ripping into Gilly's back. She watched Gilly's chest move up and down gently with each breath, contenting herself on the fact that her beloved was alive.

Suddenly, she heard clamoring behind her. A chatter of voices in a strange language. Suddenly, a small body threw aside the opening in the tent. Its eyes went wide and fearful. Tessa turned and put her hands out defensively over Gilly's sleeping body. More small beings entered the tent, excitedly darting glances with each other. Both parties seemed terrified of each other.

Eventually, Capt. Miller burst through the opening, pushing his chest out as he surveyed the scene. Tessa's memories started to come back into focus. She recognized this one. The men on the beach! She must have been at their camp. Other memories began to flash before her. In her pained moments before blacking out, she thought she saw the men destroy the shredders with some kind of fearsome weapon. She had thought this a dream for a moment, but realized now it must have been the truth. The men had saved their lives and nursed them back to health. But now their peace stood on shaky ground. Further trust needed to be established.

The men around Capt. Miller were in a cold sweat. They didn't exactly know what to expect next. Dr. Bergman stood at his side, shaking in his smock. He had dozed off and only just a moment ago awoke to hear Tessa moving about in the tent. He shot a nervous glance over to Capt. Miller, who himself was staring Tessa straight in the eye, unmoving. Dr. Bergman swallowed past a lump in his throat. He could see that this giant native was positioning herself defensively over her companion. If they pressed her too far, he feared she may lash out in self defense. He needed to convince Capt. Miller to be rather delicate with this situation.

"Come on then, Captain. Let's try to calm her down. We can't let her panic." Dr. Bergman said.

Before Dr. Bergman could move forward, Capt. Miller put a strong arm out to stop him. "I'll do it. Just let me handle this." Without taking his eyes off Tessa he ordred a few of his men forward. "You there, ah, Mr. O'Brien. Take two men with you and go get Ms. Shinozaki. She'll want to be here for this!" The young lad nodded his head once and ran out of the tent. Capt. Miller then put his full attention towards the giantess.

Capt. Miller put a hand out towards Tessa. He spoke in a deliberate, flat tone. "We...we mean you no harm. We are friends. You were attacked. We helped you." He gestured to his forearm, indicating her bandages.

Tessa looked down and noted the hospitality that was shown to her and her wife. It took her a little concentration, but she recalled the words of gratitude in the human's tongue. "Th-thank you." Her voice was husky from fatigue, but it reverberated in the enclosed tent.

A simultaneous gasp and sigh of relief took over the small crowd clogging the tent. Dr. Bergman felt more at ease. He started forward. "Are you feeling well? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Tessa took the words in and then sleepily shook her head. Despite this her mighty stomach groaned and growled loud enough for the whole camp to hear.

"Ah, perhaps some food, then?" Dr. Bergman ventured with a bit of laughter in his voice.

Tessa blushed brightly and nodded with a smile. Even though she was certainly improved in health since her arrival, she was still a bit dizzy, and her empty stomach was a twisting pain in her midsection. It had been a long while since she had eaten a proper meal.

As she waited, the men were pushing themselves into the tent opening to get a look. Even the men posted as guards were allowing themselves to examine Tessa as she draped her arms over Gilly's body. The grown men had suddenly become little boys again experiencing the same boyish excitement in unison.

Finally, someone brought in a large pot of soup. The pot contained three gallons and was previously being prepared for lunch. The man sat it front of Tessa on the floor. Slowly, she reached her long arms towards it. She took the two handles in between thumb and forefinger and lifted it up easily to her mouth. She pushed her meaty lips together and blew at the steam. She then quickly drank down the pot of soup that could have easily fed ten men in a matter of seconds. The men watched in awe as she polished it off and licked her sultry lips in satisfaction.

She laid down the pot and let her head tilt back. She had become accustomed to the tastes of wild game and dried meat. A fresh portion of hot soup was a welcome comfort. She looked back down at the men, their eyes still wide in astonishment.

"Ah. I like it very much!" She said in a wide smile.

The men had from that moment on been ushered out of the tent. Dr. Bergman was very intent on letting the jungle native get her rest. Only he and Capt. Miller remained inside to help Tessa back into her own improvised cot. It was at this point that the captain decided to make proper introductions.

Tessa sat up on the cot, trying to settle in. Even seated, she was at eye level with her hosts. The captain cleared his throat. "My name is Captain John Miller. This is my doctor, Dr. Wilhelm Bergman. Do you have a name?"

She pondered for a moment. She couldn't leave the camp without Gilly. And in her current state, she couldn't well carry her out of here. Besides that, these men seemed hospitable. She saw no harm in resting here for the time being. And there was yet another motivation in her decision to stay put. While she loved her mate deeply, in her time in the jungle she longed for the opportunity to converse with others. She was, at heart, a social creature and life in exile had been difficult for her to that end.

She looked at the captain and answered. "Is called Tessa."


A few hours later, Dr. Anderson appeared over the crest of the hill. She saw the encampment and began running at full sprint down the hill. She had her shoes off and ran barefoot through the sand. The fluid from the plant had dried and hardened into crusty green patches on her skin. She drew far ahead of her company and waved wildly at the men of the camp as she drew near. As she came close, they could hear her shouting.

"Where is sheeee? Where is sheeee?!" She shouted as she ran towards the camp.

Some of the men stood aside and pointed at the medical tent. Dr. Anderson first dropped her hiking boots she carried in her hand, then let her heavy backpack fall off her shoulders as she staggered to the front of the tent. However, before she could enter the portal, her knees gave out and she collapsed in front of the crowd waiting outside the tent. Her experience with the plant combined with the trip back and final sprint to the tent spent the last of her strength. She fell fast asleep on the hot sand below.

Dr. Bergman popped out from behind the front flap of the medical tent. He saw Dr. Anderson laying passed out on the sand and grimaced. "Dear Lord, what now?" He said irritably.

She was then taken into the shade of the medical tent to recover. Tessa watched the leggy anthropologist be carried into the tent and be laid on a cot nearby. This was the same human girl she had watched Gilly slobber over. Tessa furrowed her brow in dissatisfaction. A jealous heart was difficult to conquer. She turned her head to ignore her new bunk mate.

Eventually, the rest of that morning's expedition returned. They had failed in finding what they were after; a proper vantage point that could lead them to the hidden city. But the encounter with the man eating plant had ended without any casualties. That was fortunate enough in of itself. As she approached the camp, Ms. Shinozaki grew ever more conscious of her fatigue and desire to simply fall flat on her cot in her own tent. That and take a much needed bath, which she also possessed in her tent, the only one in the camp. The rest had to make due with standing showers using water pouches.

But when she saw the state of the men at the camp, she knew she would have to put it off for at least a moment. Discipline had seemed to evaporate during her leave. Amazon or no, this was no way for a proper crew to behave. They looked more like a school troop away from their teachers for too long than a trained crew.

With sweat covering her face, she tried to regain authority. "All right men, return to your posts! This isn't a vacation cruise! Move it!" She bellowed out at the meandering men. Quickly, the men dispersed and took up their regular posts. Some of the men grumbled, but the one's who had witnessed her exploits in the jungle would not stop to question her. The prim and proper office woman had proven a fearless heroine when the time called for it. Internally she counted this as one of the boons from the expedition. Loyalty and admiration was often difficult to purchase, and she had acquired enough to suffice for now.

She watched Capt. Miller exit the tent and walk out towards her. He nodded to her and began explaining the situation. "She woke just a few hours ago. She appears to be doing fine. She speaks english just like the other one did. It's incredible. We were able to get her name. She's called Tessa. And her, eh, the other one she says is her wife. Her name is Gilly." Capt. Miller said.

Without braking pace, Shinozaki entered the tent and turned to face the amazon. She was still sitting at her cot, leaned back and laughing at something. When she saw Ms. Shinozaki enter, she recognized her as the leader. She sat up straight and nodded at her. Shinozaki shot a glance at both Gilly sleeping in the opposite cot, and Dr. Anderson passed out at the adjacent wall. She had told her not to overexert herself. Little idiot. She turned her full attention then on Tessa, examining her massive body up and down. Her penetrating gaze made Tessa slightly apprehensive. Tessa felt inside her heart that she could easily tear this little woman apart if the need arose. Yet something in her nature demanded respect. Even standing before a giant woman she still retained the air of arrogance and control. She was a formidable one, Tessa thought.

"So, they tell me your name is Tessa." Shinozaki said finally.

Tessa narrowed her eyes, trying to match the seriousness of her host. She slowly nodded in reply.

"We are willing to help you. But I may have some questions for you." Ms. Shinozaki continued.

"You must answer questions first, small lady." Tessa shot back. "This not your jungle. You do not make rules."

Ms. Shinozaki took note that this second amazon had a better grasp of the english language than the first. "Very well. But we can save that for later. You must rest. Then we can talk." Ms. Shinozaki brought a hand up to adjust her glasses. "My name is Miko Shinozaki. This is my expedition."

Only seconds after this proclamation was uttered an exaggerated cough broke into the tent. Paul Madison had stuck his head into the tent and was about to butt into the conversation. "Not to correct Ms. Shinozaki here, but it's technically the Company's voyage. But you'll find we're much easier to deal with than they are."

Both Tessa and Shinozaki shared an identical frown as he entered. Shinozaki saw him as an irritating little brother who always picked the worst moments to interrupt. Tessa simultaneously felt a more basic, immediate dislike for the smug little man. While Tessa had no desire to kill without provocation, she held no love in her heart for a man of this character. He had only uttered but a few words, yet his demeanor was instantly grating to Tessa's sensibilities. She imagined this was the kind of man that caused such hatred towards their kind in the first place.

His unshaven stubbly face smiled at Tessa as she glowered at him. "You're not needed here, Mr. Madison. Please allow our guest some privacy." Ms. Shinozaki said.

He simply smiled to himself and turned and offered a slight bow towards Tessa. He turned to Dr. Bergman who was standing at the opposite corner of the tent. "What's wrong with Sid- I mean, Dr. Anderson over there?"

Dr. Bergman turned and looked to Dr. Anderson who now had a cooling rag on her head, though was still covered in patches of plant slime. Dr. Bergman himself wasn't fully aware of her situation other than she seemed be suffering from exhaustion. She had no other injuries to speak of other than some marks on her thighs and of course the green crust on her skin. He turned towards Ms. Shinozaki for explanation.

"A run-in with the local agriculture." Shinozaki said.

Tessa became alert. "Ah! A shangel-ah?" Shinozaki looked perplexed at the amazonian phrase. "Ah...a mouth-plant?" Tessa tried again with a clumsy english equivalent.

"Hm! Yes. I do believe so." Shinozaki replied.

"Ah! Such dangers! Everything wishes to eat you. Very fortunate to save her! How was she survive?" Tessa asked excitedly. She was thrilled to share experiences with someone who understood her.

"We cut the plant down. Then we forced it open." Shinozaki answered.

"Ah. Cut down? Must been small one. Big one eat her up. Would not get her out. Just bones." Tessa explained.

Shinozaki nodded. She began to see a use for this giantess. She clearly had a working knowledge of the jungle's dangers. She also must have held a valuable knowledge of the surrounding area. She may even know how to traverse to the interior and beyond. "I see. We were very lucky, then." She said.

Tessa was giggling. "Hehehe, just get pretty bones. No more pretty face. All used up! You know? Haha!"

"Y-yes." Shinozaki said. "I will leave now. You must rest. We will talk later."

Tessa nodded and Shinozaki took her leave. Capt. Miller followed her.

Dr. Bergman approached Tessa's side. "My dear, may I inspect your bandages?"

Tessa offered her left forearm. As Dr. Bergman unspooled the gauze from her mighty arm, he couldn't quite suppress the trembling in his hands. Paul watched the scene play out from a short distance. As Dr. Bergman reached the bare skin of Tessa's arm, he let out a short satisfied sigh. Her cuts had almost completely healed. They were fleshy pink, receding into the earthy brown of her skin.

"Amazing." Dr. Bergman said.

Paul showed an uncharacteristic twinge of genuine interest. "That's one of the cuts she got the other day? That's unreal. She looked like she went through a meat grinder when they brought her in." He stepped up behind Dr. Bergman to examine the recovered flesh.

Tessa didn't quite understand the intense interest. Could men not heal themselves? How did they recover from injury? She momentarily understood Gilly's distain for such people. They did seem to be quite frail. Though that was no crime in itself, really.

As the two men made over Tessa's rapid recovery, Dr. Anderson stirred on her cot. She sat up groggily, letting the cooling pad fall off her forehead. Her glasses were off and she struggled to regain composure. She felt that she had woken from a strange and troubling dream. Something about a giant plant trying to eat her alive. She turned and looked out into the tent. Finally, Dr. Bergman noticed her and strode over to assist her.

"Woah, woah, now. Relax. You just passed out, my dear." Dr. Bergman said while keeping her steady.

Paul walked over with a glass of water. He handed it to Dr. Anderson who drank it greedily. She gulped and lowered the glass. "It all seemed so real, this dream I had. I felt like I was being devoured." she said blearily.

Paul handed back her crooked glasses. "Well, I have good news and bad news for you, sweetie." He said with a toothy smile.

She put on her glasses and she slowly adjusted to the room. Her eyes focused on the giant woman sitting to her right, against the adjacent wall of the tent. The giantess glared at her. She then licked her succulent lips, revealing a long white fang. Anderson immediately dropped her glass, letting it roll on the floor. She opened her mouth and let out a small gasp, her eyes popped wide open. She fell back again on the cot, fainted.

"Oh, dear. What are we to do with you?" Dr. Bergman said irritably.


That night, Tessa had recovered even further.  She had ventured out from the medical tent by late afternoon, meeting the rest of the crew. Initially, armed guards watched her closely, her trustworthiness not yet guaranteed. However, she very quickly won most of them over with her charm. Beyond being exceedingly gorgeous, she was also very friendly and personable. She had found the improvised covering for her chest chaffing and had thrown it aside, letting her full breasts go bare. She did abide in wearing the miniscule canvas loin cloth at her pelvis though. Not surprisingly, she was very popular among the crew members.

She smiled and answered men's questions, holding conversations and taking opportunities to humor them in tests of strength. They would ask her to lift a heavy object, which she would always do with impressive ease. They finally had pointed to a large boulder at the edge of the camp. None of the men thought she would even budge it. The boulder was sunk deep in the sand and had to weigh two tons. At this challenge, Tessa scoffed. She bent low, and though she strained, she hauled the boulder slowly from the sand and lifted it high over her head. The crew let out a loud cheer at this spectacle. She laughed and heaved the giant rock back into the dense foliage. It landed heavily, throwing leaves and sand into the air as it hit the ground with a solid thud.

Tessa had then turned and faced the crew with her arms flexed. "You see? Tessa is mighty! Puny men must know their place!" Tessa ate up the adulation from her new admirers.

Sexual thoughts had of course crossed each of the crew member's minds. Her sensuality and beauty were intensely alluring. But each had his second thoughts due to her immense power. An unwanted advance would surely end in being torn limb from limb and crushed beyond recognition. That aspect may have even added to the delight of their desirous hearts. But none would dare outwardly risk such a fate. Some even wondered if sex with an amazon could even be survived (*in point of fact, a normal human would not survive amazonian love making).

Night fell. At one point, Dr. Anderson came around. She had rested and showered off the jungle slime with cold water. She stuck right by Tessa the rest of the evening. She constantly snapped photos and wrote notes in her journals. Tessa showed her initial impatience towards the anthropologist by answering her questions tersely and evasively. She was still feeling jealousy towards the little woman, but was gradually softening to her. She seemed so passionate, so genuine in her manner of speaking. Tessa eventually recognized that the jealousy she felt was no fault of the girl herself. Gilly had been charmed fairly. The black haired girl was indeed quite adorable.

Eventually, the line of questioning came to the subject of reproduction. Tessa had confirmed earlier that all men were forbidden on the island. Dr. Anderson followed this statement with the obvious question.

"Well, if there are no male amazons, how do, ah, how are new amazons born?" Dr. Anderson asked.

Tessa cleared her throat for the answer. "There are many amazons. Some are warriors. Some are artists and builders. But some are mothers. Mothers are very, ah, they are sacred. Very important to city. To be mother is to be holy, you know? Warriors fight battles, drink victory blood, they love and marry, but only mothers make laws. Mothers are...fordur', that is they are controllers."

Dr. Anderson scribbled feverishly in her notes. A matriarchal society led by mothers. It was stupendous to think about! Tessa continued.

"A mother is chosen, yes? She is very young, a groffu, a kitten. Then on day she is grown she go to temple. Soon her belly grows. She is pregnant. Very important. She is given feast, celebration. What happen? She received seed by the Golden Goddess! All amazons daughter of Goddess! All are sisters!" Tessa's voice rose to impart the majesty of the miracle she described.

Dr. Anderson wrote the story down and contemplated the words as she wrote them. An immaculate conception for every member of the tribe? Unlikely.

"When mother you become leader. Get to be in council. Get to make responsibility." Tessa touched her chest when she spoke. "Tessa artist. Write books, paint and sculpt. No become mother. Very rare, to be mother, you know? Much honor."

Dr. Anderson nodded. She was coming up with her own theories as Tessa described the process. Perhaps the men of the tribe were held secretly in the temple. They could administer drugs to the chosen girls and later attribute the experience to divine intervention. Whatever the actual procedure, Dr. Anderson was enthralled with the idea. The mystique of the divine mother. To give such honor and adulation to motherhood was an amazing concept to Dr. Anderson.

"And your wife Gilly. What is she?" Dr. Anderson asked.

Tessa smiled widely. Her pride shone through as she answered her. "Gilly is warrior. Greatest warrior!" She rose her fist as she described her beloved. "Gilly is hero. Smashed enemies, drank much blood. Stronger than all! Every amazon love Gilly. All want to marry her." Tessa began to blush and came down closer to Dr. Anderson who leaned away shyly as Tessa lowered her voice. Her manner was full of arrogance at this point. "But Gilly love me. Everyone, they become jealous. But when we first see each other, we were enemies. Tessa hate war. Sometimes war necessary, you know? Sometimes is right to fight. But too much war, excessive war. It's bad for the people. Make us too cruel. Too stupid."

Tessa leaned back as she recounted her first encounter with Gilly. "Tessa with, ah, peaceful group. Write about bad wars. Make speeches. Gilly come past one day. She love war. So important, Gilly was. Walk by with group of warriors. She stop, insults Tessa. We, ah, jurrunah, body-struggle, you know?" She intermeshed her fingers to try to illustrate wrestling. "Gilly win. Break Tessa's honor. But no give up. Again and again we struggle. One day struggle become, how say...ah, love-fight. We become beloved enemies. Then just beloved. Gilly become softer, smarter. Tessa become stronger, prouder." Tessa had turned flush red at remembering her early days with Gilly. "We marry. Become very happy."

Tessa began to laugh loudly. "Tessa get many enemies that day. All so jealous!"

Dr. Anderson continued to jot down her notes and without looking up asked her next question. "And how did you both come to live in the jungle?"

Tessa's smile immediately fell off her face. she turned her head and became very quiet. It was obviously a troubling question. Dr. Anderson sensed the sudden tension and tried to change the subject. "Ah, but we can talk about something else if you'd like to!"

Tessa stood up and walked off. "Finished talking. No more to say."

Dr. Anderson sat her pen down. She contented herself in the information she was able to commit to her notes. The subject of their living in the wilderness was a point of pain for Tessa, Anderson knew. The result of a transgression perhaps? In any case, she now knew Tessa and Gilly once lived in the city. The very city they were after. Tessa must still know its location. She would have to somehow pry this from her.

Inside her own tent, Ms. Shinozaki sat in her small bathtub, soaking her sore and exhausted muscles. The tub was a somewhat unnecessary luxury, but it was so small that her legs hung off the edge, her flawless glistening feet dangling in the air. A hanging mosquito net cast a faint glow upon her body from the lantern. While she soaked, she examined with intense concentration the scraps of charts that she had laminated. They had very little to go on within the interior of the island. The two amazons were their best option. They had to be convinced into revealing the location of the hidden city. The warning given by the first amazon was still troubling her. The natives of the lost city may prove hostile. They would have to handle it with extreme caution. Patient care was needed if they were to succeed. Let the men become better acquainted with the giantesses. Let their trust build before venturing forth.

So lost in concentration was Ms. Shinozaki that she didn't notice Paul Madison enter her tent. He drew the mosquito net aside and pulled a folding stool right in front of her bath. She finally noticed him then decided to call his bluff and remained reclined where she was.

"Who let you in?" Ms. Shinozaki asked in a stiff, professional tone.

"I'm a company man, same as you. All I gotta do is throw a little weight around and I go where I please." Paul responded.

Without looking up from her charts Ms. Shinozaki started. "These amazons. Do you think they can be trusted?"

As Shinozaki spoke, Paul sat next to the tub and lowered his face near Shinozaki's right foot. "Well, blondie seems kind enough. She's become the most popular girl at school so to speak." He held Ms. Shinozaki's foot in his hand then slowly bent down and planted a kiss on top of it.

"These two seem to be outcasts. Not regular members of their society. They may be reluctant to fight us simply because they are alone out here. That could mean the first amazon's warning was genuine." Ms. Shinozaki said. Why did she just let him get away with kissing her foot?

"You're right of course. They were carrying furs and supplies with them when they were attacked by the lizards. I think they were evacuating. They may have been trying to get clear of us. Knowing that, I'd say we'd better do what we need to do quickly. Staying here too long is risky." As he talked Paul placed soft kisses up Shinozaki's long, soft leg.

Shinozaki began to blush. She sat her charts on the end table to the side of the tub. She took her glasses off and sat these down as well. She slowly leaned her head back as Paul continued to work his way up her leg. "Maybe I was crazy to accept this voyage. Just about anything can go wrong. I nearly let poor Dr. Anderson get eaten by a plant of all things. It seems everything in this island is against us."

Paul licked the top of Shinozaki's thigh gently. His hands were softly massaging her calf and ankle. "The men respect you. I heard how you took to the tree like a jungle queen. Not many people would have been willing to get that close to something like that. I have to admit, even I was impressed when I heard about that." He pressed his lips firmly against Shinozaki's skin.

Shinozaki felt the stubble of Paul's face rake against the soft skin of her leg. She felt the pit of her stomach flare up in quivering excitement. All these years and the man was still a foolish boy at heart. But beneath his flippant exterior was a deeper soul. Very few had seen past his coy cynicism to see the real man underneath. She once knew it intimately. However, the rigors and politics of their office life had driven them apart. Their bond was unjustly broken by conflicting ambitions and petty maneuvering. But here in the jungle, with danger and adventure all around, she was remembering her true feelings.

"We'll just have to be careful and press on. If we can find that city, we'll be famous the world over. We'll be able to do whatever we want." She began to breathe heavily as Paul skillfully caressed her.

"We, huh? You sure you want to share the glory with a guy like me?" Paul looked directly into Shinozaki's eyes, his generous lips less than an inch from her inner thigh.  

"'There'll be enough to go around." Shinozaki said while she began to squirm.

Paul suddenly pulled back and took his shirt off. He still kept his impressive physique, despite the rigid corporate lifestyle. Shinozaki allowed herself to marvel at his perfect frame for a moment. His eyes looked back down at her hungrily.

"Well, I'd say we've already gotten a lot further than anyone else has. We just have to get back alive..." Paul said as he stared at Shinozaki curled up in the tub.

She pulled herself in and carefully stood up in the tub. Water and white suds dripped off her glowing body as she faced Paul. She put her hands up on the nape of his neck. He was much taller than she, and she had to stand up on her toes to hang off him. She pressed her naked chest into his and stared up into his eyes.

"That last part might not be possible, you know. We might very well be killed out here." Shinozaki said.

"Heh, beats working." Paul leaned down and kissed Shinozaki softly.

The would end up creating a pallet on the floor with blankets and sleeping bags. Under the soft glow of lamp light they reignited their passion for each other...


While Ms. Shinozaki and Mr. Madison made love in the tent the men outside tended a large fire. The men were once again gathered around Tessa, who laughed and ate greedily. Her amazonian perception of hospitality left no room for shame in eating whatever was offered. She happily ate the portion of seven men in one sitting. She wore on her head a wide brimmed sun hat. It was about two and a half feet wide from edge to edge. But it sat on top of Tessa's head like a beanie. The look was comical, and many of the men had burst out with laughter at the sight of it. She enjoyed the reaction and kept it on for the remainder of the night.

At this time, she had eaten her fill and was telling stories by the fire. Dr. Anderson yawned loudly. She wanted to continue observing the giantess, but the events of the day had taken a toll on her body. She must have dozed off for a moment, for when she came to Tessa was in the middle of a new story. She gestured wildly at dramatic moments, putting her full effort into the story telling.

"Then Penthesilea walk along beach. Her warriors wait in golden ship behind her. She walk along hill and see lonely cavern, and she hear howling and weeping. She go to cavern. She pull out mighty sword and scream into cavern, 'Who weeps!?' No answer. She goes inside and see nothing. Cavern is home. All destroyed. No possessions, all thrown down and broken.

"Suddenly giant come forth. He bigger than Penthesilea. But weaker. Try to eat Penthesilea with angry hunger, but cannot. He is defeated. Penthesilea see that the giant is blind." Tessa covered her eyes to illustrate the point to the listening men.

Eventually it dawned on Dr. Anderson that she recognized aspects of this story. She realized then that she was hearing a verbal retelling of a lost segment of the Odyssey! Though perhaps not the Odyssey told by Homer. This was an amazonian version of the tale.

Frantically, Dr. Anderson recovered her notebook and began jotting down what she was hearing. This was an unexpected treasure she was bearing witness to. As far as historical value went, this was a once in a lifetime experience.

Tessa continued on with her story. From within the medical tent, Gilly tossed and turned, caught in a fever dream. She could hear Tessa telling the tale of Penthesilea and the Eye of Tartarus. Every amazon knew the stories of the classical heroes of old. In Gilly's strained dreams she saw herself in place of Penthesilea, and recounted the story as Tessa told it.

She stood before the oafish giant, the black socket in the middle of his forehead was covered in thick cloth. He had tried to bite into her neck, but a quick thrust threw him back onto the floor of his cave. He wept bitterly, his cries echoing in his dark and empty hall. She looked down at him disdainfully.

"Why do you weep, creature?" Gilly as Penthesilea asked.

The pitiful thing steadied itself on the ground and answered. "I weep because I have been utterly undone! By possessions robbed, my sheep lost, my sight put out forever! My body wastes away in hunger. Such is the extent of my destruction! And who will save me? My brothers admonish me, my father abandons me! I am lost. Lost and alone to perish!"

Gilly furrowed her brow and prodded further. "Who did this to you?"

The twisted creature growled deeply. "Men. Clever little men. No bigger than my shin, but clever enough to undo me. Take care, Gilly. Even an enemy who is weak can take your kingdom away. It's the weakness within you that destroys most completely."

"Who? Who blinded you? What was his name?" Gilly asked, wearing antique armor of gold and purple gemstones from the story.  

The giant put a massive hand around Gilly's arm. When she looked down upon it, it had become grotesquely hairy and calloused. She looked back into the giant's face, now twisted and ape-like. The beast's eyes were still concealed behind thick fabric, but she could see the features behind it and knew it to be the face of the Great Ape. It bared down on her with vicious fangs.

"Nobody. Nobody has blinded me." The beast snarled.

Gilly tried to wrench her arm free but the beast held it tightly. She practically wept for fear.

"We blind ourselves!" The beast howled as it came down on her body with tearing fangs, aiming to devour her.


Outside, Tessa paused in telling her story. She took the time to swallow down a gallon of drinking water. Dr. Anderson took the moment of repose to interject with a question.

"It's a fine story, Tessa. But I thought Penthesilea was slain by Achilles." Dr. Anderson said.

Tessa looked down her nose at Dr. Anderson with squinted eyes. Her look was imposing save for the silly little hat atop her massive head.

"Man killed by tiny arrow defeat Penthesilea? Killed because he hurt foot but overcomes great Queen? Men think foolish things!" Tessa said with a deep tone.

Dr. Anderson blushed and wrote down another note to herself. 'If history is written by the winners, then no one has ever lost.'

The short silence was suddenly broken by a loud howl from the medical tent. Everyone who heard the cry went pale. Tessa stood up and quickly ran over to the tent, her hat blowing off and landing in the sand.

When Tessa entered the tent, she saw Gilly sprawled out on the floor trying to crawl away. She was in the flight of panic, believing herself to be captured by the enemy. Her sickness was still too great. Gilly's stomach lurched and twisted in pain as she tried to stand and run away. She caught herself on the canvas wall of the tent and pulled it down. The entire tent began to collapse around her. Tessa threw the fallen canvas aside and wrapped her strong arms around Gilly's body.

Gilly kicked and struggled under Tessa's embrace. She spat and foamed at the mouth in her effort to escape. Tessa desperately tried to sooth and calm her lover down before she brought the whole camp down. The men had begun to surround them and looked nervously back and forth between each other, none of them sure exactly what to do. Tessa spoke aloud to Gilly in standard amazonian.

"Shhh! Shhh! Gilly! Please calm down! You're safe! I'm here Gilly! Just relax. I have you, my love." She felt Gilly's strength waver under her arms. Gilly was still not recovered. Far from it, in fact. Tessa then felt Gilly's body shiver and heard her start weeping. She stroked her hair gently. "You're alright Gilly. I won't let anything happen to you! You're being so silly!" Tessa said with a hint of laughter in her voice.

Gilly closed her eyes in disbelief. She smelled men all around her and did not wish to see them. It was like being thrown into a box filled with fat cockroaches. She could meet any enemy on the field of battle with her wits intact. But to suddenly find herself in a pit of horrid men was too terrible a shock. She curled up defensively, her stomach twisting, her senses assailed by laughing and gasping man-animals.

"I promise you, everything is fine. These men are our friends. They saved us!" Tessa said as she kissed the top of Gilly's head.

The thought did nothing to console Gilly, who quivered and sobbed with fear and horror in Tessa's arms.
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King Kong vs Amazons
Chapter Three Part One


The rain beat heavily on the canvas of the tents. Armed guards wore thick ponchos at the perimeters of the base camp. The rain came on shortly after the two "guests" arrived. The sweltering summer heat had brought in a sudden storm that pinned the encampment down with a great torrent.

Ms. Miko Shinozaki waited in her tent. She sat behind a small fold up desk, reviewing her charts and reports. The tent was illuminated by a lantern suspended from a hook in the center. There were still some crates and bags stacked to the side, which remained untouched. Still so much to do. It had only been a day and a half since their landing, but Ms. Shinozaki was displeased by their rate of progress. Still, things could have been much worse, she understood.  

She had changed into a white dress shirt, with shorts. Even in this heavy storm, it was still frightfully hot.

Of particular interest to her were the two injured natives Capt. Miller brought back with him. Their initial scouting run had run into a pack of 'vicious reptiles.' Half the men were still shell shocked when they returned to base, babbling about dinosaurs. Pulled behind the scouting party were two giantesses. One of them was immediately recognized as the one who spoke to them the day before. The men clamored amongst themselves as they were brought into the medical tent. They had become like young children giddily swapping rumors on the playground. The excitement was blunting their discipline.

That had been several hours ago. Shinozaki waited for Dr. Bergman to come to her and deliver his report. He should have been finishing up soon. Some of the men, she noted, were quite worried about the two native's injuries, based on their nervous conversation. Capt. Miller had given her a basic debriefing of the day's events shortly after they had returned. Apparently, the two had been brutally attacked by these same reptiles the men ran into. After further scouting, the men discovered several more of these reptiles strewn about on the jungle floor, apparently killed by the two native women. Impressive, if true. One of these fallen animals was brought back for study.

Ms. Shinozaki threw her laminated copy of the map down on the pile of other documents and charts with a huff. She had hoped the men would have found a path inland by now. Instead they were a day behind, with nothing to show for it besides two giant patients to care for and a dead lizard. The specimen retrieved would have its own value to the scientific community, but that was chump change compared to what she was after. She had to convince herself to take solace in the fact that none of her own men had been injured.

At that moment, a guard, in a soaked green rain poncho stuck himself in through the front flap of her tent. He looked to her and began, "Dr. Bergman to see you, ma'am!"

She nodded. "Let him in."

Dr. Bergman walked in with an umbrella. He was still wearing his medical scrubs. Even with the umbrella, most of his clothes were soaking wet. A peel of thunder rumbled when he entered. He lowered the umbrella and folded it, shaking himself off as he did so. He brought a hand up and adjusted his glasses while walking forward. He was an older gentleman, in his late fifties, his hair already grey. He was gaunt and had a wiry frame. He coughed as he pulled up a folding stool to sit before Dr. Shinozaki's desk. The floor of her tent had a canvas base, leaving it mostly free of sand and grime. He felt a little embarrassed for tracking in wet clumps of mud with him as he entered. They both chose to ignore it as Dr. Bergman sat down.

Ms. Shinozaki started first. "So, what exactly do we have here, Doctor?"

Dr. Bergman let out a heavy sigh. He rubbed his forehead wearily before responding. "A very interesting case, indeed." His gravely voice offset his european accent. "In fact, I'm not totally sure what to make of it myself. But yes, very interesting."

"And what about the specimen. The reptile?" Ms. Shinozaki asked.

Dr. Bergman's forehead wrinkled slightly. She didn't ask if the two native women were alright. That had been his primary concern the last several hours. He cleared his throat. "Well, of course it's fascinating. By all appearances, it resembles a creature from the late Cretaceous era. It seems similar to a species known as the Velociraptor, though this individual is much different."

"In what way?" Shinozaki asked. Her expression was remarkably composed for someone who just heard about an encounter with a dinosaur.

"Well, firstly, this specimen is much larger than usual. Also, its claws are much longer in proportion to its body. They appear to be adapted to climbing as well as slashing prey." Dr. Bergman explained.

"So, a new species then?" Shinozaki ventured.

"Yes, it would appear so. My thoughts on it are that these creatures have existed here for millions of years, their natural development adapting them to this isolated environment. Comparing this animal a velociraptor would be like comparing a modern human to Australopithecus or even to the Neanderthals." Dr. Bergman said.

As he watched Ms. Shinozaki roll this around in her head, he decided to steer the conversation back to the two extraordinary patients of his. "I suspect it's the same way with our two native girls. They seem uniquely adapted to this environment."

Ms. Shinozaki adjusted herself in her seat. "And what is the status of those two?"

"Well, ah yes. They are both incredible patients. I've never seen anything like it." He glanced up to Ms. Shinozaki. The rain was growing so heavy, he found himself having to raise his voice just to be heard. Then he continued. "Yes, just incredible. Frankly, I'm amazed they could even survive such injuries, let alone make it back to camp. Their vitality is just extraordinary."

Ms. Shinozaki narrowed her eyes. Now even the Doctor was gushing like a child. She then began to wonder how 'thoroughly' he examined the two nude giantesses.

"Well, in any case, by the time I began treating them, the bleeding was already stopped. The short haired one had suffered severe lacerations to the back. The long haired one had similar lacerations along both forearms and upper thighs. They also had many scars and deformations likely caused by past injuries. The cuts themselves were already partially healed when they arrived. It was just amazing. Their ability to heal must be much more powerful than ours. The wounds were of course clogged with sand and grit, and needed to be cleaned out. But the skin was already beginning to seal when I started cleaning them." Dr. Bergman at this point stood and began pacing in front of Shinozaki's desk. He continued. "The real problem was the two patients appeared to be suffering from some sort of illness. It was a little while before I realized the two of them were showing signs of having been poisoned."

"Poisoned?" Ms. Shinozaki asked? "By the reptiles?"

"I would assume so. I examined the creature's teeth and claws and discovered that it has a very potent bacteria that grows in its saliva, much like that of the komodo dragon. I speculate that the creature licks its claws to clean them, spreading the bacteria onto them. The bacteria appears to spread very rapidly. Even a glancing slash of its claw or a bite will cause a prey animal to fall incredibly ill. It's an indirect and clever use of venom." Dr. Bergman explained.

"And are they still suffering from this poison?" Shinozaki asked.

"We began administering an antibiotic. Since then their conditions are both improving. Like I said, their vitality is simply amazing. A lesser form of human would have died several times over given the same injuries." Dr. Bergman answered.

"Are they human, Doctor?" Shinozaki asked.

Dr. Bergman turned back to the stool and sat back down. "If you want my opinion, I'd say they are. Yes. In most respects, their anatomy is the same as ours. They are simply an exaggerated form of that. Apart from the obvious difference in size, the two of them have increased abilities in terms of strength and immunity. They are like living super-women." Dr. Bergman said. "Their skin, too. While it has the appearance and feel of softness, it is incredibly thick and resistant to puncture. We broke several syringes before being able to pierce the skin."

Shinozaki leaned back on her stool. Super-women, huh? "Do you think they'll pull through?"

"Oh yes! I'm certain of it. The long haired one especially. She stabilized very quickly. Her companion was a bit more touch and go for us. Her injuries were much more severe, you know. Her level of infection was far greater as well. The bacteria seems to target the gastrointestinal tract. It causes the victim extreme pain, and I imagine is intended to immobilize prey with sickness. These, ah, super-raptors must strike their prey and wait for it to succumb to illness before eating." Dr. Bergman explained. "The short haired one is going to be very ill for a little while more. But as for her condition, I'm certain she will recover. It may even be within a few days."  

'A few days.' Ms. Shinozaki thought. A few days of caring for these locals, using up precious materials and medicine in the process. Including the one who threatened them on the beach a day before. Capt. Miller was jumping the gun saving the two of them. What made him arbitrarily decide to intervene? No matter. She would get her pound of flesh later. "Very well, Doctor. That will be all."

"Ah, well yes. I still have a lot to do myself." Dr. Bergman got up and started back out. "We'll be keeping a close eye on them of course. I'll let you know immediately if there are any changes." He bent down for his umbrella on the way out.

"One more thing, Doctor." Shinozaki called out. Dr. Bergman turned to look back at her. "Make sure if they how signs of aggression that you allow us to do what's necessary."

Dr. Bergman's expression seemed puzzled for a moment until he realized what she meant. He grunted, but only managed a nod in her direction. He stepped out into the pouring rain outside. As he trudged through the mud and rain he grumbled to himself. "Damn woman! Not an ounce of curiosity in her! We change the world of science in a day and she doesn't raise an eyebrow!" He slipped a bit in the mud before reaching the medical unit. "She's only interested in the blasted company's orders. Nothing else matters to her."

Dr. Bergman walked carefully around the two improvised extra-large cots containing the two massive occupants. Another medic worked nearby, looking after them. Dr. Bergman walked over to the one with longer hair and watched her steady breathing. They had thrown tarps over their exposed bodies. Even in this awful light in the middle of a storm, her beauty shone through. "Incredible..." He said to no one in particular. 'Do what's necessary' indeed, he thought. If they only brought these two home with them, they'd all be famous the world over. What was that woman after that this discovery meant nothing to her?

Dr. Bergman continued to look after the sleeping amazons while the rain beat down from above.


Over in another tent, Dr. Anderson sat dejectedly. She was perched on her stool, her long legs pulled up into her chest. Her quarters were much less splendid than Ms. Shinozaki's. The rain was trickling in from above and pooling on the canvas floor beneath her. She had to move quickly to devise a system of tarps to shield her important equipment from the encroaching water. She was barefoot, her wet shoes sat upside down to drain underneath another tarp. She had just finished securing everything and tried to stay in the driest part of the tent. It had been a miserable day so far.

That morning, she had been denied in joining Capt. Miller's advance scouting run. The men that left brought guns with them, surely planning on blowing away any important discoveries that came their way. Which is of course exactly what they did. Even so, they had successfully rescued the amazon girls from a rampaging pack of predators. What luck! Now maybe she'd have her chance to learn more about the (gorgeous) giant woman. But when she insisted on seeing them for documentation purposes, she was once again shunned, not even allowed into the medical tent where they now were being held. Held under guard at that.

Her only consolation was the study of the dead raptor specimen. Apart from the snapped neck, it was perfectly intact. She had taken hundreds of pictures of the animal, the whole time thinking of the amazon woman she saw the day before. It was difficult for her to concentrate on her work wondering if the native girl was going to be OK. And now that she finally heard word that they were both pulling through, she was still denied access. The whole situation was making her sick. And this weather!

"What a way to start an expedition!" Dr. Anderson said in her leaking tent. The lantern was barely enough to light up the small space around it. She pulled her stool right underneath it. She stood in the ankle deep water, her white panties scrunched up from the moisture. She walked over to a crate covered by one of her blue tarps. Before bending over, she grabbed the bottom of her white undershirt and wrung out some water. It clung to her tight body, showing every curve and contour. Her nipples were plainly visible underneath. She brushed a wet strand of hair behind her ear and reached into the crate, drawing out a leather bound notebook. She took the book underneath the lantern and began thumbing through it.

She came to a page filled with notes and photocopies of old map fragments. It was out there somewhere. The Golden City. Her stomach began to feel the butterflies again and her mood brightened. She'd be the one to find it. Famous the world over as the anthropologist who led the expedition to the greatest discovery in mankind's history! She regained that girlish flutter and a smile spread across her face.

As she smiled down at her notes suddenly her tent cover was opened to the wind and rain. A young man poked his head inside. "Ah! Dr. Anderson you-" He stopped mid sentence. The two looked at each other. The young man was, oh, what's his face - Mr. O'Brien! His face turned deep red. Dr. Anderson remembered she was still in her underwear, and she likewise blushed under the lamplight.

He ducked back behind the front flap of the tent. His voice called from outside. "Th- the, ah, chef has food ready. I-I can bring you some if you want!"

Dr. Anderson giggled to herself. "Thank you, but I'm fine, sweetheart!"

Jack, still flush, walked back out into the rain without responding. He splashed and tromped through the mud on his was back to the mess area. Dr. Anderson continued smiling in her tent, her notebook in hand. Suddenly, the canvas above her gave way and a stream of water began pelting her on top of her head.


The next day the storm had passed. The sun shone brightly again, heating the damp air. Dr. Anderson wiped the sweat from her brow as she climbed over another fallen tree on into the dense jungle. Her first major penetration into the wilderness of the jungle and she was struggling to keep up with the team. A group of sailors waited up the hill side, most of them armed and prepared to fend off any attackers. Dr. Anderson still resented that. They had come here to explore and to learn, not to kill.

The men took the opportunity to stand aside and rest for a moment. The jungle canopy stretched hundreds of feet into the air, many of the trees so thick one could drive a semi-truck on them. After the encounter with the raptors the other day, most of the men were anxious and jumpy, reacting at any sudden sound or cry in the distance. Others, however, tried to play it cool. Some lit cigarettes and cracked jokes. Eventually, Ms. Shinozaki pushed herself through the crowd back towards Dr. Anderson who was lagging behind.

Ms. Shinozaki wore beige hiking attire and a machete sheathed at her hip. Even in the extreme heat and humidity, she kept her prim and controlled posture as she walked. Her hair and glasses remained perfectly in place in spite of the sweat on her skin. She came to the rear of the group and looked down at Dr. Anderson shambling up the slope.

"Dr. Anderson! I was under the impression that you were excited about this expedition. Perhaps you'd like to go back to the beach and work on your tan." Ms. Shinozaki teased.

Heavy drops of sweat fell off Dr. Anderson's head. She didn't expect her boss to have such stamina. "Hah, I'll, I'll be right up. This humidity is killing me!" By comparison, Dr. Anderson's hair curled and stuck out randomly from her ponytail. Her glasses kept sliding down her nose from the perspiration. She finally caught up with the rest and came to the crest of the hill. She leaned over and grabbed her knees, panting heavily.

Ms. Shinozaki recognized that her pretty little anthropologist needed a rest. She turned to address the other men. "OK, everyone take five!" Mr. WIllis nodded and they spread out to sit down. He ordered a few of them to remain at watch. They were in unknown territory. Any concealed corner could contain hidden dangers.

Dr. Anderson leaned against a tree, trying to catch her breath. She eventually pulled out her photocopied chart from her bag and tried to figure out where they were. They were headed towards a high hill that overlooked the landscape. While the charts themselves were invaluable to the expedition, they were woefully incomplete. The exact location of the Golden City of legend was unknown. Though there were many small hints and clues here and there to help give them an idea. Dr. Anderson studied these intently while the men rested and talked amongst themselves.

Ms. Shinozaki walked back up the clearing. Mr. Willis looked out into the dense jungle in front of them. Among all the men, he seemed the wisest. She had insisted on bringing him along on their first major excursion. Capt. Miller and Mr. Madison stayed back at base camp, along with fifteen of the men. Dr. Bergman continued to look after the injured amazons. She was counting on them to remain asleep through the day. The last thing she wanted was to return to a camp destroyed by a rampaging giantess. She comforted herself with the idea that while the two women were huge, they probably weren't bulletproof.

Willis and Shinozaki stood shoulder to shoulder as they looked out into the jungle. The foliage was so thick, it was impossible to see very far ahead. It wouldn't be until they reached the top of the hill that they'd be able to get a lay of the land. Perhaps from that vantage point, they'd be able to find some clues in the geography as to where this hidden city was.

Willis spoke up first. "Do you really think there's a city out here in this wilderness?"

"I don't know for sure. But Dr. Anderson's findings have been consistent so far. I think we can at least give it the benefit of the doubt for now." Ms. Shinozaki answered.

"And you think that's worth risking our men's lives?" Willis asked.

"Hmph, these men will never get a chance like this again. We're letting them take part in making history." Shinozaki said.

Mr. Willis turned his head. There was still so much out there they didn't know. Her little expression of idealism seemed disingenuous coming from her. He took her for more of a cynic than that. He chose not to voice this opinion and simply kept watch while the men rested.

As Dr. Anderson leaned against the tree, a vine silently crept down towards her. Her eyes were fixated on the charts and old maps. The vine stretched downward unseen until it came down behind Dr. Anderson's hat. It snaked downward, down below her midsection. With lightning speed the vine wrapped around Dr. Anderson's midriff.

Dr. Anderson managed a short shriek as she was suddenly pulled into the air by the vine. She dropped her charts on the ground and kicked as she was pulled upward. Everyone turned and saw Dr. Anderson kicking helplessly in the air, and a large green pod dropping down from the tree. It hovered in the air about ten feet off the ground. Other vines flew out from the tree and wrapped themselves around Dr. Anderson's flailing legs. Some of the men tried grabbing at these vines, but found them too strong to budge. The pod opened up, a toothless maw dripping with translucent green fluid.

Dr. Anderson screamed as she was forced up into the gaping mouth of the carnivorous plant. It closed around her midsection, leaving her quivering legs outside. One of the men, a strong man by the name of Mike Sellers grabbed Dr. Anderson by the ankles. Another man grabbed him from behind and tried to help him pull her out. Her screams could be heard from within the pod as she struggled.

One man pointed his rifle at the plant hanging from the tree. WIllis immediately grabbed the end of the muzzle and forced it down. "She's inside there, man. You'll kill her!"

As Mike held her ankles he accidentally pulled her hiking boots off and fell backwards. Her bare feet wiggled above while the plant continued to ingest her. Mike threw the shoes aside and grabbed at her feet again. He pulled down, forcing the plant to lash out at him with its free vines. One wrapped around his dark face, pulling his head backwards. But he bared down and refused to relent. Dr. Anderson's toes curled at the strain. She was being sucked deeper into the plant's mouth. Her stark white legs were covered with gleaming sweat as they thrashed around. Vines wrapped around them tightly, causing them to bulge out at the coils. Mike had to concentrate to retain his grip against the slick sweat.

Suddenly the men caught sight of Ms. Shinozaki running up to the side of the tree. She dodged a few flailing vines and quickly wrapped her legs around the tree and began climbing. Within a few moments she was on level at the other side of the pod. She unsheathed her machete and slashed at the central vine supporting the plant. A couple vines wrapped themselves around her body, tightly coiling around her thighs and chest. She struck the central vine again, slicing it deeply. The plant instinctively tried to retreat upward, but the weight of Dr. Anderson inside, along with the men pulling down below, began to rip the main supporting stem.

The main vine split apart in a tear. The pod fell to the ground and the vines thrashed around erratically. Green liquid spilled onto the jungle floor from the severed stem. With the pod on the ground the men gathered around and forced it open. Ms. Shinozaki dropped down, the vines still wrapped tightly around her chest and legs. The men pulled the plant open, tearing at its fibers and spilling more green juice.

Dr. Anderson lay wet and panting for breath, but still alive. She looked like a delicate pearl discovered in a huge oyster. Her hat had been pulled off in the suction and her glasses were twisted and crooked on her face. Her eyes were closed tightly in fatigue. Her nipples were erect behind her soaked undershirt. The men fell back, relieved.

Ms. Shinozaki came up beside the fallen pod. She looked down at Dr. Anderson. Her breasts heaved with each gasping breath. Sweat and plant slime coated her skin. Her shoes were off and her hair was a matted but charming mess. Adorable. She felt like eating her up herself.

Instead, she leaned down and put a hand against Dr. Anderson's shoulder. "Hey, are you alright?"

Dr. Anderson opened her eyes behind her crooked glasses. Wordlessly, she sat up, pulling strands of viscous slime behind her as she rose. She blinked and looked around, disoriented.

"Give her some air, men." Mr. Willis said, urging his people back.

Dr. Anderson sat in the dead plant, covered in goo. She looked down at her bare feet and tried to regain her sense of time and place.

Ms. Shinozaki shook her by the shoulder gently. "Hey. Can you hear me? Are you alright?"

Suddenly, Dr. Anderson called out, "Notebook! Someone get my notebook!"

The men stirred for a moment, stunned by her request. One of the men came to her side with a notebook and pen. She immediately opened it and turned to a random blank page and began scribbling lines. She pulled her legs up indian style and sat in the vegetable throne.

"Amazing! Amazing! A breed of venus fly trap with sentient hunting techniques! This is unbelievable!" She blushed brightly as she jotted down her experience.

The men began laughing, the tension fully dissolved. Ms. Shinozaki sighed. What a weird girl. She looked down and realized that the vines were still wrapped around her body, pulsing and squeezing. She pulled at the vine wrapped tightly around her chest, finally wrenching it free. She pushed the vines off and they flopped heavily on the ground. Even while dying, the vines arched and twisted in the grass below.

Dr. Anderson stood up in the plant, her body glistening in the sunlight. She wrote in her notebook with her tongue sticking out. She looked up at the severed vine, recounting the nature of the ambush. "It lowered down from above. A stalking ambush attack! Can you imagine?" She stepped out of the plant, placing a slimy bare foot onto the ground. She finished scribbling and went into her bag. She retrieved her camera and began taking numerous shots of the pod and the vines. "Wow! Oh, wow! What a find!"

Dr. Anderson walked up to Mike, his face still slick with perspiration. She handed him the camera. "Take some shots for me please!" Without waiting for him to accept the task, she turned back to the plant and lay back down in it. "Go on, I need a few shots for scale." Mike's face twisted nervously. He awkwardly snapped a few shots of Dr. Anderson laying in the plant that just tried to devour her.

Ms. Shinozaki kicked the side of the plant with her boot. "Get up! You're wasting time!"

She got up and retrieved her camera from Mr. Sellers, thanking him. She repacked everything and a man came to her side with a towel. "You sure you're alright? That was pretty crazy." he asked.

She toweled off the slime and sweat. "I'm OK. I might throw up with fear later, but I'm just so excited I don't care right now!" Her smile belied her trembling body.

She got her boots back on and everyone was ready to move on. Mr. Willis came to Shinozaki's side. The other men turned to face their leaders. Shinozaki had just proven herself to the crew. They could hardly believe the stoic bitch from the office was actually an action hero.

"You want to send her back? She might still be under stress." Mr. Willis asked.

Ms. Shinozaki realized her own exhaustion creeping up on her. Her posture didn't show it, but she felt like she was about to pass out. "I suppose we can rest for a moment. We'll need to split up. I wont send her back alone."

Before the group could reassess, a shuffling came from behind the group. The men grew tense again and faced the approaching sound. From out of the foliage came Jack O'Brien, along with two other men from the encampment.

The men on the hill lowered their weapons as their crewmen approached. Without climbing the hill, Jack called out. "Ms. Sinozakiiii! Shinozaki!"

Shinozaki came to the crest of the hill and looked down. "What is it?"

Jack took a deep breath and gave out his message. "She's awake!" Shinozaki's eyebrow twitched. "The giant woman! She woke up!"

Without a moment's hesitation, Dr. Anderson burst out from behind the crowd, practically knocking Shinozaki aside. "What did you say!?"
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King Kong vs Amazons
Chapter Two Part Two


Sweat pooled on the stone cave floor below. Three times in a row Gilly pinned Tessa down quickly. She was giving no quarter tonight. Gilly used this opportunity to take out her humiliation and frustration out on Tessa's body. If only she had just taken the shot...but too late for that kind of thinking now. Tessa tried with all her might to get out of Gilly's leg lock hold. Even though Tessa was a good one hundred pounds or so heavier than Gilly, in terms of pure strength she was simply outclassed. She couldn't get any leverage, no matter what she tried. It became apparent that Gilly was playing with her. She could have pinned her down easily from here, but she drew it out, letting Tessa flail needlessly for a while longer. Sweat poured off their bodies in the heat of the night and the struggle.

Then Tessa felt Gilly shift her weight and slam her body down on the stone floor beneath her. She felt Gilly push herself on top of her for the pin. This would be her forth victory. When it was over, Gilly took no mercy on her shoulder. She chomped down and drew blood again. She lapped and drank it as is seeped out from her rich brown skin. Tessa heard her gulp and slurp at her shoulder while feeling the full weight of her body on top of her. It all seemed so petty to her.

Gilly raised her head up and looked down at her conquered bride. A bit of blood dribbled off her chin. Her thick, powerful tongue slipped out and licked at it. Tessa could tell she would be skipping the formalities and going right for the prize in a moment. Normally, Gilly would relax herself and let Tessa take the lead for love making. That's how she normally was. But tonight was different.

Gilly leaned down and began nibbling at Tessa's neck. She gasped in surprise. She could feel her own wet blood smear against her neck as Gilly licked and chewed on it. GIlly rooted her head against Tessa's body as she worked her way down, eating her wife. She felt Gilly's hand press against her crotch and begin prodding and rubbing. Regaining a bit of composure, Tessa put her hand behind Gilly's head. Gilly roamed downward, eventually spreading Tessa's legs apart. She pulled her fingers out of her and leaned in for the kill.

Tessa let Gilly go down on her. It was a rare thing for Gilly to take the lead like this. Tessa rocked her body back and forth to Gilly's rhythm. Gilly's powerful tongue worked its magic. Soon, Tessa's toes curled in near climax. But she relented, letting her teeter on the edge. Gilly rose and began working her way back up her body. She was biting harder now, chomping hard against her skin. She came up to Tessa's left nipple. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue, wrapping it around the areola. Her fanged teeth closed around her breast and she bit down. Tessa yelped at the sudden burst of pain. She felt Gilly's head tug and yank back as she suckled the bleeding nipple. Gilly was practically having her for dinner. That's when Tessa decided to fight back. In the end, she just wasn't the type to lay back and take it.

With lightning speed, Tessa slapped her hand up into Gilly's crotch. Gilly had been a powerful opponent, but her skills in sex were no match for Tessa's. Not here. They was in Tessa's kingdom now.

The sudden attack caused Gilly to pull back. Her mouth opened, releasing the nipple as her head shot back. Droplets of blood and saliva fell from her mouth into the air. With her hand on her crotch, her fingers dug into her, her thumb pressing against the outside of her pelvic bone. A magnificent hold. Gilly was made suddenly powerless. In this moment of weakness, Tessa pressed the offensive. She pushed the full of her weight on top of Gilly. She fell back and now Tessa laid on top of her body while she fingered her. She looked down and gloated to her sexual adversary.

"Yo-you thought you could just gobble me up like that tiny girl out on the beach? Think you can just make me your snack?" Tessa licked her lips. Her shoulder was still sore, but she felt all the more powerful for it. "I'm not some little washed up human girl. I'm an amazon too you know. And I'm about to show you that!"

She bent down fast and began mauling Gilly's body. Gilly tried to lift a hand up to push her head back, but Tessa wrapped her powerful fingers tightly around her nipple, causing an additional shock to her system. Gilly threw her head back and practically screamed. It was all over at that point. Tessa was going to devour her. It was simple as that.

After chewing on Gilly's body and fully subduing her, Tessa rose up and positioned herself for a scissor attack. She brought their legs together to squeeze into her. She began rubbing and pushing herself into Gilly's unresisting frame. She began taunting Gilly once more.

"Does that little girl out there have legs as strong as this? Is she as hungry as me?!" She leaned down and smothered Gilly with her massive breasts. "Does she have boobs as big as these? Well, does she?!"

Gilly brought her hands up to Tessa's breasts and moved her head side to side. Tessa kept pressing down, threatening to choke her out with her chest alone. She leaned back enough for Gilly to come up for a breath of air. She gasped and choked while Tessa continued to rub against her. She smiled as she pumped her body into Gilly, content that she had won.

Outside the cavern, Gilly's howls of passion echoed into the dark of the night.


Hours passed. The two lay on the floor of the cave, too spent to even crawl up into the bed. Nothing had really been resolved. But the two had at least extinguished the pent up passion of the day. The fact remained that the men were still out there, and if they didn't heed Gilly's warning, the area would soon be overrun with amazon soldiers. And if they weren't going to attack them, that really only left one option. Tessa wasn't going to like it. But it was the only sensible option left.

Tessa stirred as the dawn light penetrated the cave entrance. She groggily rose up and looked around. Gilly was at the mouth of the cave tightening the end of her now finished spear. She had a leather satchel tied to her back overflowing with some furs and a pouch of water. Gilly had a determined look to her. Tessa could guess what this meant.

Gilly turned to Tessa as she finished her spear. "Get ready, Tessa. We're leaving. Get the bow together and some water. Make sure to bring the rest of the food and the rope too." Gilly stood and walked back into the cave to finish her own packing.

Tessa rubbed her eyes. She had a feeling it would come to this. The men's landing site was just too close. If any major fighting happened, their cave would most certainly be searched for survivors. And with Tessa's history, it would be difficult to convince an overzealous amazon captain that they weren't hiding anything. The best thing to do now was to simply stay clear. At least for the time being.

Tessa packed her things in silence. She took the bow and quiver, a skin of water, the remaining jerky, a fur blanket, and the roll of rope they had. When she finished, she gave a last look around the cave walls. She looked at her paintings and said a silent goodbye. She turned and saw the painting of Gilly she was working on the other day. Damn, didn't get to finish it, she thought.

GIlly was already halfway down the cliff face when Tessa finally hopped out. While Tessa lamented that their vacation had been cut a bit short, the rest they did get was enough to rejuvenate them. Jumping and running was much less painful now. The two made swift progress along the tree line.

Gilly had anticipated a possible need to flee the cave lair. She had scouted out escape routes that led along the shoreline to more secluded areas long before this incident. While she didn't find a cave as hospitable as their own, there were several oceanic caverns along the beach ten miles to the north. They were easier caverns for predators to access, but they would have to make due.

The trek wouldn't be particularly difficult for the two of them. They could cover a lot of ground by jumping from treetop to tree top. The worry was should they be stopped by anything and delayed until the nightfall, it would put them in a very perilous situation. The nocturnal hunting period was a significantly more dangerous time for an amazon to travel than during daylight. If that happened, they would have to improvise, and get lucky.

Gilly took the lead and came to the top of a tree to get a good vantage point. The men's encampment was just to the south. Stretching out was the shoreline wrapping around to the north. She listened for predatory calls. Everything seemed clear. If they kept to the edge of the jungle, along the coastline, they would be able to avoid most predators. Larger prey usually didn't come out into the open beach, so it wasn't as popular a hunting ground for predators as the deep jungle. That is to say, the typical predator. There were always exceptions...

Tessa kept watch at mid-level. She looked up at Gilly searching along the canopy. She wondered if Gilly was upset with her. It was due to her insistence that they had to abandon their home. While she had no regrets as far as sparing the men on the beach, she still could feel remorse for forcing another light into the jungle. At least the situation resolved her jealousy over the black haired woman. Just leave it back on the sand, Tessa thought.

Suddenly, Tessa heard something. They hadn't traveled very far yet. In fact, their cavern lair was only a half mile behind them. But as densely populated as the jungle was, a half-mile could contain plenty. She gave a whistle signal to alert Gilly. Gilly looked down and then across the jungle canopy. She shambled down quietly within whispering distance to Tessa.

"What is it?" Gilly asked.

"I heard something in the jungle, just a few hundred yards I think. Due west. Might be nothing, but better make sure." Tessa said

Gilly nodded and took position a few trees away. They had to be careful. Not very many predators could catch them in the trees. But there were some that could get anywhere.

A few minutes passed in silence. The two amazons waited in still patience. Tessa carefully readied her bow. She had a full quiver of fourteen arrows. She could be a force to reckon with in this state. Gilly held tightly to her new spear. At her hip was the stone dagger she had made. It was of no use against most foes in the jungle, but it could get her out of a tight fix as a last resort.

The two waited until it seemed the cost was clear. Probably just a falling limb. Gilly relaxed and stood up on the branch. "Ok. Come on, Tessa. We have a lot of ground to cover by nightfall."

She started to stand again. Gilly was already jumping to the next branch when Tessa started to replace the bow over her shoulder. The two continued on for a few more hundred yards when Tessa had to come full stop and look behind her. Something was definitely following them. Tessa didn't have to give the warning whistle this time. Gilly heard it plainly too. A slight chirping in the distance. A call meant to communicate within a pack. A chill ran down Gilly's back. She felt the scar at her chest. It was them.

Tessa looked out into the thick foliage for movement. The jungle fell silent. Even the birds stopped calling. It seemed even the wind stopped blowing. Both amazons drew tense, ready to spring into action. Gilly only hoped they hadn't been surrounded already.

Suddenly, a figure burst from the jungle and landed on the branch of a tree behind them. A reptilian form dug it's claws deep into the bark. A scaly green hide shone in the bright sunlight. Purple needle-like feathers adorned the pointed head. It panted heavily, its long tail balancing its weight on the branch. It looked up at the two amazons and growled deeply.

Tessa turned her head towards Gilly and shouted "It's Nayla!!!"

Gilly's eyes went wide. Nayla was the name for the matriarch. The chief of all raptors. A boogeyman figure to frighten kittens. Though this beast was all too real. The creature was faster, stronger, and more vicious than any amazon could hope to be in the wild. Gilly was acutely aware that this was the same beast that put its mark on her. If they had their modern weapons, if they had armor, if they had greater numbers, they could handle shredders like these. But out here in the jungle, in their element, with only a pair of handmade weapons and their bare skin as defense, they were hopelessly outmatched. And that was just the one...

Gilly stared at the shredder, it's elongated head flicked from side to side, making clicking sounds deep in it's throat. It was summoning the others.

The jungle came to life with movement. They leapt from tree to tree with surprising grace. In the millions of years of continued development, these raptors had become accomplished climbers, their claws now specially suited for gripping the surfaces of trees. And they were fast. Faster than Tessa or even Gilly. Both of them had only barely managed to survive their last encounter. As the tress filled with the deadly creatures, Gilly managed to cry out, "RUN!"


By the time Gilly turned her head to flee, she had already counted twelve shredders, led by Nayla, their matriarch. The beasts tore through the jungle, sending branches and limbs crashing below. It was all either of them could do to keep their balance as they jumped from tree to tree. Despite the adrenalin boost, they were losing ground quickly. They had to think of something fast.

Tessa suddenly felt the rope around her shoulder. She grabbed one end of it and wrapped it around the branch beneath her. She held onto the other end and wrapped it around her waist. She dropped off the branch just as a shredder jumped for her. It missed the branch as she ducked away and fell to the jungle floor below. She hoped that the fall would injure the creature, but she doubted it.

She held the rope tightly in her hand as she slid down. Even so, her body jerked when she reached the end. She was suspended in the air, just out of reach of the nearby branches. The shredders were momentarily confused by this. They saw their prey, but didn't quite understand the principle of the hanging rope. In that moment of indecision, Tessa pulled herself up a bit and gripped the bottom of the rope with her powerful toes. With her arms free, she unleashed her bow and took aim at the surrounding hunters.

One arrow impacted a shredder right in the chest. It fell off its branch and crashed into the ground below. Another tried to leap to an adjacent tree but was hit in mid air. She kept taking aim and fell two more of them in a matter of seconds. A couple of the fallen beasts squirmed and kicked in circles on the ground below, still alive. But as adversaries, they were out of action.

Gilly heard some of the shredders falling to the ground and turned to see what was happening. She saw Tessa suspended on the rope, dangling hundreds of feet in the air, shooting arrows at the surrounding pack. She was impressed. But the maneuver was a temporary solution at best. It wouldn't be long before she either ran out of arrows or the rope was severed. She turned back to assist her partner. As she leapt back to join Tessa, a huge shredder jumped on the branch in front of her. Tessa dug her toes into the bak of the tree and propelled herself forward.

She used her weight and thrust her spear forward. Before the creature had set itself for a pounce, Gilly impacted it dead center plunging the spear deep into its chest. Her feet gripped the branch it had been standing on. With an masterful shift in weight and balance, she pushed the shredder off the branch and pulled the spear free. The beast plummeted below and by the time its body slammed into the ground, it was already dead. She felt a wetness on her cheek. The beast's claws had nicked her. She remembered the feeling of the poison coursing through her body. She couldn't risk too many more slashes from those venomous claws. No matter, she had to help Tessa.

Tessa had eight arrows left in her quiver. She looked for another target. The pack had become more wary, keeping behind leaves and branches for cover while they circled her. Finally, Tessa felt a jolt as a large shredder landed on the branch above her. She looked up and saw Nayla examining the rope tied off on the branch. She took aim and was about to put one in between its eyes when she heard another shredder make a leap for her from a nearby limb. She shifted her weight and swung aside, barely dodging the beast's lunge. As she swung, Nayla bobbed its head while looking at the rope. It clicked and chirped in curiosity. Finally, it dipped its head down and bit into the side of the rope and pulled upward. Tessa felt the rope lift her up as Nayla took it in its mouth.

Suddenly, its teeth cut through the rope, letting Tessa free fall down below. She felt her back impact a limb on the way down, shattering it into splinters. Another branch came up and Tessa was able to reach her arms out and catch herself on it. But in doing so, she dropped the bow. It was a few seconds before she heard it hit the ground below. If she wanted to survive, she had to go retrieve it.

Before she could even finish this thought, A shredder landed on the branch she was holding onto. It opened its mouth wide and came towards her. Tessa struggled feebly for a moment, unable to get a good grip in time.

From above, Gilly's spear rocketed downward. It struck the shredder right in the back. It coughed loudly and slipped off the side of the branch. In the next instant, Gilly landed on the branch and turned to pull Tessa up. Tessa stared up at Gilly wide-eyed.

"M-My bow!" She cried out.

Gilly nodded and jumped down. Her body was descending down to where the bow landed. Tessa looked down and saw several shredders leaping down after her. Gilly landed next to the bow, kicking up dead leaves and grass. She picked up the bow and threw it up back to Tessa. Tessa held out her hand and caught it with one hand and with the other immediately drew another arrow.

Gilly ran over to the fallen shredder with the spear stuck in its back. Before she could reach it, one of the others cut her off. She drew her stone knife, prepared for close quarters combat. A no-win scenario, by all counts. Even if she killed one of them up close, the likelihood of avoiding its poisoned claws were scant at best. Before she could lunge at the beast, an arrow from above pushed through the top of its head and out the bottom of its jaw. It shook and fell limply on the jungle floor.

Gilly went around the carcass and grabbed the spear. It took a great deal of her strength to pull it free. In the amount of time it took her to retrieve the spear, another shredder fell behind her, struck by Tessa's arrow. She turned and saw another of them rushing forward. Its mouth opened wide, showing off its rows of yellowed, needle sharp teeth. She thrust forward, plunging the spear-tip deep into the beast's mouth and through the back of its head.

Tessa was now low on arrows. She took more time with each aim. In doing so, she nearly missed hearing the shredder coming down on her from above. She turned to shoot at it in mid air but was too late. Her arrow flew and struck the falling shredder, but the weight of the beast propelled it forward. As it ran into Tessa, she could feel its claws rake against the skin of her thighs and forearms. She fell backwards towards the ground. She landed heavily on her back, the limp weight of the shredder above her. She pushed the dead beast off her. In doing so, she got a view of her legs, badly gouged by the beast's claws. Too deep. Too long. It had got her good.

Tessa rose to her feet and stumbled slightly. The pain was immediate and intense. She shook off the feeling and tried to focus. Gilly was busy finishing off another shredder. In the struggle, her spear broke in half. She pulled out her dagger and in one quick motion she stabbed it through the bottom of the shredder's jaw, the tip of it protruding through the top of its head. It fell over dead, and she turned to find her partner. When she did, she saw Tessa bleeding from the arms and legs. Her heart sank. Too much. That was too much poison to take.

Tessa looked over to Gilly, her vision already blurry. She felt sick to her stomach. Her blood pumped fast in the adrenaline rush, sending the poison coursing throughout her body. She saw Gilly's face. Her expression was one filled with horror. The next thing she saw would make her blood run cold.

In Gilly's momentary state of shock, she felt something heavy land on her back. Tessa gasped as she saw a shredder, no, Nayla herself land on Gilly's back. Its claws dug deep into Gilly's backside. Gilly groaned in sudden pain. Blood spilled from the cuts that ran all the way down her back.

With wavering legs, Tessa ran up behind the creature clawing at her beloved. She reached behind it's head and pulled it back in a chokehold. Nayla released Gilly and thrashed about angrily. It took every ounce of strength and focus for Tessa to remain holding onto the flailing chief shredder. Her powerful arms tensed and with a twist she heard the beast's neck snap. Nayla's body went limp in her arms. She released and let the dead matriarch fall to the ground. It's feathered head landed on a pile of leaves, its mouth open, eyes wide.

Gilly fell face first on the ground below. Her eyes were open, but she could no longer move. Intense pain racked her entire being. Poison alone was a hazard, but the deep slashes themselves proved likely to kill her from blood loss alone. It was all she could do to keep breathing. Tessa saw her body shake and quiver.

With her own wounds to contend with, Tessa knelt by Gilly's trembling body. Her eyes welled with tears. "Gilly...I...I don't think I can suck out that much poison..."

From above she could hear more rustling. More shrieking and clicking. This wasn't over. While she had killed the matriarch of the pack, shredders wouldn't retreat that easily. Another dominant female would take its place. It was only a matter of time before they regrouped and renewed the assault.

With her own strength failing, Tessa began to drag Gilly back towards the clearing on the beach. She couldn't leave her there. As she pulled her along, hope began to fade. Even if she brought her out into the open, what then? There were still more shredders than she had arrows left. Her time was winding down.

She felt the sun grow brighter behind her as she neared the clearing. She nearly  stumbled. Her eyes went hazy. The sick feeling in her stomach intensified. The jungle spun in front of her, out of focus. She fell to the ground, letting Gilly drop in front of her. If she left her, she might have been able to hobble off on her own. But she would never. All she could do now was drape herself over Gilly's unmoving body. Perhaps the shredders would take her first. It was the last thing she felt she could do for her.

In front of her, several shredders landed hard on the jungle floor. They fanned out, about seven of them; she couldn't exactly tell anymore. They surrounded the two fallen amazons and prepared to pounce.

Tessa panted heavily. "Heh, d-doesn't look like we're getting out of this one, are we Gill..."

She waited for the end to come. To get so far only to end up this way. She tried to think of something pleasant in her final moments. She thought about the painting on the cave wall back home. She had intended to finish it when the two of them returned. Too bad. It would have to remain incomplete...

As the shredders closed in for the kill, a sudden roar filled the jungle. Not a roar like any beast Tessa had heard before. The new chief shredder in front exploded in tiny bursts that threw hot red blood outward. The beast seemed to be popping from the inside in small blasts. It fell backwards in a bloody, smoking heap.

Next Tessa heard shouting. But it was in a strange tongue. She thought maybe she had heard someone speaking like that before, but couldn't remember.


Capt. Miller shouted at his men. "Keep firing! Keep firing!" Their automatics sprayed the raptors with heavy rounds. The beasts shrieked and coughed as they were mowed down. One tried to run to the side to flank the crew. Mr. Willis caught sight of it and let loose on the creature. It jerked and twisted as bullets ripped through its body. It convulsed and thrashed on the ground, throwing bloody sand in all directions.

The few remaining raptors retreated into the jungle. The crew continued to fire at the fleeing hoard, killing a few more as they darted into the trees.

Tessa lay motionless above Gilly. The poison's effect was taking hold of her. A bit of vomit dribbled past her lips. Yet she was still conscious enough to wonder about what happened. She, like most amazons, was accustomed to a more primitive version of snap-tubes. These were something different entirely. She never imagined that a group of blood drunk shredders could be so easily thwarted. The image of the approaching men spun as she finally passed out.

Willis came up to their side. He saw the extent of the damage done to them by the attacking raptors. He turned to Capt. Miller and nodded for him to come see. Capt. Miller looked the two fallen warriors over and nervously checked to see if they were still breathing. He turned to his men and began shouting orders. "You and you! Run back and get the doctor! Everyone else, we need to build stretchers. Come on, hurry up!"

The sun rose higher as the morning dragged on.
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King Kong vs Amazons
Chapter Two


Gilly's body tensed as she stared down her target. She arched her shapely, powerful back. She slowed her breath and steadied herself for the killing strike. Costal winds would have thrown off a lesser archer. But Gilly felt a bow like an extension of her own arm. The woman she aimed to kill had her hands at her waist in an arrogant stance. She was watching her men scuttle and defile the beach with stern eyes. Gilly allowed herself a slight smirk. For all the woman's aloofness and arrogance, she had not spotted her. Even with those pieces of glass, this poor creature could barely see. She held her breath as she prepared to fire.

Right before the decisive moment, something burst from the foliage behind Gilly. Before she could hear the approach, an object blocked Gilly's line of sight. The shock of it forced Gilly to defensively fall back. In doing so, she tripped and fell right on her round ass. In typical amazon discipline, she did not misfire her arrow. After another split second, Gilly was able to identify the sudden intruder.

Tessa stood in front of her with outstretched arms. She wore an expression Gilly seldom ever saw in her. A look of indignant anger and resolve. The look of a severely disappointed mother. It took a few seconds for Gilly to regain her composure. She had nearly fired an arrow straight through her lover's chest. What's more, Tessa may have just given away their position with this needlessly careless stunt. She gritted her teeth and with one quick motion, she rose and grabbed Tessa by the arms. She dragged her quickly back behind the outcropping to confront her under cover.

"Tessa! What do you think you're doing!?" Gilly demanded.

Tessa stood her ground. She stared Gilly straight in the eye with a furrowed brow. She spoke in an uncharacteristically severe tone. "What I'm doing isn't the question. What's important is what do you think you're doing!" She raised her head and looked down her nose at Gilly as she spoke.

"What am I- Tessa, those are MEN down there!" Gilly said.

Tessa crossed her arms. "Yes. And?..."

Gilly was at a momentary loss. What more needed to be said? Though she had loved her for many years, Tessa could still be an enigma at times. "Those men down there are invading the motherland, Tessa! They're defying the will of the Golden Goddess!"

Tessa turned her head and closed her eyes. She grimaced with clenched teeth. She opened her eyes again and looked back at Gilly. "And tell me, exactly what have men ever done to you!?"

"Tessa!" Gilly's heart almost skipped a beat. All the time they lived together and Tessa could still shock with her ability to blaspheme so freely. So openly.  

"Those people down there haven't done a thing to you. You were about to kill them without even being provoked!" She put her arms at her hips and stuck out her chest as she spoke. "It's bad enough to be forced to kill in defense. But to kill without reason is dishonorable. It's shameful!"

Gilly could feel her temper rising. Tessa, the pacifist, was speaking of honor and shame. The type of amazon who wouldn't lift a spear to fight for her motherland was lecturing her about honor. Gilly found herself taking deep breaths to keep herself calm as she spoke.

"Tessa...listen to me. Those men down there, whether they know it or not, are in violation of the most sacred commandment of the motherland. When the Capital finds out they're here, they will exterminate them all. Not one of them will be allowed to leave this island alive. The Queen's Army will fill this valley. They'll find our home and they will want to know why we sat and did nothing." She placed her hands on Tessa's shoulders. Tessa continued to stare at her defiantly. "We can't just ignore them. But I have a plan. We can hit them with a surprise attack! We can drive them away before they even become a problem. And I can do it with only two casualties. The others will escape on their boat. This is the best way to avoid the loss of life, Tessa." She thought perhaps appealing to her peace-loving side would help win her over.

She looked into Tessa's eyes to see if she was getting through to her. But Tessa simply stared at her, apparently waiting for her to go on. Gilly licked her lips nervously. It was one of those rare ticks that gave away when Gilly was unsure of herself. She continued. "And besides that, this could be our big chance, Tessa. If we successfully turn away a horde of invading men, the Capital isn't just going to ignore it." She let go of Tessa's shoulders. She gestured with her hands as she talked. "They'll see we are still strong and loyal to our sisters. They may even decide to show us leniency. They might let us come home Tessa! They might let-"

Gilly's words were cut off. Tessa slapped her across the face with a sudden and powerful swipe of her open palm. Gilly staggered. She nearly toppled over to the ground but caught herself and gained her balance. Gilly could handle the shock of physical pain. But this had been an emotional blow. It was the sudden shock to her spirit that caused her to pause and stare in disbelief at Tessa. She held the side of her face that Tessa struck. The blow was strong enough to rattle her teeth. A slow, simmering rage was building up in her. Gilly had flown into fits of bloodlust at lesser offenses than this. It was only their long standing bond that kept her from leaping upon her and strangling her on the white sand. She could only manage a short grunt through gritted teeth. ""

Tessa replied with an equally forceful tone. "I never believed you were so weak, GIlly..."

Gilly stood up straight. Her eyes flared, but she could find no words. How dare she?!...

"They'll let you go home? Those same people that forced you from home in the first place? Those people that disgraced you? That spit on your good name? Those people that took away your rank, your accomplishments, even a home to go back to? That's who you would kill these people for? For their sake you would trade these strangers' lives for your own personal gain? The Gilly I love would never bow down to an unworthy adversary. But you would grovel at the feet of the people who cast you out after everything you did for them!? Because maybe they'll let us come home? Gilly. Nobody lets you do anything! You're Gilly the Conquerer! I thought you had more pride than this!"

Gilly's stomach twisted at Tessa's words. Even in her boiling fury, Tessa's words cut through her. Her hands closed into tight fists. Her emotions turned against each other, forming a hurricane in her mind. She could never deny the passion and conviction in Tessa when she had her moments. And yet, all through Gilly's life, she believed her strength came from her discipline. Her devotion to the Golden Goddess and the High Queen had given her all the power she had. To hear Tessa speak so disgracefully of the Sisterhood practically made her hair curl. At the same time, Tessa's words had uncovered the long buried feelings of betrayal and despair she had felt when they were first cast out. Was the Sisterhood wrong to exile them? Was their punishment unjust? If so, what was the value of her loyalty? All of Gilly's long treasured beliefs began to unravel as she followed this train of thought.

She dropped her fists to her side. "Tessa! I love you....but sometimes I don't understand you. How can you stand living in this nightmare? And why do you care so much for these people you don't even know? Don't you want to come home too?...."

Tessa's expression softened. "Of course I want to go home, Gilly. But I'm not about to shudder in fear in front of some council or a group of soldiers ever again. They sent us out here believing we would die. They tried to kill us, Gilly. As far as I'm concerned that makes them my enemy. Since we started living in the jungle I've seen many terrible things. But I've also seen some amazing things! Things I never dreamed about living in the city. And through everything I had you. And without you I would have nothing." Tessa extended her hands, offering them for Gilly to take. "So that's why I just can't stand to see you acting so cowardly. You're supposed to be the strong one, Gilly. Please just try to listen to me." She smiled at Gilly, hoping her words made their mark.

For a moment, Gilly just looked at her partner. She seemed to be examining her words line by line, all the while examining Tessa herself. Her body language was strong. Her posture was confident and poised. Her outstretched hands were an invitation to understanding. But something in Gilly's stubborn soldier's pride was holding her back. Could Tessa be right? It was true that all declarations of war had to be made fairly and honorably. It was always men who were the exception to this rule. But was that justified? It took a deeply troubling line of thought to dismantle her long standing beliefs. However, much had changed since her exile. Certain means of survival were taken that she had never before contemplated. Would this simply be another adjustment? A further accommodation? But to give men the same measure of respect as any other foe? The thought shook her entire body.

Gilly sighed heavily. She looked at Tessa's outstretched hands. In any case, she was not prepared to lose her. That would be true exile. True defeat. She resolved that she would at least hear her out and discuss a plan. Though she most definitely wasn't prepared to just let the men have the run of the land.

"Ok...You win again. I shouldn't underestimate you anymore." She embraced her lover, but remained conscious of the stinging on her cheek from where Tessa struck her. It was something she'd receive due payment for later, she thought.

Gilly tried her best to regain her sense of leadership. Tessa had just spoken to her like a mentor scolding her kitten* (a young amazon). But this situation still required precision and planning, surprise attack or not. The fact remained that these men invited retaliation from the Queen's Army by simply being there. They couldn't just ignore them. If they didn't attack them, they would have to deal with them another way. All options began to look bleak. She considered that perhaps they would have to abandon their cavern lair, at least for the time being. All of this required decisive thinking.

She walked back towards the rock overlooking the beach. Along the way she picked up her bow and two arrows. She poked her head up and looked out over the gathering horde below. She desperately hoped that their exchange hadn't given them away. But as she watched them it seemed they weren't any the wiser. They continued to unload their materials and equipment same as before. She felt Tessa slip in at her side as she bent down to look as well.

Gilly didn't know how long Tessa had been watching the scene. She didn't even know how long she had been following her. The realization suddenly hit her that Tessa had snuck up on her earlier. Nobody ever snuck up on her. Nobody. But Tessa had done it so easily. Gilly never even heard a sound before she dropped in front of her. Gilly shook her head and attributed it to target fixation; that phenomenon which occurs when one focuses too much attention on a single enemy and forgets the overall picture. Shameful as it was, that's what she chose to accept. No way had Tessa become so skilled at ambush...

"OK, Tessa. They're down there. We have to just accept that. So what do you suppose we do about it?" Gilly glanced at Tessa to see what she'd come up with.

"Well, we should ask them what they want, first of all." Tessa replied to the question like it was no big deal.

"Y- you want to go talk to them!?" Gilly stammered in surprise.

Tessa shrugged. "Well, we don't even know what they're doing here. They might be harmless. I don't see any weapons down there. At least nothing that could harm us. They could just be explorers. They might not even know where they are."

Gilly shook her head. "You're taking a lot of chances, Tessa. They could have weapons hidden in those crates. We don't even know if that's their only boat. There are too many unknowns."

"We can just ask them to leave. They at least deserve a fair warning." Tessa said.

"Hmmm." Gilly still didn't like it. Her experience with men was minimal. She had only seen them in books and holo-vids. Up close that is. She had once seen a band of men paraded through town as a kitten. They were being taken to be executed. Food for The Ape. A shudder worked its way up Gilly's spine. It was a punishment they themselves had barely avoided. Exile had been the lesser, alternative sentence. The Ape was denied their flesh but even the threat of it had shaken her to the core. If they were to be recaptured and brought before trial again, they most certainly would not avoid that fate a second time.

All she could remember of the doomed men in town was their miserable appearance. They had been striped naked and were forced along in chains. They were dirty and appalling to both sight and smell. Even many of the older, more experienced amazons had to turn away at the sight of them, often covering their faces in their scarves and veils. But Gilly remembered looking directly at them. A seething hatred had built itself up inside her. These creatures were everything her culture stood against. They were small and weak. They had no courage. Their eyes were frightened and hollow. And in spite of that lack of backbone they had destroyed their own world around them. Every amazon knew the stories of the poisons that spread from each corner of man's world. These so-called men weren't even honorable enough to be called enemies. They were simply vermin.

She saw the same qualities in these men below. They shambled around without even an ounce of grace. They bumped into each other and threw sand around carelessly with every step. What did Tessa see in them that inspired this...this misguided empathy?

"Come on, Gilly, it's worth a try." Tessa had turned to appeal to Gilly. "I could go down there myself. I speak a little bit of Degenerate. I could try to find out what they're after, and I'll come right back up."

"No. I can't let you take that risk." Gilly continued to look out at the beach. She took a deep breath and exhaled. She hated it, but it couldn't be helped. Tessa had made a good point. Having had time to think about it, her plan was in fact a long shot. Even if she killed both leaders, there was no guarantee that the men would run. In their primitive ways, they may even lash out. With only the two arrows, she would have to be very creative to force them back. If nothing else, by going down there she could find out what their intentions were. They could then reconvene at the cave. She might from there be able to convince Tessa that they needed to attack. Or flee the area, as loathsome as that idea was. They had worked so hard on their jungle fortress. But they simply could not risk being labeled as male sympathizers should they be caught.

Gilly looked back at Tessa. "I'll go. I can speak Degenerate pretty well myself. I'll just ask them to leave. I'll give them their 'fair warning' as you put it." Tessa fidgeted a little as Gilly spoke. "As for you, I'll have you cover me. You're better with the bow than I am anyway. You can get me out of a jam if anything goes wrong." Gilly hoped the false compliment would boost Tessa's confidence.

"Are you sure, Gilly?" Tessa asked. "You're not going to try and fight them all yourself are you?"

"No. I'll just talk to them. I certainly don't trust them, but if I can get close I can get a better picture of what we're dealing with down there. We can decide then if we should attack or if we need to get clear of here." Gilly said.

It all sounded reasonable, but Tessa was still unsure. Gilly had been so ready to kill without even considering the options. It worried her that she was so full of bloodlust before but was now offering to play ambassador. Still, Gilly was willing to trust her with her life. She had blushed when she called her the better archer. She didn't really believe that was true, but it had warmed her nonetheless.

"OK, Gilly. But what are you going to say to them?" Tessa asked.

"I'll tell them this is sacred land. I'll explain to them the depths of their offense and offer them one chance to leave the island with their lives. If they disobey, the full wrath of the Goddess's fury shall fall down upon them and curse them forevermore in burning hellfire. Men are cowards. That should at least weaken their resolve to stay." Gilly had clenched her fist when rehearsing her little speech.

Tessa thought she was being a bit overdramatic, but it was all fair enough. As long as they at least warned the men before lodging an arrow in their heads. Did Gilly even realize that was a woman she was about to assassinate?

"Alright. Just be careful down there." Tessa said.

"It's fine. I know you'll keep me safe." Gilly responded.

They leaned in and kissed each other. The entire situation was perilous. Damned if they did, damned if they didn't. Either way, they had to deal with it the same way they dealt with everything. Together.

Gilly then stood proudly and began to walk down towards the beach. She got a good fifty feet down the slope before she realized that she was about to give a speech to a group of men completely naked.


Ms. Miko Shinozaki walked off the boat and onto the sand without changing pace. Her stride was confident and even. She stopped and stood at the center of the flurry of activity around her. It had been five weeks since she last stood on dry land. Five weeks! Though, now that she was here at the island, she could at last breathe a weary sigh of relief knowing that she had been right to trust her gut. Dr. Anderson was right all along. Now the came the interesting part...

Miko Shinozaki wore her usual grey suit and dress pants. She did this as a matter of personal showmanship. She wanted to maintain the same air of authority she carried back at the company. However, five minutes out in the brutal summer heat was enough to make her regret it. She would change once the tents got set up. Changing now would make her look foolish. She was just that kind of woman. All pride. Even in the face of discomfort.

"Captain!" Ms. Shinozaki shouted over the crew unloading the equipment.

Captain Miller was a tall man with a wide barrel chest. A simple, old fashioned type. He spoke honestly and plainly. The idea of taking his ship out to find a hidden island with no heading but a fragment of an old map on the behest of some hoity-toity office girl had never sat well with him. Alas, his ship was owned by the Company. If they said he goes, he goes. Still, it took a considerable amount of inner patience to put up with the woman once she started calling him like a dog.

"Yes, ma'am?" He offered in a flat voice.

She turned to him and stared across the sand some ten feet away. The ocean breeze brushed the bottom of her pants like a flag in the wind. She looked a bit ridiculous in that get-up in this setting. She must have been boiling alive in that silly suit. But damn if she didn't do a good job making it look like she was at ease all the same. The two continued to stare at each other. He could tell from her expression what she wanted. She wasn't going to walk over to him. He had to go to her. 'Heel, boy. Good dog.'

He closed his eyes and grunted before starting over towards her. He took a spot to her left about a few feet from where she stood. He turned and faced the direction she looked so they were shoulder to shoulder. A shrewd move. He turned his head as he answered her. "What is it, ma'am?"

Shinozaki continued looking out over the jungle island in front of her. The beach sand stretched some fifty yards ahead and slowly transitioned into dense jungle foliage. She could see no cut paths or any other signs of civilization. Unlike her associate, she didn't turn her head to speak but kept her bespeckled eyes forward. "How long until your men unload?" A uselessly managerial question. The type of question a child (or executive) would ask.

"Given the load we got, I'd say about twenty minutes." Capt. Miller responded. "Another half-hour to set up the tents. We should also start scouting soon."

Shinozaki managed a little 'hmph.' She continued taking in the island, noting its features. Could it really be here? A lost city? It sounded like a fairy tale. But the fact that they were here at all, an island that should not have been there, reassured her somewhat.  She glanced over to her female associate, giddily moving back and forth between boxes and men holding boxes. She was acting like a kid before Christmas morning, her excited voice trailing above the clamor. Shinozaki voiced her concerns to the captain.

"Make sure she doesn't get ahead of herself. I don't need us wasting time chasing her through all this wilderness." Shinozaki said.

"You don't have to tell me twice. I've had more than I bargained for with this trip already." Capt. Miller neglected to mask his contempt for a moment. "The sooner you girls get what you came for and pack up the better."

The two continued to watch as the men unloaded. Darting among them was a tall skinny woman with long black hair pulled into a ponytail through her snapback hat. Like Ms. Shinozaki, she wore glasses. Though they were much larger and thicker (and less stylish). But she at least had the humility and common sense to wear shorts and a sleeveless cargo vest for the weather. She went around badgering the men lifting and setting down boxes, making sure they understood the value of their contents. In between, she gasped and gushed about the scenery.

"Oh wow! Oh wow! I can't believe it! It's really real! It's really- Hey, hey hey! Be careful with that! That's a delicate set of- Ahhh, please just set those over there. No, no, over there. Yes! Ahhh! I still can't believe it! I was right all along! It's like a dream come true!" The girl shouted.

Despite her girlish demeanor this woman was an accomplished anthropologist contracted by the company, Sinclair Industries. Her name was Dr. Sidney Anderson. It was because of her recent discoveries that helped green-light the expedition. Many had doubted the validity of her findings, partly because of the sexist attitudes of the bigwigs, and partly because of the audacity of her claims. But standing here now on the mythic beach had caused her heart to sing. She was right! And she was going to let everyone know it.

Dr. Anderson ran up to Ms. Shinozaki, still flying high on sheer excitement.

"Oh! Ms. Shinozaki! Can you believe it? We're finally here! I told you so! When do we start the hike? I want to get started right away!" Dr. Anderson was hopping up and down on the sand in her hiking boots which seemed a few sizes too big for her feet.

Shinozaki raised an eyebrow at her immature companion. She raised her hand dismissively. "You have to wait until we set up base camp. Besides, don't you have your camera equipment to unpack?"

Dr. Anderson stopped hopping and stood straight as an arrow. "Oh! My cameras!" She ran back over to the men unloading on the beach. "Which one of you has my cameras?! Ah! Is it over here? Ohhhh!"

Capt. Miller let out an annoyed sigh. He spoke under his breath without regarding Shinozaki. "Like running a damn kids' field trip." He turned to face Shinozaki. "If something goes wrong out here, I'm pulling the plug. I'm not going to let anyone get killed so you girls can play in the jungle."

Shinozaki seemed to not hear the quip. She had her head tilted up, looking up the rising hill. She seemed to be concentrating. "Be quiet." She said at length. "And don't move."

Capt. Miller furrowed his brow and turned to where she was staring. "What is it?"

"Someone's up there. We're being watched." She said in a low voice.

"Huh? Where?" Capt. Miller asked.

"Up on the hill. I saw something move behind those rocks. It ducked away a moment ago. And I think there might be more than one." Shinozaki said.

"You want to send a search party?" Capt. Miller asked.

Shinozaki remained quiet for a moment. "No. Just stay calm. We don't know how many there are. Get the guns out of the hold. We might need them in a minute. But not too fast. We don't want to provoke an attack."

Capt. Miller looked and spotted a bit of movement where she mentioned. He suddenly felt an unexpected twinge of respect for the curvy little office girl. For behaving like an empty headed bureaucrat, she was showing a more than reasonable amount of mettle. Calmly, he ordered his first mate to get the guns unloaded. His first mate was a steely man in his forties. He reminded one of a kindly old butler, complete with british accent. Mr. Willis was his name.

Willis stepped onto the boat. He spotted a crew member fidgeting with a knot over some crates. It was the new kid, a boy named Jack. Jack...what was his last name? O'Brien! That was it!

"O'Brien! Start unloading the rifles and ammo. We might be in a bit of trouble out there. But don't make a scene of it!" Mr. Willis ordered.

"Yes sir!" Jack responded and tried to salute, but his finger caught in the knot, causing a bit of awkward pulling to get it free. By the time his hand came loose, Willis had already gone back to the beach. Other men began coming aboard to help move the weapons crates. He was beginning to feel more and more in the way as these big oafs lumbered on and off the deck.

Jack O'Brien was a young man at twenty five years. Though he was fit and lean, he was nowhere near the size and stature of these old dogs. He had a dashing physique and a classic 'pretty boy' face. Quite charming, really. But he was never the 'aggressive' type. He was more content to comply and conform than shake things up. This combined his his puppy dog face made him the low man on the totem-pole among the crew. And don't get started on his bright blue eyes.

The men began piling the gun crates in the sand nearby. Their orders were to wait and observe. A rash move here and they may have to pack up and call the whole thing off. Ms. Shinozaki was determined to avoid such humiliation. So much was staked on the success of this expedition that retreating was the last thing on her mind.

Dr. Anderson continued to bounce around and search her bags and boxes for specific pieces of equipment. She was, so far, unaware of the possible danger above. Just as well. She seemed the type to be easily spooked. Not even a half-hour off the boat and things were already getting tense.

Capt. Miller was growing more concerned. "What do you think? Should we fire some warning shots?"

Shinozaki's face twitched slightly. "Just wait. If we start firing shots we might attract more attention. Besides, we don't need to go revealing our arsenal just yet. Better to let them make the first move."

"Hmm." Capt. Miller wasn't exactly at ease. But Shinozaki's even tone seemed trustworthy. And she had a point. They couldn't exactly go shooting everything in sight.

Before they could discuss things further, Shinozaki saw something moving towards them. Capt. Miller saw it a moment after. A figure was approaching from the hill.

Shinozaki called out to the men. "Alright, heads up! Everyone steady! We have a visitor." The men shuffled around. Most sat down the boxes they were carrying and looked up to the descending figure. "Now don't anyone panic."

Dr. Anderson nervously retreated back towards Shinozaki and Capt. Miller. "Ah, do you think it's a native? Should we be worried?"

Shinozaki kept her eyes fixed on the figure. "Just stay calm. If you want, you can get back on the boat."

Dr. Anderson stood a moment, unsure what to do. So she ultimately chose to just stand there behind the captain and her boss. She gulped as she hunched down behind Shinozaki (she was lanky, and about a foot taller than her employer).

The shadowy figure was distorted by the waves of heat rising off the sand. As it drew closer it became clear that it was human in appearance. A woman. A bit of confusion took hold of Capt. Miller as the figure came closer. A trick of perspective, perhaps? He was having difficulty gaging her distance for some reason. Then the reason for his confusion became clear. This 'woman' was enormous!

A towering monster of a woman. She was almost double the size of anyone there. Her brown curvy body came into focus. The men began to take notice of her features. Powerful, toned legs. Short reddish brown hair. Glowing golden eyes. Tight, firm arms. Shapely, generous hips. And...and boobs! Boobs the size of planets!

Some of the men began making their crude jokes, but the rest were still too stunned to make any lewd comments. She was gorgeous, like a supermodel - but even more beautiful!  And yet she had hands that could crush their skulls. Even the biggest man there would only be as tall as her navel. A hushed murmur overtook the crowd. A strange feeling of combined horror and arousal was growing in the air. The men began huddling together. None of them were quite sure how to feel about any of it.

The massive woman stopped about ten yards away. She held her hands up to show she was unarmed. Then she placed her hands at her waist and stuck out her chest. The ocean wind blew through her beautiful locks in the bright sunlight. Everyone fell deathly silent. Dr. Anderson grabbed Ms. Shinozaki by the sleeve of her dress suit in apprehension. "It''s an amazon..." she said sheepishly.

A bead of sweat trickled down Capt. Miller's face and off his chin. Jack O'Brien dropped the crate he was holding when he finally saw her.

Everyone waited with held breath to see what would happen next.


Gilly tried to force back the blushing as she approached the landing site. 'Mortified' wasn't quite the word for it. It's not as though she was modest. Love of nudity was an aspect of her upbringing. But not in front of an enemy gathering. And certainly not before a group of slobbering beasts! She almost stopped in her tracks when she heard a few of them chuckling. But she was committed. She couldn't well turn back now. Much too late for that. She felt them all looking at her up and down. Their eyes poking and groping at every corner of her body. She tried to put on the toughest face she could to cover up her embarrassment. She hoped that it was coming across.

The sand was hot under her feet as she came to a stop in front of the crowd. The men cowered together when she came near, her size and demeanor shrinking their egos before her very eyes. She let the silence work for her as she stared them down. They clearly weren't sure what to do next. As she stopped she saw the crates placed closer to the boat than the other parcels. Their weapons, probably. The sharp, quick glances towards these boxes by a few of the men confirmed this suspicion. No matter. She prepared to deliver her speech.

The men were clearly waiting for her to make the first move. She raised her head, ready to begin. She recounted the words she had rehearsed to Tessa a moment ago up on the hill. But she faltered. How was she to convert her eloquently ominous warning into the brutish grunts of these man animals? Her mind darted, trying to cobble together the words using the bits of english she knew by heart. Finally, she cleared her throat and began.  

In a booming voice she uttered, "Yoo men, no to be here! This oor land! Be away, or beeg mother vill smash you!" A bead of sweat trickled down her face. She wondered if they could even understand that mess of gibberish. A new wave of embarrassment overcame her. If only she had paid more attention to her mentor when it came to man culture.

There was a momentary silence. The men on the beach didn't expect her to speak english. The sudden surprise of this was blunted by the fact that she spoke it very poorly. Some of the men in the back laughed openly. This caused Gilly to gasp in anger.

Ms. Shinozaki and Capt. Miller were at a loss themselves. Dr. Anderson had unclenched Shinozaki's sleeve and was slowly walking forward. Her eyes sparkled behind her thick glasses.

Ms. Shinozaki turned to Capt. Miller. "Well, you're the captain. Go on. Answer her!"

Capt. Miller shook his head, never taking his eyes off of Gilly's massive form. "Wha-what should I say?"

"Tell her we come in peace. We mean her no harm. That sort of thing!" Shinozaki answered.

Even so, Capt. Miller seemed hesitant. His big frame leaned forward but faltered. Suddenly, Dr. Anderson turned and faced her boss. "Please, oh please let me talk to her!" She shook Shinozaki's arm while jumping in place. "I need to do this! First contact! Can you imagine?! This is more than just a negotiation, we're making history here! Oh please oh please oh-"

"Alright! Alright! Go answer her. We'll keep you covered. Just try to control yourself, won't you?" Ms. Shinozaki said. She angrily jerked her arm loose from her grasp.

Dr. Anderson straightened. She brushed the sand off her pale legs and vest. She took two step towards the towering amazon and stopped to take her hat off and undo her ponytail. She wanted to appear as formal as she could under the circumstances. She tossed the hat onto the sand and walked forward with exaggerated pomp. She stopped only ten feet from the giant. She cleared her throat and began.

"We...are your friends! You have nothing to fear from us! We only wish to explore. We mean you no harm!" Dr. Anderson said in an even tone.

Gilly understood more or less what she was saying. No harm eh? How gracious for them to consider the safety of amazons. Little minded cretins. Still, Gilly felt slightly charmed by the tiny scientist. She seemed genuine and sweet. She allowed herself a good look at this miniature woman. Her legs were long but shapely. Up close she was a lot cuter, she thought. She could now see little freckles along the bridge of her nose...and on top of her breasts which were pushed together by her white undershirt. Big brown eyes were magnified by her round glasses. Her belly button was exposed below the cargo vest she wore. Her tiny shorts stopped almost at the crotch line. If it weren't for Tessa watching patiently above, she had half a mind to pick the little girl up and lick her from head to toe. She snapped out of it and prepared her rebuttal. It was going to take more than a tasty little cutie to throw her off.

Gilly looked down at Dr. Anderson sternly. "No! No friend! Men must away! Ees rule of...of world! No men here." She took a step forward and pointed out at the crowd. "All will be kill! I give you decision!" She meant to tell them she was giving them a chance to leave. But the wording was tricky for her. Would they understand? She felt foolish. Like she was wasting valuable time.

Dr. Anderson tensed up. She didn't want her historic meeting to end so abruptly. She tried again to bridge the gap. "I am no man. My, ah, my chief is not a man either! We are the same. These men are our..." She turned to Shinozaki, who nodded. Capt. Miller seemed less at ease. "They are our servants!"

Some of the men protested with grunts and short outbursts. Ms. Shinozaki silenced them. "Shut up! Let her talk!" She could see Dr. Anderson's angle. Maybe this could work.

Gilly stood firm. "No men...ever! Must away! Army come. Will kill all. No men. No women. All will die. You were warned."

The reference to an army caused a bit of a stir. Before Dr. Anderson could pry further, Gilly decided she had done enough. She had gauged their worth. These were just some poor explorers who wound up on the wrong shore. They were too stubborn to listen. Let them find out themselves. They apparently had some weaponry, but not in any quantity to matter. She turned her back on the crowd and started back towards the hill.

"Ah! Wait! Please, let me talk to you!" Dr. Anderson began chasing after Gilly, who was already stretching into the distance with her long stride.

"Stop! Let her go, Dr. Anderson." Shinozaki ordered. Anderson stopped and turned towards her, some tears already glistening behind her glasses.

"But, but I-" Dr. Anderson pleaded.

"She's just a messenger. She gave her message. Let's leave it at that." Shinozaki said.

Dr. Anderson's hands dropped to her side. She turned back to look at the amazon walking away in the distance. Her heart was in her throat. Such a specimen! Her stride was so long she covered fifty meters in just a few moments. As she watched her go, she couldn't help but admire the creature's physique. So clearly powerful, but yet still so alluring. So nubile. She was like a living goddess.

This same thought passed through the mind of Jack O'Brien, Who watched her with the same lustful appreciation. He swallowed hard past a lump in his throat as he watched her go.

Capt. Miller turned to Ms. Shinozaki. "What do you make of that? She mentioned an army. Do you think it's safe to stay here?"

Before she could answer someone yawned loudly. Shinozaki grimaced when she heard the sound. It meant he had finally joined them.

A man in his early thirties stepped off the boat with unkempt black hair and face thick with stubble. He was an exceedingly handsome young man, but with a poor sense of manners and tact. To him, everything seemed like one big joke. The kind of man who, even in the heights of his own power, just never took anything seriously. He wore his white dress shirt open with his sleeves rolled up. His hard abs were clearly revealed through the opening. His grey pant legs were likewise rolled up,  and he wore no shoes on his bare feet as they landed onto the sand.

Shinozaki tried to hide her irritation. How the hell did he sleep through the whole thing? She cursed under her breath as he walked up between her and the captain. He rubbed the back of his playfully messy hair. Such a slob, she thought to herself. How he got all the way to his position was a mystery to her. The two couldn't be any more opposite. So it would surprise no one to know the two used to be together. Damn the company for sending him along!

The young man's name was Paul. Paul Madison. He'd been sent along by upper management to accompany Ms. Shinozaki, who made every effort to show her contempt for the decision. He found that irresistibly cute. He prided himself in always knowing which buttons to push to get her going. Now little Miko was showing him the old cold shoulder.

Paul shielded his eyes and winced at the sunlight. "Goddamn it's hot! " He shuffled a bit and wormed his way past Shinozaki and Capt. Miller and looked around at the scene.

Capt. Miller didn't have anything to say to him. He found that the best thing to do with him was just ignore him. He wasn't like Ms. Shinozaki. He never gave orders. He just milled about like a bored, petulant child all the time. Even so, he was an important man to the company. If he had a mind to, he could cause the captain all manner of grief. If he could just manage to avoid punching the little bastard's lights out, that would be good enough.

"So, this is what we came out all the way for? What are we, setting up beach condos now?" Paul pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lighter. He stuck one in his mouth and moved to light it when he finally looked up and caught sight of the amazon walking off. Even though she was fading away in the distance, he could still make out her figure, her general size, and overall physique. He closed his eyes and smiled. "Now that..." He clicked his lighter on. "Is one big ass."

The crew let out an applause of laughter. He had expertly broken the strange tension that had fallen over them. Dr. Anderson scowled at his remark. Ms. Shinozaki and Captain Miller found him irritating. Dr. Anderson utterly despised him. The rest of the crew adored him.

He turned to Ms. Shinozaki and looked at her with smoldering brown eyes and lit cigarette in his mouth. "Almost as big as yours."

Ms. Shinozaki ignored the comment and focused on getting the crew back in order. "Alright everyone, back to work!"

Capt. Miller seemed a bit disturbed. "You really think we should just let her go? I mean, what if she brings more of them down here?"

"We didn't come all this way to be chased off the beach by one little bluff. For safety's sake we'll keep round-the-clock watches for any funny business. I'm just not too interested in having to subdue a girl that size at this stage in the game. We have a lot more work to do yet." Ms. Shinozaki responded.

"We should bring her back home for the advertising department. I bet she could sell a lot of sports bras for us." Paul said casually.

Dr. Anderson frowned at Paul, but his words suddenly caused her to gasp. "Ah! Pictures! I forgot to get pictures! Oh! Someone get my camera!"

A crewman walked up with one of her camera bags. It wasn't the best one she had, but she grabbed it out of the bag and started taking shots of Gilly walking in the distance. She zoomed up behind her, eventually getting a good close-up of her rear end gyrating as she walked. Dr. Anderson blushed brightly as she snapped her shots. "Oh, yes. This will do for now. Real nice...." She kept shooting until Gilly disappeared behind the foliage at the crest of the hill. Once Gilly was out of sight, Dr. Anderson lowered her camera and looked out to where she vanished. Her face was still flush red. "What a wonderful specimen!"

Paul kicked a bit of sand at the ground and tapped some ash off his cigarette. "You'd better start smaller, Sidney. A woman like that would probably eat you alive."

Dr. Anderson stamped her foot. "I would prefer that you address me as Doctor, if you please."

Paul only offered a slight huff and a smile in response.

"Just get out of our way for now, Mr. Madison. The men need to finish laying out the base camp." Ms. Shinozaki said.

"Sure, sure, princess." Paul said as he walked to the side. Mr. Madison? What's with that? She could still be such a cold bitch sometimes.

The men continued unloading and prepping the site. Capt. Miller had men posted as sentries and began working out a rotation for guard duty. This clearly wasn't going to be a simple camping trip.


Gilly passed the rock where she expected to find Tessa. Strangely she was absent. Gilly looked around for a bit in confusion before she suddenly saw Tessa emerge from the brush behind her. Gilly waited for her to walk up to her before starting.

"Well, that went about as well as I expected. I don't think these men are much of a treat to us. Attacking them will probably not be necessary. What do you think Tessa?" Gilly asked.

Instead of answering right away, Tessa sniffed the air around Gilly's body. She inhaled deeply and began sniffing around Gilly's chest. Gilly backed up a pace, obviously perplexed.

"Wha-what is it?" Gilly asked.

Amazons have a heightened sense of smell compared to regular humans. They could pick up faint scent trails from a great distance. They could even smell the hints of pheromones released by others. The kind of pheromones released when one is aroused, for instance.

Tessa took another big sniff. She looked Gilly in the eye for a moment before finally responding. "No, I don't think we should attack them. If they're no threat to us, just let the Queen's Army deal with it. We've done our part at least."

Gilly's eyebrow did a nervous twitch. "R-right. They obviously had some snap-tubes in those crates, but that shouldn't be any worry. I still think we should work out what we're going to do back at home. We may still want to take away their weapons before the Army comes."

Tessa simply nodded. Gilly could still tell something was on Tessa's mind. She began to make the hike back up to their lair in the cliff face. She got about ten yards away when she felt Tessa grab her right wrist and pull her back. She sniffed Gilly's hand and up her arm. She put her face right against Gilly's chest, causing her to blush brightly.

"What are you doing?" Gilly asked.

She backed up and felt the hard surface of a rock formation at her back. Tessa had her pinned against an outcropping. Tessa continued to sniff at her, rooting her face against the skin of Gilly's chest. She raised her head and looked at Gilly with narrowed eyes. Gilly gulped, not knowing what to expect.

"So, you spoke to the little black haired one. What did you make of her?" Tessa asked.

"What do you mean? She decided to play ambassador and started talking nonsense. I just warned them to leave." Gilly said.

"So..." Tessa's tone darkened. "First you want to kill them, and now you want to fuck them, is that right?"

"Tessa!" Gilly exclaimed.

"I saw how you looked at her. You thought she looked tasty, didn't you? Wanna bring her back up to the cave and lick her bones clean? Want to nibble those cute little milk white legs, do ya?" Tessa pressed her breasts into Gilly's as she confronted her. "Looked about as tender as a kitten, didn't she?"

Gilly's face went deep red. She could have easily pushed Tessa back. In a few moves she could subdue Tessa and make her whimper for mercy. But the sudden onslaught of Tessa's aggression had caught her off guard. In all truth, it was turning her on. "No! No! Not at all! She was a little cute, but I'm not into that kind of thing! I, uh. I'd never! I mean, not with a human of all things! Really!"

Tessa then cracked a wide smile. "Hm. No of course not. You're above that sort of thing, right?" She leaned in and planted a kiss on Gilly's soft lips. "You're so cute sometimes."

She pushed off of Gilly and bent down to pick up the bow and arrows. She then began to walk back towards their cave home, leaving Gilly panting against the rock face. She panted for a moment, trying to calm herself down. She had half-hoped that Tessa would begin digging into her right then and there. Her nipples had stiffened and her face was till flushed when she started following Tessa back home. Tonight was going to be rough, she thought.

Without looking back, Tessa spoke out. "You know, I'm really proud of you. I thought for sure you were going to start a fight down there." She turned with a smile. "But you were a regular diplomat!"

Gilly started to feel a bit frustrated. Which one of them was in charge anyway? This had been all her idea. A surprise attack by herself would have been risky, but at least she'd feel like she retained a bit of her dignity. She felt manipulated. She thought about sneaking out at night and slaying the men while they and Tessa slept. All that talk about honor and pride had blinded her. Troublesome little girl. She was always that way. Gilly thought about how to equalize the situation. Somehow she had to regain control.

Tessa's ass swayed lively as she walked. She seemed to be quite happy with herself.

Troublesome little girl, Gilly thought again.
To everyone waiting for more of the Vorarephile's Wife, don't worry. I intend to buckle down on DInner Date and Super Mina in the next few weeks. Some of it has been re-written, but now that I got it ironed out, they'll be coming out more regularly. 

Thanks for watching!



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